2011 should be year of political awareness and self corrections as true Pakistanis


It is so difficult to say Happy New Year to my all visitors and friends as I am not a satisfied and content Pakistani any more.  This year can be labeled as a year of uneasiness, unrest and insecure for all kind of Pakistanis like me who once enjoyed all lively events of Pakistan like Eid, basant, new year, cricket and hockey matches in Qaddafi stadium, musical nights and drama  in Lahore cultural centers.

All pleasures of enjoyment have lost its true spirit due to insecure situation,lawlessness  and mismanagement disasters of ruling group .Basant is now considered as killer like festival, matches have lost interest  under betting scandals and uneven performance of players, Eids and musical night activities have been over ruled by terrorism factor .This is terrorism event that has become one of most near and fear like  occasions written in the fate of Pakistanis in last years so our all lively and  decent social activities have been restricted to our family gatherings in the form of marriages,  dinners and family visits.In these family and friends functions the fear factors like loads shedding, high food prices, and abnormal tax invasion some how affecting the quality of genuine social gatherings which was once part of our strong traditions.

We have left 2010 with lot of bitter experiences  and its  after effects can be apprehended in coming years.Few of them are haunted fears for our new hopes of prosperity and peace of land which are going toward downward trend for last many years.

These are:

  • In 2010 only United States through the CIA-operated spy planes conducted 108 missile strikes, out of the total 114, in North Waziristan only and killed 726 people including local and foreign militants. Besides this huge loss, 109 people suffered injuries and many of them were maimed for life
  • Police department  showed an increase in crime rate by 11 per cent in its annual report .Prominent crimes are kidnapping, robbery, street crimes and rape cases.
  • In the year 2010 more than 30 lakh people are unemployed in Pakistan.According to Stats the unemployment rate increases from 7.40% in 2009 to 15.20% in 2010. The percentage change is 105.41% which is the worst in last 10 years.The socio economics system of Pakistan and institutions has failed to provide employment to the increasing labor force.
  • It is said that literacy rate  had not been increased due to inattention of the governments besides no direction was determined in the field of education due to which Pakistan is far behind in education sector compared to developing countries.

  • The dark Pakistan remained darkest in year 2010 as the severe financial crunch badly affected ongoing power projects of national importance including Mangla Dam Raising, Gomal Zam Dam, Satpara Dam, Kurram Tangi Dam.
  • . A  report of  the World Food Programme published has  concluded that nearly half the population of Pakistan is food insecure directly as a result of spending on fighting the ‘War on Terror’.
  • A rapidly growing internal debt of  $54 billion, Pakistan’s total debt has now crossed the $100 billion threshold making every Pakistani man, woman and child a debtor owing $616 each – that is about Rs 53000, just over half of the total annual  GDP per person.

Dreams of 2011:

Any how hope is life for me and my life line for living and dying in my disturbed homeland.

I fully hope that year 2011

  • can bring hope of political awareness to counter the side effects of war and terror,
  • wrong actions/corruptions/notions of govt  will be challenged by real civilian force and able to force the govt to concentrate on public issues instead of personal gains of ruling elites.
  • few Private social groups might come forward to bring literacy  revolution in grass root level.
  • some dare-devil in field of politics would become active to cleanse the dirt of messy and false politics.
  • military establishment  will get facts of her wrong interference in state governing system and  would windup its political activity.
  • can be start of Green years coming ahead to solve our coming hunger  for population of 18 crore people of this planet.This is the way one  system can create hurdle  against  land and building mafias who for short living advantages are collapsing the eco system of Pakistan.
  • some real business men of Pakistan follow the legacy of bill Gates and Warren Buffet that how they are contributing  their huge profits for human development in all over the world specially their homeland.
  • flood Victims will receive real aid package that would help them to reinstate all loses .

About Nazia
I am in search of facts and truth.

5 Responses to 2011 should be year of political awareness and self corrections as true Pakistanis

  1. united4justice says:

    well one can only try and hope for best but honestly speaking i can only see much improvement in our ruling elite and large part of our population who only care about their small issues, personal greeds and prejudices.

    however one can expect some good from higher judiciary and some sections of civil society who believe in justice and freedom.

    • Nazia says:

      If the guards of our ruling elite would start behaving like this as qadri who killed Salman taseer then I think that it wont be difficult to have a good future of Pakistan.
      Every body is praiing the salman tseer who had a fine backgroud of poltical grooming but had become part of estbalishment for becoming toop business man of Pakistan via govt links.
      I have full right to hope for good things for Pakistan in coming so I love to dream like that.

      • united4justice says:

        i disagree with many things what salman taseer said or did but making an academic debate a reason for killing is not the right approach.

        however if a french revolution or chinese revolution type thing comes, by keeping a difference between prime culprits and people who are just part of the system but not prime culprits and also no harm is made to unrelated people, then its another thing.

  2. Nazia says:

    Taseer killing is one of neat target killing in last many years where it was not accompanied by suicidal atack which create more casualties and damages than such kind of single target.
    There is no academic debate on low character of Taseer who lost his last three consecutive elections from his home town.Now he is in governor seat due to to his business links and he favored all who placed them in this seat.
    This killing and resulting debate has cemented the belief of western people that Pakistan is under control of fanatics which is more obvious through this latest survey
    Our establishment is expert of killing two or many birds with one stone and this time they did it successfully.

  3. Ehsan says:

    Political awareness : Murder of two ministers on the spot
    Self correction: Ryann Davis is free in front of independent judiciary

    yes good examples has been set…

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