Popular Political Quotes of Pakistani Leadership

Zardari ‘s popular Words on the death of his beloved wife are “Pakistan khappay”  .

پاکستان کھپےا) is a controversial phrase which in  Urdu and Punjabi mean means ‘Pakistan  eradicated’ or ‘Pakistan destroyed’.While in Sindhi it means ‘We want Pakistan(to exist)

On May 1974, shortly after India’s nuclear test. Prime Minister Bhutto said “Even if we have to eat grass, we will make nuclear bombs

Bhutto was hanged after presenting this idea and time has fulfilled his pray for nation ,one can say in worst style as now fresh grass is not available to our farm animals but we  are surely rich in nuclear arms and bombs. Good practical joke with population of 160 million people.

Funeral of ZA Bhutto

General Zia’s advice to the deprived was that It is not for the employers to provide roti (bread), kapda (clothes) aur (and)makaan (homes) (referring to a well-known PPP slogan used by Bhutto). It was for God Almighty who is the provider of livelihood to his people. Trust in God and He will bestow upon you an abundance of good things in life.”

In his tenure Pakistanis started looking to Allah for his urgent need of providing food, house and cloth. Nobody can claim that they  have got such supply from heavens but surely all are surrounded by soldiers of God whom were from Zia’s army and we know them as Talibans.

The Washington Post quoted Musharraf as saying(14 june 2005)This has become a moneymaking concern. A lot of people say if you want to go abroad and get a visa for Canada or citizenship and be a millionaire, get yourself raped.”


“Democracy is the best revenge, these are the words “of Benazir Bhutto the assassinated leader of Pakistan’s largest political party.

First time we see that spirit or ghost are taking revenge to people of Pakistan for ignoring them while they were arrested or exiled.
Poor people of Pakistan  still are in shocked that how to get rid of revenge of Zardari and Bhutto.

Chief Minister Baluchistan Slam Raisani on Tuesday said” a degree is a degree whether it is authentic or fake”.

One can easily get the idea that what would be the future of education and degree under his control as governor  he is chancellor of few universities of Baluchistan.

Now one can get the reason that why record numbers of professor, doctors and professionals were  killed in his tenure.

Prime minister Yousaf Raza Gillani declared that after 18th amendment he is powerful  Prime Minister of Pakistan.

God knows who is right, he or public judgment about him.zardari-gilani

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9 Responses to Popular Political Quotes of Pakistani Leadership

  1. ahmed says:

    You are forgetting mush popular quote ” pakistan first” and qazi saying” zalmo qazi a raha hay. Any how quite hillarous the true funny leaks of pakistani leadership.

    • Nazia says:

      Yes there are many like that which you have pointed but it would increase my writeup toward unnecessary length so I avoided more but would try to cover in next.

  2. madiha says:

    There’s another ‘quotable quote’ from Pervaiz Musharraf when he valiantly boasted “Main darta warta kisi se nahi hun…”,while flaunting his fists at the nation in a political congregation..!!!
    There are so manyyy hilarious as well as depressing statements from our clueless leaders that one wonders whether to laugh or to cry!!! Quite a unique aspect of our politics!!!

    • Nazia says:

      Yes madiha this is very popular quote of our runaway general.Actually I have written full article on his this popular remarks but have no time for editing.In coming days I would surely bring it with my observation and his obstinate stand on This saying even living like second rated citizen of UK.

  3. asma says:

    These days Pakistani popular quote is lootoo and phutttoo.I
    t means never miss a little chance of plundering state funds and then fly away to other country.

  4. Hadi says:

    These Quate might be put in category of humor for others but fir Pakistanis it is bitter and disastrous reality.

  5. Hadi says:

    These Quotes might be put in category of humor for others but fir Pakistanis it is bitter and disastrous reality.

  6. saim says:

    quote of zardari modified
    Pakistan khapay ,Pakistan khapa,ypakistan khapay
    after 3 years
    Pakistan kha Pakistan kha and pakistan kha

  7. Nazia says:

    Actually his quote is fit exactly in Punjabi.All time khapay means(noisy, disturbed or died)

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