Bye Bye Gillani! your time is over

Time has come and our Mukhdoom Gaddi nasheen Prime minister is no more required to our ever green, strong and crook  establishment.Some kind of drama is being created to curse PM Gilani as much as possible but real story would be surely different.Haj issue which has just repetition scene of corruption as done by last years   was specially handpicked and projected through Saudi prince and media to publicly malign the sitting govt.It is not first scam of Gillani govt and since the start of Zardari and Gillani , such kind of high level corruption has started raising its stem but no body bothered. Media was chasing this  corrupt govt form the first day but as usual 2 to 3 years were granted to people’s  govt by CIA- Pak army joint venture of political massacre in Pakistan .The reason behind is simple that  people would have  become offended of this immature and corrupt culture of civilian setup and start calling SOS calls to military chiefs who has already signed his 3 year extension through  same corrupt govt

Mullen recent visit surely linked with this govt change where Waziristan and Baluchistan operation via drones and Pak army has been halted due to political pressures of  local  representatives.

First JUI under Maulana fazal ur rehamn and now MQM under Altaf hussain are withdrawing support from Pakistan’s ruling coalition, depriving the pro-U.S. government of a parliamentary majority.

In this photo taken Saturday, Dec. 18, 2010, ...
Both so-called leaders have long time repute to work as proxy of Pak army and only move forward as per commands of intelligence agencies.So they are actual king’s men who always work forefront to secure army and work actively to insecure any kind of political system.
MQM politics of  to displeased and then to heed after placing resignation on table is very old and obvious but oust of Maulana with obstinate stand is clear indication of dissatisfaction of establishment on Gillani.It is also 100% fits to army strategy since the time of 1971 that they wouldn’t allow any political govt to its given time so that they can’t get their roots in any system working in Pakistan on the name of democracy.
It is very interesting that MQM had reservation about home minister Zulfiqar mirza on his direct charges on MQM .He is sharing power with them in provincial govt but no jerk was produced in provincial assembly , neither  on Mirza issues,nor on the issues of actions against feudal characters of Sindh for damaging official embankments and flooding land of poor people.So where they are dominant, they only restricted to rhetoric dialogs but in federal cabinet they acted  against Gillani whom they once praised for firing his two ministers on the charges of corruption.

Contrary to Wiki leaks 

Present political change is showing different trends what ever revealed by latest updates

Wiki leaks Quote

COAS  Ashfaq Kayani, considered pushing President Zardari from office and forcing him into exile to resolve a political dispute.Kayani aired the idea during a frantic round of meetings with the US ambassador Anne Patterson in March 2009  when  Sharif rallied thousands of supporters in a street movement that threatened to topple the government.Kayani said that while he disliked Zardari, he distrusted Sharif even more, and appeared to be angling for a solution that would prevent Sharif to come to power .

The cable illustrates the strong behind-the-scenes hand of Pakistan’s military in civilian politics.

Kayani repeatedly  told Patterson that his top generals, had expressed disquiet about Zardari because he was thought to be corrupt and had neglected Pakistan’s “economic and security challenges.

The military’s spymaster now wanted in US and Pakistani courts, ISI chief General Shuja Pasha, made similar complaints about Zardari during a flight to America for a review of the strategic relationship between the two allies.

So  looking like  quiet army chief talks too much with US officials and he  is all time considered as Pakistan’s de facto leader by our politicians, bureaucrats and US ambassadors. Once  controlled Pakistan’s powerful intelligence agency and has demanded President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani to dismiss corrupt members of their bloated 60-member cabinet in last year .
So by removing this govt US state officials perhaps justify that all leaks are not correct and true and something can happened different other than what wiki leaks declared via US embassy cables.

Bhutto’s murder investigation in which both senior police officials have  given clues of  staying in touch with senior military men(Specially Nadeem Taj) during destroy evidences process can be reason of kick out of Gillani and his team who is under hand trying hard to reach to real murderers under severe  pressure of real workers of PPP.

So either it is war in Waziristan or Bhutto’s investigation or corruption charges.Time has come up for  Gillani to windup his bedding from PM where no immunity is provided to him even after passing 18th amendment  as given to President  as all time faithful pet of USA is  kept in Pakistan for  keeping an eye watch on Pakistani groups.Poor  Prime Minister of Pakistan who strongly favored immunity of President and granted full three years extension to COAS is now  in state of dilemma that how he has been fooled by 18th amendment bill declaring him most powerful PM of Pakistan.


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4 Responses to Bye Bye Gillani! your time is over

  1. ahmed says:

    He night be left alone to face the wrayh of public for recent petrol bomb and price hike issues. It could be warning for his team or. Ppp status could be more degraded by makong coalition with qatil league.

    • Nazia says:

      PPP got some time to expand its deals with other vulutres due to killing of Salman taseer.PPP always need a deadbody to stick to top seat and this time Salamn taseer killing given them lifeline.

      • ahmed says:

        Gillani is here but poor taseer good bye to this world and country. His all wealth and resources couldn’t secure him.

  2. Haseeb says:

    Shairf time is also over here .

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