Beauty Parlour Mania in Pakistan

Beauty salons all over the world  provide different  services related to skin health, facial aesthetic, foot care, aromatherapy, — even meditation, oxygen therapy, mud baths, and innumerable other services.
The term Spa salon, beauty parlor , health clinics, massage centers  all refers to a beauty center where professional skin care treatments like facials are offered by a licensed and trained beauticians.Along with traditional face make overs different kind of treatments may include holistic therapy such as massage during the facials by utilizing natural massage and for increasing mental well-being and relaxation.Manicures and pedicures are included in its services.Beauty salons offer treatments such as waxing  and threading and  laser treatments for hair removal.
Few years back these parlous mean for hair cutting and bridal makeups but in new life styles, girls ages 5 to 18 and ladies up to  80 years are regular visitors of such beauty maintenance places .
In last 15 years Pakistani culture has been sharply turned toward beauty conscious complexes even odd situation has been developed toward our economical growth.The affinity of beauty trends can be reason of  fake media exposures  on appearance grooming, wrong projection of love life via Indian films and dramas and  weak personalities to take cover up of artificial makeovers.
There is no harm of going to such places for its real purpose but it should nt become weakness of people as it is being observed in our culture. People are diverting their huge money in such kind of self decorating purpose just  to satisfy their complex and might be to impress a  typical group.It is seen that class has been addicted of such spa and saloon culture which hardly pay taxes, come forward in donation and least bothered in passing charity to need class around them.Even they are least bothered about the basic requirement of their blood relation who are  their utmost responsibilities in Islamic society.
Mushroom growth of beauty parlor is showing different  kind of trends in our system. it might be due to
  • High rise of  unemployment  that forces house ladies to convert small areas of house for such easy business.
  • More demand of female citizens toward personal projection via makeovers  so  demand of women folk is fulfilled by setting more centers.
  • More  beauty and health conscious generation.
  • Insecure Ladies are acting more like copy cats and Barbie dolls without seeing the harsh circumstances of surroundings.
  • Our ladies are unable to set priorities in life.
  • Demand of men of society to keep their ladies maintained and updated instead of accepting them in simple and natural way.

The beauty business is not without its perils. Now many  sexual pleasures being offered under such business tags but here focus of attraction for male and female visitors are provided illicit sex activity on the name of body massage.The trend appears to be a popular one, even in tough economic times.

Due to ignorance of hygienic standards ladies are not observing that what kind of chemicals, equipments and clothes are  being used in  providing these services that can even transmit  HIV and hepatitis infections to its frequent visitors.

Chinese  beauty salons   in urban areas of Pakistan are in forefront  locations such as the Afghan capital Kabul. Chinese in the sex industry have developed wide setup of such massage centers using their  cunning ability to recognize areas where the demand for sex far outstrips the supply.

Lal masjid clerics had gain popularity of attacking on such centers where all kind of state VIPS regularly visit there to get prostitution services on the name of health services.It is interesting they were behind the owners of these health spas but never attacked its real customers who are our top politicians, military officers, businessmen and bureaucrats of Islamabad.
The virus of beauty clinics is not only restricted to female population of Pakistan only but male beauty trade is booming in Pakistan and urban professional men, are following  the services of  waxing, highlighting, facial, groom makeups,plucking and primping like never before.
Such saloons fully advertised their services through projecting  popular  male actors and models  to attract their male customers and now men saloons are showing high business  in our big cities .In this race of facial improvement our  political leaders didn’t left behind in this beauty race .They demonstrate  this affinity on regular basis for looking their best in front of media and public. Not surprising  that men are now in search of  about the latest anti-wrinkle creams and pore-reduction potions.

President Zardari, , has  completely changed his physical appearance by  stopped dyeing his pointed harsh black  mustache a, letting it grow in silver-gray.

Our Chief of army staff Kiyani who is in his retiring age feel no hesitation of giving jet black tone to his few hairs somewhere in army VIP saloon on regular basis.

Sharif, Brothers  had receding hairlines when they left Pakistan in 2000 but sported luxuriant locks on their return, leading to reports of hair transplants.
Majority of our ministers and parliamentarians use eye  irritating hair , mustache and beard dyes and hair transplant  to look more younger than their ages.Even our ex religious minister Saeed kazmi has red beard  and mustache.
Who is his beauty expert , not clear but it  is obvious that even Mullahs of Pakistan have  strong interest of taking services of  such parlors.
I don’t think so that such kind of large numbers of  parlors per sq km  area  are available in any developed countries or we can see the simple get up of leadership of first world who ever bother to behave like young as do our  top leadership.

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12 Responses to Beauty Parlour Mania in Pakistan

  1. madiha says:

    Looking good has always been a strong urge of a human being, whether a man or a woman yet the modern lifestyle has given a new significance to the importance of physical appearance. Probably thats the reason that the beauty industry and cosmetology business is flourishing all the more in the present day not only in Pakistan but all over the world..

  2. madiha says:

    I remember Aldous Huxley’s ‘The Beauty Industry’ where he most poignantly says that a woman is not just like a ‘China Porcelain Jar’ that requires only exterior embellishment, thus, a woman is beautiful only when she is healthy and clean in body as well as soul… In his view its unbearable to see the outwardly beautiful women with heavily painted faces yet exhibiting inner ignorance and ugliness… Therefore the real beauty is the one that springs from inner goodness, spiritual satisfaction and social harmony!!

    • Nazia says:

      Very well quoted but such kind of perception are thinking of mature minds.In last years the mushroom growth of such kind of beauty saloons clearly show that we are more focused on our outer beauty or large number of people demand or impressed by such kind of presentation.That is why now we have more broken relations in family circles and divorce rate of young couples as when dirty soul appears after honeymoon period, both don’t like their real spirit for adjusting each other.Genuine beauty of inner soul need to be improved which we ignore while focusing more on our physical appearance.

  3. faiz says:

    Girls used to of painting and denting look odd and off when seen without makeup so this is handsome boy like me for whom they do lot of effort by throwing their father’s money for looking cute and cutey.

  4. madiha says:

    The cult of going to beauty saloons is not only limited to women of this age as we see a number of men equally affected by this mania! A term ‘metrosexual’ had especially been coined for such urban men who spend a great deal of time and money on their personal appearance and lifestyle! Today a lot of men are becoming involved in the care and maintenance of their skin and hair; they often visit saloons for facial or hair styling treatments; some may use versions of makeup specifically designed for them!

    • Nazia says:

      The men who works in this industry or regular user of this kind of beauty services have lost their strong masculine touch which is all time recognized as identity of real man.Those urban man who spent their time and money on this beauty maintained services are either from media industry or less educated class who get money form easy or wrong earnings.I think it is also demand of girls and ladies who have serious sickness of Indian dramas movie channels where all timed suited and booted actors are seen even on death and tragic scenes.

  5. ahmed says:

    Excess of any thing is bad. But girls look mre worth seeing after coming oit from such parlour. It almost change the simple featured lady into updated and attracrtive looking piece for. Frustrated men.

  6. Nazia says:

    As a nation we are not placed in moderator so our influenced class always touch the extreme in using all kinds of spendthrift like trends without realizing our socio economic structure.these days marriages season is on peaks so one can easily see by seeing the high numbers of cars in all kinds of beauty saloons where along with brides dozens of family ladies accompany the brides and spend thousands of rupees for their photo sessions with out seeing the hunger and deprivation state of majority of Pakistan.

  7. Ehsan says:

    Parlous are reason of amazing after effects one can really see the difference before in and after out of these beauty houses.

  8. Kainat says:

    It’s me kainat can someone plz send me the number of natural beauty porlor?
    my I’d iz

  9. I appreciate your blog, real content with real work. Blog about truth and Facts

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