Political murders of Pakistan under fake religious gild.

There is long  history of such assassinations in Pakistan in which  projected motive was religious but behind crime scene deceived  kind of investigation are performed for getting desired political results, diverting the real issues and creating chaos for acting governments.So   real motives of murders of   Pakistan’s dirty politics.

Strong influence of military in governance and regional interests of US in this part of Asia have given  complexity to   state politics.On over all basis just before Musharraf ‘regime. politics and political icons of Pakistan were projected as one of demean and selfish characters.They were recognized mostly  as  plunderer of state funds. They were even labeled as traitors who are involved in anti state activities.So all these factors  generated in an organized manner produced such an impression that when ever martial law or emergency was declared in Pakistan, public encouraged  Pak army chief for getting rid of political mess that was in height when army ruler take control of all state matters via triple one brigade.


The real credit goes to Musharraf(from civilian point of view other wise from GHQ perception they had  got worst reputation of army regime in last 60 years) where no honor and scared left in literate class of Pakistan  against mismanagement and corruption of army rule  .

Benazir’s murder in the city which is popular for its GHQ placement and   sensitive network of ISI, has given revealing cluet that  where the traces of her murderers  are gone.It is very interesting for politicians of Pakistan  that Rawalpindi and its management always played a key role in killings and hanging elected PMs of Pakistan.

Again it  is the shear weakness of politicians  who are not interested to get the traces of real murderer while they were in power.One can say like that too when ever they try to do in line of investiagtions something happened in political system that don’t allow them to proceed further.

Absences of bold and honest politicians is one of big advantage of military dominance in state matters and now Military establsihment has so deeply involvedo/ addicted of  power helms that can’t afford any kind of sharing deals and meals with corroded mind politicians.

Jinnah and his sister died in mysterious circumstances .Gen Ayub has  still been presented as strong administrator of Pakistan who took charge of state matters by humiliating sister of Jinnah through all official means.

Liaqaut Ali shot dead in front of thousands  and  poor  Afghan origin Saeed Akber was presented as one of high-profile  murderer of  ex PM of Pakistan who was trained somewhere in such professional manner that state security facility was unable to stop him in presence of hundreds of security personals.

Almost in all political investigations the public attention was   always diverted toward” hidden Hands” in such political murders but after  Musharraf period all mystery of unsolved political murderers  are placed in the account of religious fanaticism which is said to be a   solid reason of war on terror going on in our soil for last 10 years.

Bhutto and Liaqaut ali khan both had serious conflicts with military regimes and rulers.

Liaquat Ali Khan had himself charged Janjua   ex-Commodore of the Pakistan Air Force, who was one of the accused in the Army conspiracy case in 1951,and his colleagues of conspiring to overthrow the Government of Pakistan and to establish a military dictatorship in its place. Janjua, is now residing in the U. K.

Same was in case of Benazir who publicly  announced names of  three associate of Musharraf who could have planned for her killing.

But in both investigation all  traces going toward military  offices were bypassed   and irrelevant  inquiries were made part of  such be fooling like procedures .

It is very interesting and cruel feature of Pakistan’s bloodiest politics that  when some political murder  are made in Pakistani soil, its next heirs are fully accommodated in  high places  in state governance system.

Benazir  got first  premiership via deal with same military man who executed order of  hanging of her father. In her tenure she never moved a singe step to open the inquiry of  weak judicial  murder of her father

Gen Zia and Gen Abdul Rehman’s son were allocated important ministries after operation cleanup of all major military pawns of Afghan jihad war in C130 crash.Ijaz ul haq for last 20 years were crying in front of media that in whole crash primary tool for this purpose was Major General Mahmud Ali Durrani who, as commander of the armored division conducting the demonstration, would be General Zia’S  murderer. Durrani had been Zia’s military secretary and was close to him and his family.But not  single time he officially moved a single step in court  on his open claim while he was enjoying state ministry and all benefits of Pakistan as Son of ex COAS.

Same is the case of Bhutto ‘s murder .All who should had been charged on complete  negligence of her security plans ,were placed on sensitive ministries along with  her  rejected  husband  Zardari who after freed  from Pakistan was living alone in NY small is now President of Pakistan.

He was fully compensated for cooperating with her murderer in many ways like by refusing her postmortem, intentionally avoiding her real investigations and by using delay tactics of  her latest probe which was under taken after severe pressure from PPP workers.

As per its findings

A fresh probe has uncovered the role of nine men, including an army brigadier, in the December 27, 2007 assassination of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto. The assassination plot was hatched in the official residence of the army brigadier mentioned in the investigation report. The findings of the probe, conducted under the interior ministry’s supervision, have deliberately been kept under wraps — even from the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party’s leading lights. The report is in the possession of Interior Minister Rehman Malik and has only been seen by President Asif Ali Zardari .


Now Governor of Punjab who was actually right hand of Zardari   since  came in this seat had become victim of  so-called religious fanaticism that is now become popular identification of Pakistan.Can it be linked to stop this probe of Bhutto’s murders which foot prints are going towards serving and retired military officials of Musharraf regimes

Why not any popular leader of religious groups who favor all sections of blasphemy laws filed a case under blasphemy laws against Salman Taseer ?

Nationally, Taseer’s death was greeted with cold-hearted intolerance from right-wing religious leaders – several of whom said he got what he deserved .

So what a slot of orthodox conflict was  lighted to create extreme polarization in already shaken nation.

It is a big set back for democratic forces in Pakistan and favor of extremist militarism in Pakistan shown in one of modern city of Pakistan .The attacker is a  guard of security committed this  crimes ,with  on the spot confession of his justified killing for giving respect to Prophet Mohamed{pbuh) who is symbolized in international world as “Rehmat ul Almeen.

It is clearly observed after this murder that  different urban  groups came up on social networks in support of the attacker shows that it is just not madrassa students, but educated people, who have access to Internet, showing how deep fundamentalism and extremism have penetrated. The murder has instilled fear among people and even media seems to have been scared which is a very serious development in already damaged society of Pakistan.

So the question still left in the minds of liberals and progressive group of Pakistan that who would bell this monstrous cat that  instead of using state laws love to follow unlawful brutal acts on the name of Prophet and Allah.

This is urgent need of time for ruling party and civilian forces that all efforts   should be made by competent Pakistani investigators to  uncover not only the local elements involved in the atrocious crime but also the real perpetrators—the masterminds.If they as usual ignore to prolong their tenure as they are doing in the case of Benazir murder then one should be ready for more political killings in coming days on the tag of protecting  sanctity of Name of  Holy Prophet.


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3 Responses to Political murders of Pakistan under fake religious gild.

  1. ahmed says:

    Politics is considered most degraded activity in Pakistan and religious motivation is driving force of all movements under which all kinds of sins and crimes against state and humanity are hidden.So relgious killings are neither challenged nor accepted in our country.

  2. Faiz says:

    Big banners having photo of Qadri(killer of Salamaan) with praises of his courage and his love for Prophet has been hanged in many areas or being distributed via news papers in lahore/Isb areas.

  3. Imzy says:

    hazrron saal nargis apni baynoori par roty hay
    bari mushkal say hota a Aik qadri paida.

    We should thankful to him for at least eliminating one problem governor of Punjab.

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