Wikileaks,Just a wakeup call for a sleeping nation

WikiLeaks is an international  non-profit media organization that publishes submissions of otherwise unavailable documents from leaks. Its website, launched in 2006, is run by The Sunshine Press.

Julian Paul Assange; born 3 July 1971 is an Australian publisher and known as internet activist. He is best known as the spokesperson and editor-in-chief for Wiki leaks.He was a physics and mathematics student as well as a computer programmer He has lived in several countries and has told reporters he is constantly on the move. He makes irregular public appearances to speak about freedom of the press, censorship, and investigative reporting.He has also won several journalism awards for his work with Wiki Leaks.

Assange founded the controversial WikiLeaks website in 2006 and serves on its advisory board. In this capacity, he has received widespread public attention for his role in the release of classified material documenting the involvement of the US in the wars in Muslim countries. On 28 November 2010, WikiLeaks and its five media partners began publishing the  Cable leaks relating to US diplomats working in different countries.On 28 November 2010, WikiLeaks began releasing more than 251,000 American diplomatic cables, mostly unclassified but including many labeled “classified” or “secret.

WikiLeaks logo

The United States launched a criminal investigation related to the leak of US government information by Assange and Wiki Leaks on 29 November. US prosecutors are reportedly preparing charges against Assange under the Espionage act and latest update is coming that Sweden would issue a fresh arrest warrant for Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange as new revelations from his website’s expose of US diplomatic cables

Wiki leaks related to Pakistani Politics:

It is been roughly estimating that among millions of leak information 10 to 15% data is linked with Pakistan politics and its role in Afghanistan war

Some distinguished leaks  are quoted as such :

-One cable quotes Saudi King Abdullah as saying that President Asif Ali Zardari was “the greatest obstacle” to Pakistan’s progress. “When the head is rotten,” he said, “it affects the whole body”.

The most funniest and true leak is about our dangerously comical character of our religious politics who is all time ready for sale whether it is military rule or Zardari group ,This character and his team members only have to decide about their latest prices

-The data which laid bare American diplomatic cables revealed that Pakistan’s religious leader and chief of his own faction of JUI had hosted a banquet in the honor of then US envoy Anne W. Peterson in 2007 and sought US support for his election as Prime Minister.
The reports say he also signaled to the US officials that his faction’s members in National Assembly “are for sale if he was given support to be elected as Prime Minister”.

-May 2009, US Ambassador Anne W. Patterson reported to the State Department that Pakistan was refusing to schedule a visit by American technical experts because, as a Pakistani official said, “if the local media got word of the fuel removal they certainly would portray it as the United States taking Pakistan’s nuclear weapons”.

Army chief Ashfaq Kayani mused about forcing out President Zardari and replacing him with Asfandyar Wali of ANP as the President, leaked US diplomatic cables said Tuesday.

-According to the released documents, General Kayani has learned from the mistakes made by former military ruler Pervez Musharraf. He is using the parliament and the government while staying in the background, the documents allege. In this way, he is becoming an obstacle to any major change in the country’s policy pertaining to Fata.

-The whistle-blower website Wiki leaks perhaps the single most damming collection of data in a massive  trove of secret documents from Afghanistan released by the website Wiki Leaks is some 180 files that seem to show Pakistan’s premiere intelligence service, the ISI, helping the Afghan insurgency attack American troops.Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul, seen here, is the former chief of the ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence agency.

-The United States provides more than a billion dollars to Pakistan each year for help in fighting terrorism, but the  document seem to link the ISI with major Afghan insurgent commanders; claim its representatives meet directly with the Taliban; accuse the agency of training suicide bombers; and indicts Pakistani intelligence officials on hatching up sensational ways to assassinate Afghan president Karzai

– released sensitive documents alleging that the Pakistan’s army chief Ashfaq Parvez Kayani’s opposition led to the conflict on the Kerry-Lugar Bill as it was going to result in greater civilian control on the military.

-WikiLeaks, in its latest supply of reports, revealed that Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Kayani told former US ambassador Anne Patterson in a meeting in March 2009 that he did not want to see PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif ruling the country, according to  US embassy communique sent to Washington.

No Margin of Denial:

This is whole truth but truth and truth  whether people concerning with these leaks own it our not.

But it is interesting scene that our  politicians accepting the charges of their rivals  but disowning their own revelation.

Zardari has just maintained his repute of low character, a greedy man and poor politician who got booster injection by marrying daughter of Bhutto and luck drawer of Presidency after  murder of his wife.

What is shocking to hear about zardari, sharif and Fazal rehman .They all are touts of US as their all assets and security are in hands of super powers that is why they were sent back to politics to seize the route of new political leadership.

Army and its ISPR are  quiet on this internet mess  and behaving  as  nothing is important for them.Our COAS who has just started his 3 year extension has  got an official authenticity of his One Man Show via such net proliferation.He got green chit via such leaks that our military chiefs get  real briefing from US consulate.

Should we underestimate the determination of a quiet Army Chief at that critical moments or perhaps after seeing that everybody’s talking trash these days,  they are keeping them selves in  quiet mode unless they get new strategy from high commands to cover up political character of Military chief?

Such quiet gestures  can be considered as  insignia of stubbornness of our Military chiefs which is now very prominent after war and terror activities.

Wiki leaks are nothing just wake up calls for drowsy nation  that we are just  folks who are million in number but are driven by  few  character of power politics.Some Kiyani, Musharraf , zardari and sharif were hired and protected by these stake holders and they play different political games in our soil to divert the attention of the people.

In front of public or by using  different state services in the form of ISPR,PTV and  with the help of some private media groups they portray themselves  the most concerned  and loyal Pakistanis but whatever they do or perform as Government representatives doesn’t   match with these information which are  recorded acts of past under Pak US diplomacy.This is their real faces and job descriptions for which they are entitled for job extensions ,  lucrative migrant facilities and top seats in Pakistan.

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5 Responses to Wikileaks,Just a wakeup call for a sleeping nation

  1. ahmed says:

    Wiki leaks has provided astonishing news but valueless people,like Pakistan have in large number in Government, would not be affected by it. Had there been few person with some dignity,they would have gone by now.

  2. Nazia says:

    Our politicians and miltiary heads are not more than pieces of shit who are unaware of their job ethics and necessary national spirit ,mandatory for such critical jobs.They are picked by these powers due to their zero scale of self respect so no matter how much of their diaper leaked, that doesn’t matter for them how much leaks are placed in front of them

  3. united4justice says:

    greed and slave minded approach has nothing to do with dignity , honor, self respect and things like these.

    • Nazia says:

      In my view wiki leak did only role of a child who dare to say to king that he is naked not wearing any kind of dress. So our leaders dont accept their nudity and wiki only guided them to accept it.US role is just like clever thief who is fooling king and king’s men due to their low IQ or greed of sticking to power mafia.

  4. madiha says:

    Our slavish and sycophant leaders have been revealed in an obnoxious way by this strange twist of circumstances!! Wikileaks, undoubtedly, have shown their real characters to us, absolutely low, base and despicable!! The nation should wake up now to the reality of their ‘chosen’ rulers and be extremely careful in the next elections!

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