Our American lords in Rawalpindi

Vice President Joe Biden and his full aeroplane convoy  today arrived in Pakistan via Afghanistan on Wednesday for talks with Pakistan high officials surely matter pertaining to war on terror.On his arrival US drones presented him guard of honor by killing dozen of Pakistanis who would be obviously declared as active members  Alqaida  from our ISPR.

US Predator unmanned drone at Bagram air base in Afghanistan - 27 November 2009

During  Musharraf regime Biden had  also made a visit to Pakistan and made a statement like that

I ve been saying for some time that Pakistan is probably the most dangerous and complex country we deal with. If I were president today, I would be on the phone with Musharraf myself and make clear to him the risk to Pakistani-US relations if he does not restore the constitution, permit free and fair elections and take off his uniform as promised.

Now what change has come to Pakistan as per his demand after 3 years, where Musharraf has gone, constitution is restored and free style elections has given us reward of Zardari and his NRO team which are abiding US orders more open heartily than Musharraf regimes.

Frequency of drones attacks have been increased, no proper direction and  achieving target of war on terror is still  coming in front of  common Pakistanis .Each coming days are bringing more economic disasters for citizens.

His today’s arrival had created havoc on all roads going towards  airport. Trained  Pakistani traffic police   and  MP  halted the roads linked to airport for many hours .They  bonded the people in their vehicles for hours or diverted to other routes so that our Americans lords would reach to safe destinations by creating miseries for thousands of road travelers.

It is said in n 2008, John Biden received the Best of Congress Award, for “improving the American quality of life through family-friendly work policies

Pakistanis in response of his real services for people of Pakistan should do a favor to this new lord of USA and should given him another award for destroying the Pakistani quality of life through Army America work policies.

Who controls and designs such misery plans to ease the masters  and tease the real Pakistanis?

As the  time is passing our army is deeply clinging into  war and terror  and US are increasing drone attacks ,different actions  relating to mode of misery of common people  might fulfill and cool the congenital US relations with Pakistan but both is showing one common action and it is to push further Pakistani people down in dumps.

This horrific desire of  corrupt govt  and senseless attitude of military establishment have raised the hatred level of  common citizens towards both forces which are for long time working totally against public ‘s interests.

Trapped in traffic jams for hours in the name of VIP SECURITY in one of dangerous areas of Rawalpindi is another kind of state torture which has become routine activity  of our coward political representatives and frightened uniform Chiefs.Both ruling groups even using bomb proofs vehicles feel more comfortable to completely surrounded by almost dozens of vehicles with  large numbers of active policemen, just show of their cowardice level and their love for their own lives ,nothing more than it.

Salaman taseeer and Bhutto murder are clear examples that  target of killing i , any time any where  could be achieved in our country irrespective of high profile security plans either  provided by state or through personal efforts.

No doubt has left in minds of literate class of Pakistan that this war on terror  has engaged Pakistan in multiple problems with motiveless  intents .Our defective leadership  and its decisions making strategies  have become real threat for  Pakistan and Pakistanis and both victims of her real sons of gun as  a country and a nation respectively loosing  its identity, resistance and  tolerance level for long term survival with honor and development.

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13 Responses to Our American lords in Rawalpindi

  1. Well Nazia , I think we must agree the fact now , that Pakistan Army is a real mafia with its own interests. This force got nothing to do with any nation but to get filled its own desires.

    • Nazia says:

      There is no reason of disagreement that Army has become strong latent ruling force of Pakistan but its dangerous parts are those which are intact with US operatives and its senior management. When a person or any institute doesn’t maintain its level of professionalism and tries to grab the resources and control of other important state working areas, it causes extreme disorders .This is what we are facing.Army is not a mafia but we have made/consider i it by raising its level of superiority more than the national guards.
      That is why it is matter of drone attacks, or Baluchistan disturbances relating to missing or target killing, even in matter of killing of old parents of Jusitce Javaid people are poiting fingers to Pak army and its intellgence agenceis.
      So national institute no matter it is Pak army cant thrive without people’s full support.This time US support is giving artificial life line to its top team but sooner or later, this ventilator has to be removed and then either it would be military mutiny as we had seen in Bangladesh or scenes of civil war could be seen in our deprived areas as the conditions are highly developing in Baluchistan ,

  2. Ahmed Bugti says:

    Nazia , as I am inside Balochistan ,what I have observed is total disintegration of Islamic Bond ( I doubt is it ever existed or not ) which was perhaps the only bonding between Balochistan and rest of the country. People do not distinguish between Pakistan and her armed forces.I am very weak in academics and really don`t know the exact meanings of civil war , but Baloch as a nation really hate and wants to get rid of Pakistan by any means. ( once again thanks to Pakistani forces to unite Baloch tribes and form a Baloch Nation ) . I am not in doubt to say that Pakistan have already lost Balochistan , and trying to intact forcibly .

    If the armed forces of the country maintain their mentality same for future I am afraid Pakistan will loose a few of her other parts as well.

    • Nazia says:

      Oh you are in now inside Baluchistan, other wise I thought you landed here via some UFOs.
      I couldn’t under stand what kind of Islamic bond your are pointing which is being disintegrated in Baluchistan.Balochis are strictly restricted to their thousand years back culture due to their poor leadership who one side full cooperated with military rulers on sharing royalties issues.
      The separation of Baluchistan will not solve the problems of common bolochis as 90% balochis are under influence of still backward sardari system.Their all Sardars enjoy elitist living styles whether they live in their tribes, Lahore ,Karachi , Islamabad or in western houses but never think of providing any kind of basic facilities of health education and employment issues.All military dictators took help of these sardars and both shared this national sin to keep people of Baluchistan as much backward as possible.Oh yes they provide them modern equipment. exposures to world level crimes like kidnapping, arms and human smuggling, patrol and drug cross border illegal trades.So separation is not a big issue for tribes of Baluchistan but as long as these parasites get their share from ruling party, situation would be remind like that.Balochis sardars are taking this liberation movement as trump card to back mail ruling party.Your all public representatives are high class Lotas(tumblers)who once supported Musharraf and then all swapped their vote unanimously for Zardari who hardly visited any place of Baluchistan after becoming president.
      So if you are doing an effort of awareness like that as your blog represented then it is good sign but I think ground reality is very harsh and bitter and it can be only changed when balochis would try to get rid of their sardars and sardari system .

  3. Well Nazia its the perception therefore i used the word inside Balochistan. Let me clear a few things
    You talked of poor and cruel leadership of Balochs – (Please dpont call us Balochi its our language , the nation is Baloch ) , well this leadership been imposed on Baloch Nation on gun point, not only in Pakistani occupation but it was the continuation of british rule. As the Britishers never felt comfortable with Balochs if you go through their history in Balochistan . It was a deliberate effort to deprive the Baloch of Education and other facilities rule them through a bunch of British loyal people.
    As soon as Pakistani forces invaded Balochistan in 1948 , they had the same thoughts and feelings from their old masters so they continued the same policy.
    But as for as the 90 % of Baloch commoner is concerned , this time struggle is lead by them , and they are 100 % with their national movement , and that British loyal bunch is still serving as paid agents of Pakistan and enjoying the parliamentary status . Don`t worry of such stooges any more , Baloch is very much aware now and no one be allowed to deprive us .

    • Nazia says:

      I dont know this is your perception or some kind of protection to feel inside Baluchistan but major criminals of Baluchistan are its feudal lords and its weak people who still consider them as gods of lands.
      If some kind of wrong leadership had been imposed to baloch people then they should have to react it first and then they should speak against Pak army.I give you example of bugti or marri tribes who through enjoyed share of gas reserves from army and federation and only put into their personal accounts and let people to live in state of backwardness.They only give jobs to their locals like guards, in personal farms and business and nothing more is granted to them from huge share getting on the name of natural wealth of this province.
      Taking arms in hands and killing non balochis are not solution of getting your rights from federation.Remove wrong leadership but how can I tell you that as all Pakistan is suffering the same problem and we don’t know how to counter it.

  4. Ahmed says:

    This is matter of state and VIP security issues.We never let others to kill our trained officials on our roads.So roads have to blocked in present insecure circumstances.
    Traffic police surely can improve its road management by communicating people at the exit points of blocked roads.So their emergency plans need to be reviewed that should reduce people’s frustration .

    • Nazia says:

      It is not matter of few months or a ayear but many years have gone in same state of trouble for people moving on Pakistani roads that they almost daily become victims of disease like “Route laga houa hay “all the time.
      Why suffering are written for common people of Pakistan These VIPs are already in bomb proofs vehicles then what is justification of halting the roads for many hours.If somebody will attack on them then as usual guards or nearby people would be killed as long as they come out from vehicle like benazir.So I dont think all are fool like bhutto who was thinking her admirers were in her surroundings who were dying to see her glimpse.

  5. Ahmed Bugti says:

    It is not their fear in fact , it is to show the power of ruler . A symbolic representation of power make the people bow their heads to these Mongolian monsters. True its not matter of days or months, but it won`t end up in days or months even. Let see when these folks of Roman Slaves ( Common Pakistani ) will wake up and raise their voice , with an added practical struggle.

    • Nazia says:

      Fear factor is very dominant in characters who are incapable, unprofessional and used different kind of favors and short cuts to get any position. So we cant exclude that fear of wrath of public is not in their minds.On the whole this VIP route arrangement is creating anger among public and generate an expression of supernatural class of Pakistan whose have no relation with living people.
      There are least chance of Mosa to come and rescue roman slaves so people have to develop and raise their status of self respect for challenging this status quo chronic sickness spreading in our society.

  6. ahmed says:

    It is now part of status symbol. It is not offcials but their family members including spouses and kids also use state security services for impress their relatives and near people.

  7. Medea Benjamin says:

    Mubarak is refusing to leave. But our government can—and must—break its ties to this dictator. As courageous Egyptian citizens are being assaulted with U.S. tear gas and other Made-in-the-USA weapons, we must say: Enough.

    In solidarity,

  8. Nazia says:

    Egyptians are too late but they should be careful that US will not pour another cartoon for executives as they do in Pakistan.

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