Green March

Our Agri-culture History:

Subcontinent agriculture had an old  history of cultivation of plants, and domestication of crops and animals.  Two times rainy season , presence of large glaciers y melting in variety of rivers,vast fertile plains and moderate temperatures with sunny weathers were the major reasons of two harvests being reaped in a year .South Asian belt extended to Afghanistan had given yield of finest and largest food basket not only sufficient for local but merchants of other areas  reached there to take food of their choice and taste to other parts of world —In middle ages under Islamic management  excellent land and water management systems were developed with an aim of providing uniform growth to agriculture products and  no doubt were successful to develop a comprehensive agricultural program in whole region.

When Pakistan and India were divided   both areas had popularity  as big food producers for local and  supplier of world. British companies were on forefront in this agriculture trade where they took the help of strong feudal group of India to get the best exports to European markets without giving proper share or profit to poor farmers of India.

Present Situation:

Pakistan at the time of creation had almost 75 %population was engaged with farming.Due to urbanization now this strength has been reduced to 65%  where people are directly or indirectly dependent  on agriculture growth. In the year 2008 almost 20% of GDP(gross domestic product) of Pakistan  comes from agriculture sector.Livestock mainly links with this sector also has 9% share in GDP.

Present scenario of shrinking of water shortages, devastation through natural disasters like latest flood and earthquake , absence of proper land reforms and inadequate  facilities to farmers are not favoring our agriculture growth which should match with overpopulation  rate.All decelerating factors of  agriculture  sites are producing  serious  food security threats which would be brought  hunger tsunami in coming years. So focusing our efforts toward our traditional way of living on agriculture and dairy products can widened our food-producing capacity   without   damaging our ecology that has already be disturbed by unchecked industrialization.Vegetable  Farm  -  Plants  -  Farming  -  Agriculture

In this perspective, it would be  very easy  for us  on  grass root level that agriculture should replace industrial sector  as  latest development trend. It will, , not only increase the rate of  GDP,  but  will conserve our  food basket and  environment for safer and green Pakistan. Nevertheless,rise  in the agriculture output shall eliminate  future threats of food deficiency to our large population.

Pakistan luckily comes , in the category of favored sunny  areas irrigated, humid and semi humid and dry environment too. Therefore, it would be  easier to foster agriculture for alleviation of acute poverty coming ahead due to mismanagement of our present and  past governments.

It is tragic  craze of military rulers toward defense deals that  have indirectly reduced  the basic agriculture development index of Pakistan and we have  focused our energy  and resources to get piles of arms  instead of improving quality and quantity of original food chains with latest modifications.

The UN is warning countries says that they should need to increase world food production by 70 per cent by 2050, when the global population will have risen from six to nine billion.

Many  developing countries specially in  Latin America and India too  have already diverted their attention to increase their agriculture productivity to handle future food shortages.

So in view of coming danger of food deficiency, Green  Revolution in Pakistan should be planned.Leaving aside  our wrong priorities , we should gather our available resources that can transform  routine agriculture into a dynamic sector by involving peasant and small producers who  have become very frustrated due to natural and man made mishaps in agriculture sector .

PA vegetables

Prompt Steps Should taken For Green March:

  • Micro financing system should be available to small farmers and specially women of rural areas at doorsteps  for  independent rural deals so that they would contribute in this green march as per their experience and need.Different types of agro dealers scheme can be introduced to provide  improved  seeds pesticides and fertilizers t0 trainee farmers .This would not only  improve the imperative nutrient need of thousand of rural families but will also give them sense of financial independence while living in their vicinity.
  • Role of middle men  for purchasing agriculture products and control of feudal and industrial groups on farmers should be strictly checked by govt.In last years such  groups are now behaving  as food cartels of Pakistan  by controlling  food  supply and its prices  in local markets.Govt has to strengthen its corroded system of check and balance in agriculture sector for the sake of larger interests of country and its huge population.
  • Current agricultural practices  which are neither economically nor environmentally sustainable should be  modified . Poorly maintained irrigation systems need a lot of improvement for moving towards Green Pakistan.
  • Farmers access to markets is hampered by poor rural infrastructure so it is urgent need of time to focus on rural development by giving them proper roads and other living facilities so that they would themselves think of improving their living setup by attaching them with traditional and modern harvesting procedures.
  • Economical water irrigation system  should be provided to farmers to handle the water shortages.
  • Export of good quality agriculture   product should be banned as such deals are made without estimating the local need. It subsequently becoming reason of food shortages and high prices of food commodities for common man. Large production of fruits and vegetables should be stored and  processed in local level in form of tin or dry foods.This would improve the storage capability of food and generate employment too in production areas .Pakistan can earn also on same level via this food storage industry.
  • With the help of media,NGOs and Govt institutes relating to agriculture ,A comprehensive plan of  field jobs to motivate the public for Green March should be started.This can be done by just motivating people to  even garden or develop any small land near to them for season vegetables and plants.Under this  awareness program the supply of  start-up seeds and information regarding  training on how to till and fertilize the soil should be started on priority.Students of School and colleges can be  mobilized in  educational institutes and Agriculture training should be placed as  mandatory subject for students up to college level.


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6 Responses to Green March

  1. ahmed says:

    Good idea. But ur poor farmer is not ready to march loke that. Onthe other side we have zero level of leader ship in our agriculture sidemp. This is not possible without will of people any good leader.

    • Nazia says:

      Farmers only perform in this green march under supervision and guidance of skilled people.
      If farmers have managerial skills to handle crisis like situation then they wont be farmer any more.We have thousands of feudal characters in our agriculture sector but not a single leader has come out from this 65% of population who can lead this green march.Urban leaders are still not accepted in conservative rural setup which still exists in the conservative theme of caste and sect culture..

  2. ahmed says:

    Our all movement had link with urban problem. People and some groups are tryng best to save green belt and trees from land grabbers and constuction companies. Rural people hav no clue to proceed this way.

  3. Nazia says:

    In our urban areas all green belts and tree cuttings were done by influential group by taking cover of development Authority.It is intention of this ruling group that has turned almost all main roads into commercial lanes as either their homes were on this area which they sold or turned into commercial plaza and paving way to commercialization.These all trends are against environments laws which give benefit to few and loss for whole generation.Yes some groups are doing excellent jobs of saving environment but as our state is casual about environmental laws so land mafias are taking dominant positions to behave like anti green monsters.

  4. Greenlahore says:

    Commercialize the Green areas and all would come for this Green revolution.People have been addicted to over exceeding profits.Top industries and investors should be encouraged to come forward and contribute for getting maximum profitability .

  5. Nazia says:

    How you can commercialize green areas and what is profitable interest for investors of stock market and industrialist in this regard.?

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