Bahria Town , Its car and horse races.

Bahria town has  very unique and lively features which makes this one of modern housing project of Pakistan  on top ranking of  life styles developed under the tag of CEO  Malik Riaz and his family chain.It took almost  15 to 20 years  that this residential place  to transform into  an ideal living approach.

What ever the uncertain and horrible  circumstances in  country like terrorism in urban areas, war on terror or swat operation  was in progress but it hardly affected the development rate of Malik riaz projects and its high prices.Property experts says the country turmoil has made  price of lands and houses to some static range as it was extremely high in 2006/7 years.But if one is going to make a visit to all sectors then it can easily be seen that large numbers of houses are still  under constructions.The trust of people on Bahria has solid reasons as there is no load shedding, no gas shortages, perfect safety measures,  water supply is regular and almost all facilities like health education , sports activities, shopping mall,developed parks and Zoo and eating outlets are available near their homes.So people who have personal transport facilities take no time to move this safe and stylish living setup.

Malik riaz management has set a prominent example of making  a state within state by controlling and generating its electricity and  water bills.Huge netwroks of carpeted roads along with maintained foot path is available in almost 8 phases of Bahria town Rwp.Within boundary of Bahria no Police or traffic police of Pakistan can enter in its premises as  this  town has its own force of security  officers  and guards .Here modern network of CCTV cameras were installed when a wave of high-profile dacoities was reported  in few areas of this save heaven of burning Pakistan.

As all Bahria town is connected by long run  main boulevard and carpeted roads so  senseless and untrained  drivers including young boys of rich families never miss the chance of  practicing high-speed  on roads and many times serious accident were seen  there.It is said after reporting of large number of traffic accidents by these spoiled kids,  town management has decided to handle this class and let these dare devils to practice their such  hobbies in its newly built phase 8 on any Sundays by paying management  in the name of Race fees.

Bahria town is not only popular for this unauthorized car races but horse races with proper betting are regularly organised in its outer periphery where horse race lovers give a huge price to Bahria town for arranging this race  with all necessary arrangement.This race is not  for public and nobody even police is allowed to watch such activity.So Malik Raiz is a true business tycoon of Pakistan who provide all world-class activities to influential and rich people and earn through all means by using its quality services.His confidence of arranging  all such games are  inaccessible to govt agencies and interestingly no development authority, police station can dare to claim to be part of Bahria town.

Bharia has its modern firetrucks with trained fireman and a modern hospital  Rukhusana Akhtar memorial was just a mile away located from race roads.Recent tragic race incident which killed five people including three young kids was just  an outcome of such routine races and got public and supreme court  attention through such horrible accident .The race took place on six lane highway, not a racetrack.  The videos clearly show sand accumulated on the edges of the road.

This race was organised by the sister organisation of PTCL and its advertisement was started a week ago under the banner like that

Evo Nitro Speed Quest drag race to be held 5th Dec 2010

Islamabad: Under the banner of its brand Evo Nitro Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) in collaboration with High Performance Racing (HPR) brings the drag racing competition for all avid car racers.

This tragic event raises many question over the reliability of such adventure related moves in a private areas, where standards are not fully complaint to safety.For residents of Bahria town, they are quite sure that what ever this management can provide them, our state and its related agencies cant reach to near to  its standard.In a country where flight of air blue was crashed killing hundreds of people created no stir in the govt department then who would dare to intervene in ruthless killings of just  five innocent civilians  watching this thrilling event.

Malik Riaz and his management team is overconfident on their past record  that no district govt , federal or provincial govt can breach in their secure state as it is working as  strong proxy of agencies of Pak army .Here record numbers of plots and residential villas have been  gifted to senior military officers worked or working  mostly for army intelligence agencies.It is not only army men but senior bureaucrats, judges and  many ministers, the popular one is Azam swati,all have own many plots under protection of Malik Laws as he is giving them more reliable security and safety which should had been provided to  people via state authority.


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5 Responses to Bahria Town , Its car and horse races.

  1. ahmed says:

    Horrible scene of adventure without adopting safety measures. Today all have been bailed as it was not intention of murder but a mistake or accident. We are going up without any moral and ethical values which are quite dominant in west or un islamic states.

    • Nazia says:

      No all are not bailed as today Ali riaz escaped to Dubai under protection of Rehman malik convoy.
      I have no good feeling for such incidents as people love to go there and Ali riaz who has craze of modern and sport cars arrange all this for last many years.See the movie thousand of people were seeing the race and all facilities like ambulance, fire truck and security was provided but safety tires and foam was not available and people were not guided where they should have stood
      It was all educated class who was arranging and watching this event in one of modern setup of Pakistan.But

  2. asma says:

    Big gambling is involved .People living an US and UK are contacted fro such kind of races in all Pakistan.Top class business man do US whose property is in Bharia town are sponsored for this races.

  3. Faiz says:

    It was an accident .All safety conditions were fulfilled and people were enjoying it but it tragically.
    happened.Suck kind of incidents are seen in west too who are expert of all such high speed games but people want to blame malik riaz or his builder rivals are always in search of such cases to indulge him in any kind of issue.

  4. Ehsan says:

    Pakistan security establishment has been the leading entity to use state resources, power and powergame.
    May be next time US marines found raiding Bahria town in search of remaining Alqaida terrorists.

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