Incompetent Boss ,A Major reason of down fall of any company

When some incapable or ineffective person is promoted to higher ranks on the basis of personal links and under social pressures or directly hire for any kind of job and project it is clear sign of failure of that project or one can simply assume that  down fall of organization begins..

Another visible feature which is prominent in ineffective managers are their poor response toward  contingency handling procedures and  inadequate  standby crash planning for countering difficult situation due to political, social and financial crisis either on company or in country.

So no doubt Companies  are first crippled and then ‘paralyzed’ by poor leadership.


Why operational organizations can’t afford liability of  inadequate managers?

Right person for right place is insignia of any strong company so by picking inadequate supervision it is just like placing  productivity barrier in front of goals of company.

Inept managers can be recognized very easily and quickly with the help of their ineffective habits, most of the time!

* Absence of skills for  handling people of different nature.

*Poor time management for anticipating and preventing problems.

* Too much involvement in hands-on operations and personally dealing with detail

* Lack of understanding the supervisor’s role as a Guide and facilitator

* Poor communication skills

* Giving unclear instructions

* Accepting slack work ethics

* Lack of urgency

* Inadequate management training

So under such working conditions if 90% of above points are found in top cream of managers ,one wouldn’t take time to estimate that organizations is working under theme of ineffective management.

"A sense of humour is important here. If he tells a joke - laugh."

There are few prominent and dominant traits of ineffective managers and these are

1. Constantly Shifting Goals and Priorities:

When goals and priorities keep changing faster on short-term basis, One should know  he/she is working under an ineffective manager. Lack of proper planning or even an ability to do any planning causes this habit and uncertainty  is

2. Playing Favorites and One Against The Other:If bosses are busy in multidimensional irrelevant jobs like playing favorites, computer or mobile games, playing one employee against another, remain in contact with out of office people for personal jobs,   focus mostly on  personal benefits and foxy ways of his/her advancement in early promotions.

3. Inadequate Activity planner: There are some managers who don’t know the difference between workers putting in the time at the office versus getting the work done.They start work lately and stay offices for late hours engaging large number of lower staff to work under them in odd hours.This can produce financial burden for company if over time is paid to them,Other wise lower staff will highly grumble to work under such worth less boss

5. The Social bug: . It is the classic ineffective  boss who thinks he is cool, is everybody’s friend, and says and does socially unacceptable things at work. This kind of character does more to retard progress at work than anybody else  and people under such kind of bosses highly focus to actual goals but always look chasing the extra official activities in offices.

6. The Birds Eye View Thinker: This is the manager who does not get down in details but  watch the situation through his/her superficial ways of observation or rely on friends suggestions for improving his quality. This can bring very dangerous  situation in future because goals  can be confused and  every person at the office may have their own version of how the project should be executed.

7. The  Superior Manager: This is the manager who has built class differences at work in his own mind! Superior-Subordinate artificial class structure is created, maintained and enhanced with subtle things like calling meetings only of supervisors, etc. They forget that they are all there as team to get certain things done and the other structures are all only organizational structures to be used if it makes sense.

Such kind of Mangers are the requirement of  the armed forces,as in  military institute it is needed,as no country can afford that her soldiers all fighting their own wars with their own strategies and tactics. Here only need is a command structure and a hierarchy whether the decisions  turn right or wrong.

.In  other civilian working areas , this  philosophy hardly work properly and managers have to concentrate on consultation and quality of team work before execution of any command and projects..

Impact of ineffective management:

The real effects of inefficient managers are seen on the time of trouble shooting and troubled times in company and country level.It directly increases level of stress in the workplace. Ineffective management mainly go for two options .It either goes for over staffing on the basis of poor judgment and  social pressures or prefers under staffing mainly for concentrate pays and perks on higher management.

Both ways ultimately affect poor performance of company as first one  takes employees toward relaxed and casual attitude and can cause the financial burden to any organization without expanding production and optimal outputs. Later choice of under staffing option surely   increases the stress level of  employees   through pressure of  insecurity of job and excessive workload on their nerves for reaching the targets.

The shocks or after shocks of bad governance is only controlled by following the strict code of merits before promoting or hiring Managers.Standard of merits should be based on experience of professionals and   quality of work done in last years.Giving shortcuts to few individuals is one of high risk of error and trial basis and it rarely can improve the performance of any company .So who ever is behind the wrong selection of managers on the basis of nepotism, favoritism or personal gains should be placed in the category of national crime against human development,


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4 Responses to Incompetent Boss ,A Major reason of down fall of any company

  1. ahmed says:

    I think you are targetting few of my fav bosses.

  2. ahmed says:

    What ever you say I always follow rule no 1 of management and it is. Boss is the most right man of company.

  3. Nazia says:

    I know you have worked under very very competent bosses
    .they are competent, devoted and foresighted as long you work under them.

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