Blood hounds are free to spree in Pakistan.

Today another unarmed soldier of journalism has been killed in streets of Karachi.

Wali khan babar a young working Pakistani who had a  capacity of expression(very rare in Pakistan),quality of speech and efficiency of reporting all  was punished to death by our real controllers of state politics.

Bravery being a ‘gist of his life’ can be judged through his facebook account wherein he had mentioned ‘bravery’ as his most important quality.

As Sufi Ghulum Tabsum has said for such young proud of Pakistan that

Aay Puthar Huttan thy Nahee wikday

tu labh dee pharahy gee baykar kuray.

So that is essence of war and terror which is imposed on us through Musharraf and  his team.

People of Pakistan can see that how he secured himself and his only son from this deadly disorder which is mostly eradicating our real cream of Pakistan.

Not in civil circles but in army group we have lost hundreds of young lieutenants, captains who loved to go to critical areas without knowing that what could be fate of them and their families.

Wali khan was same kind of our dare-devil who knew all kind of risks and worked fearlessly in his line of duty without demanding any kind of protection for his life.

Reporter Wali Khan Babar

Impotent state and its handicapped officials are safe in their VIP convoys and security barricade unless more Qadris like guard would be activated .

How People of Pakistan would condole with the  family , the country which couldn’t secure life of a young energetic  Pakistani.

If after this ,mother of Wali khan would order the rest of  her sons/family  to leave this country and never think  come back then no body can dare to stop her.

Who said we are Muslims who love to die and kill others on the name of Almighty and Rehmat Ul Almeen.

Tomorrow the same champions of Islams would come to funeral of this young ambitious boy who was our real hope of bright Pakistan?

Just days before Punjab’s governor was killed in Islamabad but it was not shame for me to confess that no sense of sympathies  were ever  raised for him  in my heart as  he was part of senseless establishment who favored this system of lawlessness for personal gains .

But after hearing the  target killing of a young warrior who was just doing his assigned job for which he got special  devotion,education and training, my all thinking power has come to shock.

Pakistan lost another real jewel who still had to  be trimmed and groomed  has lost his precious life in the line of duty under this state of lawlessness.

If his death in one side gives us lot of desperation that where we are heading but his brave way of working is giving us lot of hope that our enemies are extremely coward  who is even scared of voices and words of unarmed people .This murder in front of Police station is proof that our  state and Karachi’s  Lawlessness  that surely  provide  full security of all kinds of crimes so ruling criminals are in habit of chasing all voices to make it silent like this.

So I am contributing my words in this war by fully supporting this young man as he is our real proud and reason of our survival as a Nation.

This year has  started its debut with target killing , drone attacks and religious tensions under the name of tehrik Namoos Raslat.So we can predict what is our near future.

Not a single condolence word for his family but my thousand  salutes of honor  for family of  Wali  Khan  who gifted  such a martyr to Pakistan.


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I am in search of facts and truth.

13 Responses to Blood hounds are free to spree in Pakistan.

  1. Ahmed says:

    So gruesome incident but common practice of Karachi killer and routine living style of city lives of Pakistan.
    Some one others anger has thrown to this young man.

  2. Nazia says:

    Every extreme has some end but where the end of brutality going on in Karachi for almost 20 years where each year is bringing more dead bodies most of them belong to working class and visible reason is to harass the public so that no collective pressure of public develop against typical political forces of Karachi.
    It looks that Even Allah has lost His interests in giving mercy to Karachi people who look more frightened from MQM or PPP groups instead of His supreme powers.
    Coward nations are always bullied by criminals and this is now our fate.

  3. ahmed says:

    Who would tell us where is epic point in our extreme surviving conditions.
    There might be more severe extremity being written in our fate in coming days.

  4. Nazia says:

    Extreme state comes when people cant tolerate any more and they come out to attack on strong groups.
    It looks that Break even point of Pakistanis is very big so they are waiting for more disastrous scenes to activate their unanimous power of protest

  5. ahmed says:

    So it means tolerance only tested. When people would be collapsed and ready to die then change would appear in system.

    • Nazia says:

      People ignorance to their right and adopting wrong means for their difficult survival is the reason that we cant express our anger to rulers.secondly our rulers are expert of distributing lollipops and our people feel proud to live on those colorful lolly pops.
      The day they know they are diabetic and cant eat more sugary things so they would realize what have done to them by corrupt leadership.

  6. ahmed says:

    Men, ego is his real beauty which shouldn’t be lowered/hurt to please the woman .Our easter socities give high quality of respect to all kind of relation related to woman.Now it is her job to maintain her respect with good values and nice behaviour.

  7. Asma says:

    We are senseless nation. we often dont see who is killed on daily basis.
    just read the number of killings; and assume that day was good or bad.
    So insecure way of living in all Pakistan

    • ahmed says:

      Not senseless but helpless nation who is not warrior or rebellious by nautre. That is why surviving in desperate living for long tenure.

      • Imzy says:

        Killing , killings all time whether it is shia jalloos or urs of Data Gunj buksh All pilgrimages should be ready for their last homage to religious areas.

  8. Imzy says:

    No clue to his killers.Malik last day declared that hid team followed the killer’s foot print.
    nobody is asking him about his secret and efficient inquiry.
    Poor boys of Pakistan having dark future.One can assume why boys prefer to leave Pakistan in their first attempt

  9. Nazia says:

    After this incident , the other incidents happen of serious concern like Killing of governor of Punjab under jurisdiction of rehman malik, shooting of two Pakistanis through American agent whose security is responsibility of rehman malik so how he can neglect cases of VIPs and chasing a common man.

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