Planting Palm trees in Pakistan,an unsuitable Political Effort.

For the last many years a new kind of trend is seen in urban areas of Pakistan that plantation of palm date trees has been in rise.For the people who know well the ecology and  horticulture of Pakistan , is in state of shock that who has floated this unsuitable  idea to implant full-grown palm trees in parks and roads sides of our cities.

Pakistan has a wide range of tree species like shessham kikar, deodar, pine, teak, neem ,Eucalyptus,and many more.All  local trees have specific advantages to our environment and inhabitants. Sheesham and other trees not only  provide a natural umbrella like shade in severe heat of  summers but all are meant for good economics as woods of majority  are widely used for different industrial purposes.

In 1970s same kind of trend was officially adopted  for planting another foreign species of Eucalyptus mostly imported from Australia.

At that time a campaign was launched and Eucalyptus  was  widely  grown in irrigated plantations of the Govt land and on farm-lands of Punjab and Sindh and PK khyber. Almost  one  million trees are planted in the Punjab on farmlands.The advantages attached or publicized before planting this alien tree were like that i.e

its  early growth, help in reducing pollution with along side of roads and highways, long and absorbent roots that can secure the embankment of canal and rivers and many more to justify this new kind of Plantation.Nobody knew how much and who earned a lot by taking such  abnormal  decision of ignoring plantation of local trees over this export saplings.

If  system and its designers don’t follow proper research before bringing foreign plantation ,time will naturally report our blunders in the form of eco disaster.Like in this case after facing acute drop of underground water reserves now  decree has been passed to cut all mature Eucalyptus  trees to save the  under ground  water level.The offense on poor tree is  placed as it is a”water thief”.

So whole machinery of govt departments took no time and started chopping  full-grown trees on the name of reserving water resources.

The tree killers  who  all time force/suggest such kind of moves always have some personal  political motives like widening of roads by taking contracts of construction or on the name of civil works or for constructing plazas and shopping centers.On the name of development chopping off such trees are carried out senselessly.By following this legalized criminal attitude the  officials of development authorities and tree mafia get an easy approach to earn millions  by selling precious wood of such mature trees.Nobody bother  in all such malpractices that what are we actually doing to mother nature which is  a providing shield to  all living beings .

In last years some lovers of Palm date trees in our agriculture departments is trying to force newly idea in our horticulture .They are importing   full-grown  palm , date and palm bottle trees   or buying from local farms through  influential groups on very expensive prices.The price  range of  each tree varies from Rs 20,000 to 40 000 .

These trees are being planted  in central and northern Punjab.As usual our officials have neglected the effects of such useless trees in our harsh temperature areas.Date trees  give poor  yield and low quality dates in such climates and they contribute nothing to provide cool shades in severe summers of Pakistan..

Plantation of date trees is suitable to our coastal belt areas or toward southern Punjab near Thar.There are many areas in sindh and Baluchistan where such an expensive implantation can produce better economical and ecological results  but decorating Lahore,Pindi and Islamabad areas with such unsuitable and irritable trees are highly disregarded and considered as  neglecting  the natural agriculture trend of local soil by imposing wrong plantation

No doubt that date tree has its advantages and dates are highly nutritious, with a sugar content of ripe dates about 80%, and the remainder is a rich blend of protein, fat and mineral products including copper, sulfur, iron, magnesium and fluoric acid.

But using it for beautifying the city is not a good choice in this time  of global warming.Our urban areas and its adjacent parks and green belts  are badly in need of local shady trees  as high source of Oxygen via  wide green portion.Our all traditional trees have excellent capacity of act like oxygen producers as compare to these date trees.

As per track record it is all being done to give benefit to some groups who are selling this product on the name of  tree plantation drive.

It is also observed that as  no peculiar and necessary  precautions are being  taken while its digging and transportation of such mature trees  so many trees couldn’t  get roots in change environment.In Islamabad  and Shareh  Faisal of Karachi still hundreds of  dry trees are standing on side ways telling us inexperience of its handlers.

It is need of time to realize that such date tree mania has no place in our urban soils. Right plant at right soil and climate can only help the environment and its living beings.People who are engaged in this business should be checked and punished for doing such environmental terrorism through state funding.

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12 Responses to Planting Palm trees in Pakistan,an unsuitable Political Effort.

  1. ahmed says:

    Date trre has strong profit margin from all side.its fruit its wood nits seed and even its leaves. Have multiple usem it all depend on the quality of usersm

  2. Nazia says:

    Pakistan has huge farms of dates in interior sindh and southern punjab which is producing high rated dates.It is right place of cultivation not in our urban cities which are seriously inder threat of global warming.

  3. Right plant at right soil and climate can only help the environment and its living beings

    Tree plantation in Pakistan

    • Nazia says:

      you are doing fine job in this tree cutting revolution going on our part of land.
      People have no sense of planting or securing trees.I am trying to convince few land builders to allow me to plant trees on dry route of old rivers alongside they are developing modern colonies but still my project is being ignored as they are planing to use this dry water ways as drains of their colonies.Modern looking colonies are not strictly following the septic tank rule which has been mandatory in EPA laws an can provide water for reusing in plantation. I have made written complain to all design heads about it but all are ignoring this issues as they are concentrating on building and construction only.
      Thanks for your valuable comments.

  4. madiha says:

    Trees are an asset to our environment but despite this fact we obseve the cutting down of hundreds of trees in several metropolitan cities of Pakistan in the name of development! This brutual act had been conducted just to widen or broaden roads or to construct shopping malls and plazas! However a few had the heart and sensitivity to raise voice against this atrocity! What would one say about the ‘development’ that takes place at the cost of destroying or damaging the natural environment around us!!

    • Nazia says:

      Each year we as nation make records of massacre of old and strong trees for running our wood mills.Land mafia is only responsible of balding the cities through their official dominance but tree mafias are very strong in our forest developments.We are one of savagely nation of the world who love to eradicated our god gifted resources on the name of earnings for our next generations.

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  6. Rizwan says:

    i want to cultivate Date tree.
    plz help me.

  7. Rana Babur Saeed Khan says:

    Ms. Nazia.
    i need your help about Dates tree plantation.
    i have 15 Acre land free for Dates trees. Near Chowk Sarwar (Shaheed) Distt: Muzaffargarh.
    if you have some contacts of DATES NURSERY Please Provide me.
    and if you have any details of Dates Trees Plantation send to me.


    Rana Babur Saeed Khan

  8. Nazia says:

    all major nurseries of Islamabad have date plants of all sizes.You can contact any one of the for regular supplies and they can also give you plantation information too.
    There are 3 or 4 forest nurseries located near muzafarabad and the can ll time provide you information regarding planting date trees in your region so contact with them and they will your best advisers.

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