Mualana Diesel and his heavy weight political wrestling

Maulana Fazularehman s/o Mufti Mahmud has an introduction of  an Islamic scholar belong to Deobandi sect but he is popularly  known as one of suspicious religious political activist who has full  capability  of changing the political scenes of Pakistan.

Fazal-ur-Rehman and his seven brothers are the top leaders of one faction of   political party Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam known as JUI(F).
His father Maulana Mufti Mahmud fought in the Indian Independence Movement during the 1940s. He was a close ally of the Indian National Congress at the time and opposed the demand for Pakistan. Even after the Partition of India, when he moved to Pakistan, he remained a bitter opponent of the Muslim League.
In  1972, he was elected as the Chief Minister of N.W.F.P (Now Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa). He along with his cabinet resigned in protest at the dismissal of the NAP – JUI (F) coalition government in Baluchistan on 14 February 1973.He was staunch supporter of Afghan-Jihad against USSR.

Due to huge vote bank regarding  religious association , extreme kind of backwardness in D I Khan and his family’s mass public support Mufti Mahmood was the lone leader in Pakistan who had defeated the  Z A Bhutto in the 1970 general elections.So he was always known as strong irritating opponent of Bhutto.

However, unlike his father  Maulana Fazal Rehman earned fame  by supporting ZAB’s daughter Benazir Bhutto during her second stint as the prime minister and then his corrupt son in Law Zardari for third term of PPP govt. His cooperation with the PPP to some extent diminished temporarily his party’s image of an anti-secular religio-political entity. His popular demands with coalition governments   was  mostly focused to get hold of religious ministry that is  strongly involved in Hajj and Zakat distribution matters and second important seat they always look for   chairmanship of Parliament’s Kashmir Committee.

His Popular Scams For supporting Coalition Governments:

He always  has a history  of important organ of working govt so he  has long list of financial scams  in reward of  sharing his support to weak, corrupt or dictatorial regimes.Popular ones are:

  • His involvement  of supplying permits for exporting diesel from Pakistan to Afghanistan,has allotted him name of Maualana Diesel in social circles.
  • Maulana Fazlur Rehman  in 2004 did not to oppose General Musharraf ‘s uniform and it  had solid reason  — the general had doled out hundreds of acres of military land worth millions of rupees to the Maulana and his close peoples.The allotment letters, relating to 1200 Kanals, were issued by the Army’s General Headquarters Adjutant General (Welfare and Rehabilitation Directorate), Rawalpindi under the signatures of Lt-Col Muhammad Zafar on behalf of the adjutant-general and countersigned by Brigadier DWR-I Zafar Iqbal Shah on Oct 23rd 2004.
  • He and his religious party was among the few blue boys of ISI  who were allowed and  fully backed  due to its capacity to raise battalions of illegitimate Islamic  fighters, recognized as Talibans.All such activities had given a new dimension to his politics. This  Taliban phenomenon, overwhelmingly accepted in areas already influenced by  narrow-minded religious thoughts, specially the southern districts of the NWFP, the majority areas of FATA and pockets in Baluchistan.

The full support of  ISI support had given him and his party  a dominating victory in the rural areas of the NWFP and some of the Pakhtoon dominated areas of Baluchistan in Musharraf  engineered elections in which MMA had raised its status as one and only ruling group in KPK(63 seats in National assembly with heavy mandates which were vanished in next elections) possibly in an attempt to show the rest of the world that Islamic forces in the country were growing in strength

Due to his strong ties with military regime of Musharraf led Govt  it was the sole reason that why it’s JUI-led provincial government was able to complete a five-year term in the NWFP. The scale of the buyout price of the JUI, which has now been confirmed, is massive in terms of state land and money paid to the JUI leaders and their relatives.


His Latest  Political Wrestling:

After WikiLeaks disclosures about Maulana Fazlur Rahman that how closely and secretly  he shared his dines and sentiments with US Lady ambassador so that US  would pick  him first choice as  to be Prime minister,.This leak has some how shocked not only the Taliban and Al-Qaeda leadership who  had closed   links with him in past  but now  various local religio-political parties have also hinted at staying away from him.

So that leak might  have affected his friendly ties with same repute like zardari and company and recently he has withdrawn his little but important support to this PPP govt.Although the main issue was firing of his Minister Azam Swati  without notice  but it  obvious that he has big plans in future politics in which he has sharply reduced his popularity and support in last years. People are attacking him and his party workers that he had never quit govt on drone issue which are killing his trained  people in mountains nor he showed nay kind of resentment on serious financial scams/upsets of government but he sharply reacted on Azam Swati oust by PM direct orders as he  was waiting for such moments to quit the govt.

So in coming day this original piece of  politics of  religious hypocrisy can be reason of some strange moves to regain his support from ISI cell and underground Taliban groups who can bring his party on victory rostrum again .


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7 Responses to Mualana Diesel and his heavy weight political wrestling

  1. asma says:

    He is big fraud maulvi and shocking thing millions follow him .When ever he comes in US Muslims are surprised to see his outfit and his way of preaching religion to others.

  2. madiha says:

    Maulan, without doubt, is quite an interesting personality rather a phenomenon of or local politics! The dubious way in which he conducts his political decisions and makes sure he gets the ‘lion share’ is surprising! He is among the most calculating and shrewd politicians of this age!

  3. Nazia says:

    The land scandal in which acres of military land was allotted to him in Musharraf regime is clear hint that for what and on whom instructions he moves and acts. So nothing surprise if he would topple the govt of Gillani in coming days. That land was grabbed by defense ministry so that can be allotted to widows of shuadas but one can see who are picked for this land reward by the order of COAS.

  4. hina says:

    Nation is represented by leadership.World knows Pakistan through personalities of Zardari ,sharif and Fazl Rahman like leaders.So we shouldn’t feel proud of our real identity through such leaders.

  5. ahmed says:

    He is genunie presentation of our politicain who’s all fingers are dipped in diesel and himan blood.

  6. abdullah says:

    what ever he is, currently so many need his mother name,

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