Suu Kyi, A Proud and Real daughter of East.

aung san suu kyi

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Aung San Suu Kyi is  popularly recognized as Burma’s pro-democracy leader and Nobel Peace winner during her arrest period.She truly  symbolizes the struggle of Burma’s people to be free from military rule. She has been detained for over 13 years by the Burmese regime for campaigning for human rights and democracy in Burma.

Aung San Suu Kyi was educated in Burma, India, and the United Kingdom. While studying at Oxford University, she met Michael, a Tibet scholar who she married in 1972. They had two sons, Alexander and Kim. On March 27 1999, while Aung San Suu Kyi was in Burma,her husband  died of cancer in London. He had petitioned the Burmese authorities to allow him to visit her wife  last time, but they had rejected his request. . Instead of this the  military government always  emotionally pressurized  Suu Kyi to join her family abroad, but she knew their black mailing game  that she would not be allowed to return.

Aung San Suu Kyi  who inherited her genes of fight for democracy from her late father, by chance had returned to Burma in 1988 to  give some time to  her dying mother and was immediately plunged into the country’s nationwide democracy uprising. Joining the newly-formed National League for Democracy (NLD).During her campaign  Suu Kyi gave numerous speeches calling for  restoration of human rights and democracy. The military regime violently responded to the uprising by  killing up to 5,000 demonstrators. Unable to maintain its grip on power, the regime was forced to call a general election in 1990.Aung  Suu  Kyi has been placed house arrest  on numerous occasions since she began her political career. She spent 15 years in confinement of the past 21 years. During these periods, she had been prevented from meeting her party supporters and international visitors.

In 1990 elections her party National League for Democracy (NLD) received 59% of the votes, guaranteeing 80% of the parliament seats. Being the NLD’s candidate, Aung  Suu Kyi under normal circumstances would have assumed the office as prime minister Instead this as per expectation , the results were nullified by the military and  Generals refused to hand over power to her party. This resulted in an international outcry. Aung  Suu Kyi was placed under house arrest at her home on University Avenue in Rangoon. During her arrest, she was awarded the Sakharov Award for freedom of Thought in 1990, and Nobel peace prize in 1991. Her sons  accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on her behalf. Aung San Suu Kyi used the Nobel Peace Prize’s 1.3 million$ prize money to establish a health and education trust for the Burmese people.Recently she has been released from her house arrest  and dialogs  are being offered to her for some kind of reconciliation.Last week  she met her younger son, Kim after 10 years.

Aung San Suu Kyi is a living political  legend of conservative Asian culture not only because she is fighting against dictatorial  regime which had put her under house arrest for 15 years but also because she kept her personal life on stake .She is an example of greed free politician who  sacrificed her all assets and relations for her people and movement. She is surely a  woman of strong nerve and  brave decision maker  by leaving  her family when it needed her but  this Iron woman preferred to stand for her people and country.  The whole world, media and military rules are mute witness to the struggle of this lone crusader of peace and democracy against arms and army of generals.

Military rulers had tried best to unpopular her but her graceful but strong stance is breaching the hearts of whole world democracy lovers and each year has brought more popularity pearls in her political treasures . Life has changed drastically for Suu Kyi ever since she was released. She is constantly under media glare and the world is watching her each political step.

She is an ideal political figure of 21st century and not a single match like her can be  found in a deep-sea of  political  breed of Pakistan who even cant  come near to her political struggle.This  fairy tale like lady is a real freedom fighter of Burma and true daughter of East. She  should be projected  and presented in our political circles as an example of real political character of third world to bring some shame to our corrupt and  fake political leaders.

Under such leadership running our major political parties we have  lost the sense of understanding politics and its importance in developing civilian  and welfare state like set up.Now  due to existence of worst kind of politicians and their way of governance,here  people are taking politics and democracy as some kind of abusive terms which  are  now in full mode of taking  revenge  to people of Pakistan.

Long live Pakistan .

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  1. hina says:

    She is proud of her party and followers.

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