Muharram is here!Get ready for deadbodies on the name of religion.

Muharrum has come again in Islamic Republic of Pakistan , reminding us last years deadly attacks on its routine processions, killing hundreds on the spot and left many more injured and handicapped.Now Muharram for non shia or perhaps for Shia community too is nothing more the night mare period where killers of humanity and religious beliefs are ready to hunt few for death traps and haunt others that Pakistan is not a good place for them to live freely under their faith.

Last year blast on December 28, 2009 that killed over 80 people was just a part of the ongoing wave of violence against Shia Muslims in different parts of the country. Same kind of blood rains were seen in shia processions a including D.I. Khan, Hangu, Peshawar, and Parachinar.Just a few years ago Sunni dominant groups were blamed for such kind of attacks but recent attacks on shrines of popular Sufi saints have changed the terrorism scenario and in this confused situation all sect followers have come under attack  .Govt has one and ultimate investigation of all such attacks and its charge is put into accounts of TTP(Tehrik taliabn Pakistan).

This year govt has already deployed thousands of troops yesterday in and around critical areas of Pakistan to help local police and civilian authorities to prevent any kind of mishap but even then tension is not reduced.Crack down process of arresting extremist and terrorist are going on but hardly a day passed when there is no terrorism like situation in Pakistan.So it is clear to  PakistaniS that  such people do not want peace in our areas and  they want chaos at all cost. . Nobody  or any particular sect  can be said safe from   such unexpected but highly deadly attacks.

Due to change of policy situation under international pressures many religious  groups have merely shifted their operations underground or changing their tag but still all religious groups are busy in their social network and hardly  top leaders of any group arrested  who are repeatedly  being  blamed by media and agencies since the start of war on terror.Pakistani authorities have  also plan to  seal part of the country’s border with Afghanistan   for the Islamic holy month of Muharram, which has often been marred by sectarian and militant violence.

Intelligence agencies under civilian network  and police employees  have been  failed to comply the present situation due to induction of more trained and  modernly equipped terrorists in this war of terrorism. Whether it is field job or  in court presentation they all  are  reluctant to pursue sectarian terrorists for fear of reprisal killings, political pressures from influential groups and a lack of departmental support.

Root cause of Sectarian violence:

So  failures of providing security  measures is not the only reason  of our insecure lives as Muslim of Pakistan. It is the outcome of  last years policy where  the power-holders and policy makers in this country  have brought up and manipulated the concept  of illegitimate soldiers under the tag of Islamic militancy  , within and outside of Pakistan.This team work was placed  in the name of security,‘strategic depth, and  Islami Jihad. Few clerics were handpicked and secured who further created   these extremist groups which were openly received funding, training,  from America and Saudi Arabia. Both powers had interests of curbing the influence of Reds from Afghanistan and shiA majority from Iran borders.

In this deadly game, the liberal  establishment had set its own goal of monetary benefits by over ruling the national interests.Nobody at  that  time had apprehended that where  these trained terrorist would be gone after this timely surge.On the other hand  local politicians have often found it politically attractive to support the mulla in his anti-US and typical pro religious issues so we have to acknowledge that from the 1980s  and onward, the security agencies ,political group and religious parties fully  endorsed, these extremist elements to spread hatred and violence against different sects and communities on the name of  qadiynais, Shia and Sunni  like divisions.

Preemptive Measures:

Prevention has always an edge on cure and after actions to control the mess so after living in this trauma  it should be obvious to all Pakistanis that  govt , its law enforcing and reporting agencies have been declared”  failed” as far as public security is concerned. Even in presence of CCTV cameras and Rangers force, city administration always looks quite helpless soon after any attack but as usually typical actions  like banning pillion riding and placing army units in typical areas are yearly  repeated scenes but no preventive measure had ever saved the life of innocent followers . So in present situation  it is the job of leadership of religious groups to take mandatory steps for saving the precious lives of presenting large number of civilians as an easy hunt.It  is a  repeated mistakes which is  done on all religious occasions .

Muslim shouldn’t afraid of death but giving up  in front of terrorism by increasing  casualties or injured  can be placed in the victory of terrorist groups . Religious congregations  or processions should need proper review and modification by consulting all religious  groups .It could be placed in category of jihad to save the lives of faithful lovers of Hussein(AS ) and , Mohamed(PBUH)  It is utmost responsibility of clerics to  shun the deadly plans of terrorists whose utmost job is to create harassment through such scenes and it create  integrated  image of Islam’s horror  on international community .Within country the large public come under the influence of  pluralized effects  like people develop sense of hate for other community or some kind of loath for religious procession .So at all cost such kind of easy snare situation should be avoided on the basis of public security.In our weak system of governance we have no alternative of our human loss  in such incidents nor any party or group take responsibility  of bereaved family who will  to face more abnormality in our harsh society.


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7 Responses to Muharram is here!Get ready for deadbodies on the name of religion.

  1. faisal says:

    sectarianism in Pakistan was not there in current form before late 70s. it started with a sectarian based movement to replicate iranian revolution in Pakistan with the name Tehreek e Nifaz e Fiqh Jafria and literature against some Caliphs was distributed in Pakistan. this alarmed some elements in non-shia community so movements started to counter the trend. pro iran elements were calling it a social movement for poor and middle classes but the opposite side considered it an attempt to change the outlook of pakistani state. later Afghan war and Iran-Iraq wars with dumping of weapons proved to be lethal as now both sides were getting funds, weapons and both sides had support in establishment who were supporting their brand of Islam. even the so called secular or socialist camps were not neutral in this sectarian war and had their sectarian inclination so the cold war which in pakistan was so called green vs red war also got infected with this sectarian trend.

    situation started to calm down in 90s with sectarian killings of shia/sunni/ahl e hadith leaders but over all situation was not as dangerous as it is now.

    current disasterous situation is a result of the whole nation going into a war mode with state for the first time taking part directly in sectarian war(previously divide and rule policy was implemented indirectly through establishment players on both sides). the purpose of igniting this fire between sufi vs non-sufi islam was to drag this war into pakistan and make it our war. not only sectarian diversity was converted into a clash but social class and ethnic differences were also exploited for this purpose. the method of making a pakistani brand of islam through measures like national sufi council and forced enlightened moderation failed miserably as they were not rational and the intention was greed instead of any reform or something.

    So called nationalism and sectarian backed liberalism is hitting us bad. We really need to find a peaceful way out of this war. The war has strongly damaged our social fabric, now the diversity and some academic and historical differences which were there in the form of different sects like shia,sunni,wahabi,deobandi etc have now turned into a clash. All this was done deliberately like it is done in Iraq, Afghanistan and even in this region during 1757-1857 British takeover of Indian Sub-continent. In all cases local corrupt elite in politics, mercenary forces or so -called intellectual classes played their dirty role.

  2. Nazia says:

    Your all obseravtion is accurate about development of sectarian difference in our region since the time of Iran revolution. but my question is to the clerics and theri blind followers who cant get to the grass root of real problems.
    Clerics of each religious affairs while living in Pakistan is actually supporting those countries which is source of power of their religious faith and that is absice reason of creating religious polarization in our all secular areas ensuing deadly clashes.
    Is it fair and justified to still live in whirlpool of bad history of religious conflicts.
    Iraq-iran war has left clear message to all muslim sects that its only massacre of muslim community, more deeply u would go into history more you would be confused.It is interesting nobody wants to be kurdish liberal warrior like Sulahdin Ayubi but all want to stick to basic concept of yazeediat and Hussaint.
    That conflict had very different scene of brutality but we are sticking all problems to that part of history through narrow minded clerics who keep the market of religious difference high so that people wont come out of past history.
    Taking young boys as energetic follower of any faith,keep them in state of reading painful and sorrowful merssiahs, body inflictions or giving them knife to butcher animals in young ages,rotting them past bad patches of Islamic history are signs of confinement of human minds to typical religious norms only.This can produce religious fanatics but no nationalist who can think of stability of country.
    Now Pakistan has crossed all state of securities for all kind of groups belonging to any religious, political and social identification.The reason is simple poisoning of young minds and giving them frustration up to level of extremist to kill or eradicate all who would resist them or try to guide them.

  3. faisal says:

    blind following is a real problem which has damaged rational thinking about religion. history is history , we cant change it or with so much vague sources cant even judge it properly so i dont find any reason for making it a base for my faith.

    the problem for getting external support or recruiting young boys lies in the desire of controlling the centre.
    in pakistan one thing which also has helped is tight central government control and anyone who controls the centre automatically controls the country. so the fight is for the centre whether in case of sectarian wars or ethnic and social class or left-right conflicts instead of opting for peaceful mutual existance on the principles of justice.

    it is this mentality of blind following and the desire to control centre (infact centralization itself is a form of slave minded approach) which has lead to our downfall not only in case of pakistan but so called ummah as a whole.

  4. Nazia says:

    There is no liberalism left in our culture and environment after 1970.
    One can easily judge the critical situation in latest incident where both minsters were fired on the basis of corruption and indiscipline behaviors( presenting as such) but both put blame on particular sect for covering up their criminal record.

    The terrorist blasts in RWP/Islamabad areas had completely different backgrounds and different groups did those but all blames were intentionally put on particular religious group just to justify our stance on this war on terror.So each act of talibans so called is supportive to all kind of military actions.

    The 28 Dec blast on Ashura procession was not possible wihtout ignorance of security measures as the box where bomb planted was just in front of two CCTV cameras.It can be easily checked by viewing last 24 hrs movie that who had fixed it.But all was ignored intentionally and such blast was integrated by ready made gangs who made fire to all commercial areas of nearly by blast.
    Here again land or business mafia took camouflage of religious gild.

    What all these incidents are telling us that power politics in Pakistan was / would be controlled by projecting religious differences .All those who are doing are not part of any religious faith but pose to be Muslim but they are slaves of foreign power or self greed.
    What kind of history you want to tell me. I have attended different religious gathering of multiple faith without any kind of hesitation and it was interesting that almost all groups have different version of History and its incidents.Major theme sometime matches but people of different faith have completely different versions of history and same it was seen in history of Christianity.So I am against of making laws and amendments on the basis of history records as it has multiple tracks to consider.
    That is why many times requested my shia friends that why they don’t motivate their clerics to give new and more secure ways to their routine processions.Giving life and limbs for successful attacks of invisible enemies and its real intention is symbol of foolishness.In our accommodating religion a person is not allowed for Hajj if he or she has a responsibility of old and parents.So on what basis we present our adults for suck kind of blind sacrifice which can produce chain reaction of problems to nearest relations whether they are dead or injured.Increasing the number of orphans, widows and handicapped are sign of crippled nation not strength of any kind of faith.
    Overall basis it is victory gain of leadership/clerics who start new kind of projection and propaganda in their favor on the basis of sympathies of dead bodies’ numbers.

  5. ahmed says:

    This year killers have some mercy on shite or they have achieved their targets of dead bodies in iran. God give them some wisdom and save the life and property of follower.

  6. Nazia says:

    It looks good that terrorist pardon us this is so funny that rehman malik and Sindh interior minister was thanking to people of Pakistan for cooperating with LEA but actually people were thanking to terrorist groups for sparing them this year.

  7. asma says:

    This year good surprise that poor shite Muslims spared by target killer.Is it possible this is linked with arrest of Riggi who is most wanted terrorist for.n Iran. I think shite are worst Muslims other than pathans belt who are being targeted since the Iran Iraq war had let its scars on middle east.

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