Love is intermittent sentiment,liability or responsibility?

Love in human science  is  considered as  an uncontrollable  emotion  arouses in particular circumstances.It can be  sustained for some time or in some cases tied  with human minds for rest of life, .On the other hand love as a sentiment is the different  dispositions of natural and developed  relations based on versatile experiences of life.

All over the world the  love of God, mother, fathers, siblings and as lover for mating  is recognized as strong human emotional bonding between two living beings .Love of money and  having best things in one’s life take it into the category of materialistic persons and this intention is also seen in all living setup regardless of its association to particular sect and culture.

In all popular love stories of the world one lesson is quite obvious and  it is its tragic ending along with rebellion attitude against  blood relations and  love ones  who once cared him / her as priority of life.So in all love stories poets, writers and authors mostly try to project the passions of two immature, emotional minds as one of biggest human tragedy

In biological science love  has different dimensions.

  • It is usually  referred to the passionate desire and intimacy of specific person for having  sexual love .
  • It can be linked to the natural  emotional closeness of familial love where love of family members and blood relations has specific place in one’s life.
  • It can be part of the platonic love that defines friendship of two or more on the basis of social and  virtual need of individuals.People say in a genuine platonic love, the beautiful or lovely person  highly inspires the mind and the soul and directs one’s attention  up to spiritual level of human mind.This has nonsexual and can exist even in non contact relations between human minds.

Religious Love promotes complete  devotion  of human minds toward God and His real messengers known as Prophets.This love has  an orthodox philosophy and can be projected and protected by strict blasphemy laws.

Plato and his students.

So through chemical and physical basis it is found that love is defined by different ways:

  1. Attachment
  1. Lust
  1. Attraction


As a young ,living beings develop natural kind of attachment to  close relations who nurture them .Physical intimacy of stronger human is dominant in this kind of love as long as dependent human has exposures of outer world. Physically mature males and females the hormones like  vasopressin in male and oxytocin in females  activate lasting bonds of association with a mate, and  with one or two of the genetic  relations(parents, sibling cousins and surely for experiencing marital relationship . Both naturally producing hormones control sentiments of satisfaction, affection, and cohesion in many living beings.
Testosterone and  estrogen  in physical adult living beings are steroid hormones those control frequency of different passions. It is interesting that falling in love decreases men’s testosterone levels while increasing women’s testosterone levels. It is speculated that these changes in testosterone result in the temporary reduction of differences in behavior between the sexes. It has been found that when the testosterone  in the ejaculated semen meet the cervical wall after sexual intercourse, females receive a spike in testosterone,  and oxytocin levels, and males after orgasm during copulation experience an increase in  increase in oxytocin levels. This adds to the hospitable physiological environment in the female internal reproductive tract for conceiving, and later for nurturing embryo.
Recent studies hints that testosterone level plays a major role in risk-taking during financial decisions.
Fatherhood also decreases testosterone levels in men, suggesting that the resulting emotional and behavioral changes promote paternal care.
When same living being grown to physically mature  it is natural demand of lust  that has taken him or her for opposite sex and rebellion attitude to their familial love of childhood.In human this stage comes  when juvenile possesses immature minds who can’t foresee consequences of unmatch, unbalance and unstable love affairs.That is why different kind of barriers are created for them on the basis of mature decisions of elders, possessiveness of blood relations or overprotective emotions of love ones.

Human on regular phases of life is  all time vulnerable to different kind of serious attachments in his/her complete life span.

The most important feature of love among two persons, communities and in any relation is to create frictionless passions which is highly required in time of trouble, loneliness and  in conflict.I t can provide strength or weakness to moral character of individuals,It can over rule the positive attitude of any docile person or turn down the negative attitude of criminal minded people.

Saying someone or any one that you love him or her shouldn’t be limited to words but it is a serious commitment of whole life which needs consistent human effort to stick to this attachment.To love somebody is not an imaginary words but real responsibility for remaining life.

One need to passionately expand his/her area of acquaintance to remain well-informed and cared by other living beings as natural urge. But loving somebody, any relation and anything puts lot of responsibility in one’s shoulder,the responsibility which should be free of response of lover,materialistic desires and always consistent whatever the ups and downs comes in one life.Actually this kind of love becomes the real support and hope of one’s life.This God gifted passion has no value in words and only responsible attitude of mature minds can fulfill and present real spirit and strength of this powerful sentiment.

Concept of Love in Islam:

God’s love is considered as  genuine love ,a part of His own essence and reward. His love for his creatures gives them reason of  their existence, divine grace and empowerment and  omen of eternal life.

It strongly emphasizes that one gives up selfishness and love without expecting anything in return.So in return man with good heart and conduct would receive divine’s love.It is somehow like a give and take process not in terms of  things but in form of virtual contentedness .Islam explicitly enforce  to love our responsibility as an obligation and in case of negligence , severe punishments are explained to refrain people of avoiding their responsibilities toward their love ones.

It is very important that misuse of loving passions is highly forbidden in  any Islamic society.An overindulged child, a spoiled wife or a selfish and illegitimate lover is highly disliked in Islamic society .Islam strictly follows the limits”Hud” in all loving relation.A child should be monitored with balanced love for his/her grooming for responsible life, parents should be dealt with grace of love and spouses are covered of each others’ love and satisfaction .All such kind of  love is foundation stone of  family building process which ultimately produces positive affects on any community.

The movie “Earthling”

This movie excellently explained the concept of love between two individuals of quite different ages who were strangers.Here a dying old man who throughout his life  never believed in passion of love had met a child who had accidentally lost his parents  in an isolated area.He was not interested in helping that child but that child due to unavailability of any physical support around him, forcibly attached to that old man.That child was snubbed and discouraged by old chap as he always considered responsibility as  burden. But in different circumstances  child had become full dependent on this angry man.Here this dependency started tending toward developing  strong intimacy in cold heart of old man.After this evolution of sentiments he started protecting and teaching that child that how could be  survive alone if he died too.So when he died  a feared child become an independent problem solver  under his  loving training.So over all good  and lesson learning presentation of love and responsibility in simple and touching way.


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6 Responses to Love is intermittent sentiment,liability or responsibility?

  1. Farah says:

    A person lives is state of persuasion as long this love is out of his/her range
    When they get it naturally or through some struggle the devalue it after enjoying it for a while.
    When people gets an easy or excess love from their love one, they never value it so always ignore source of pure love.
    That is why old parents specially mothers die in desperation as their sons forget them in last old times.
    Modest wives try to cover the sins of flirtatious husband who only come for her when no other woman give attention to him.

  2. Nazia says:

    New generation span of loving to mate and their relations has been shortened as they are now looking ideals in net world and via sending sms .Maintain strong relation is a long term process but now people are opting shortcut methods for judging each other qualities only.
    Mothers are also turning their trends as real devotion of mother is changing toward nanny, tutors, junk food , ready made dresses and enjoying their personals lives too leaving their kids on other relations.
    Modest ,submissive and weak wife has no option left to stick to that man who is all time involved in adultery as he knows well that care taker women of his home has no other choice except to live under his tag.
    When he lost his health, money and age he would surely come to that living being who is publicly and religiously known as his wife and life partner.Actually I call them as sin partner of their husbands.

  3. Penny says:

    I do not put all women into this category of being a woman of the “New Generation Gap”. There are many women today-who value their husbands or life partner with diginity and grace. Hard times brings these relationships closer, as they seek for guidance and solutions for resolving these hardships. I know personally many women from all over the world who have been faithful in their relationships, where harmony and joy is established, as well as getting through the hardships have brought them closer together. There are the loose- minded women, who bring trouble waters upon themselves as well as in their family households. But, I do try to decipher the differences of character in my mind, before setting judgements. I don’t judge all women to be feminist or non-feminist-there are many different classifications of women today.

  4. Nazia says:

    Yes hard times are best time to judge your life partner or to be life partner,friends, relatives and people living in their surroundings.That is best time to pick people for forever friendship and true relationship but here some people fluctate their moods specially men.At good times they feel bore by seeing old relations and fatigued wife and try to get fresh looks and change in their lives..Like woman many men act like loos character person who lose his identity and show what he is when he come out of troubles through aide of genuine people so on this world we have lot of variety of human behavior.

  5. Farah says:

    As long as a couple is in phase of courtship,this love is restricted to unresistant internment feeling,it converts to liability if get married,when you have a kid it is impossible to get out of this trap of forced responsibility.
    One can say love if somehow exists,it naturally transform into responsibility

  6. Nazia says:

    Quite right and here you can find the difference between responsible love and carefree flirt.

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