Altaf Bhai hanging on roundabouts and Walls of Karachi

Karachi  was once known for its huge absorptive capacity for people of  all kinds of culture,languages and background are now presenting the picture of horror and terror for its residents.This city was known since 1880 for its huge business ventures ,harbor activities and secular culture.Even violence of 1947 didn’t produce any impact of spreading   riots related to cast, religious and cast basis to its locals and financial activities.Since the  creation of MQM this city of wonders has been  slowly losing the environment of peace and harmony for its  locals and migrants who were moved here in search of jobs, trade and different economical ventures.

This city  never stopped its journey of economic struggles and still maintain its top position as only financial hub of Pakistan through which more than 50%  of trade and business deals of Pakistan  are done .One day suspension of its financial activities due to  riots and scenes of violence costs billion rupees loss, but this surprise city again rise its financial status within few working days of peace .

My Visit to this city after two years has brought me in state of despair  that nothing has improved here so far that can be acknowledged in terms of peace and harmony which are the utmost requirement of this burning city for last many years .

Some say that Mustafa kamal has spread the network of fly overs in Karachi and now people are enjoying signal fee corridors.

Is that only requirement of any huge city to be presented through its number of flyovers or overheads by neglecting the maintenance of street roads and street lights in almost all areas of Karachi.

Law and order is showing the worst  picture, a strong indicator of failures of working of Law enforcing agencies in all civic and industrial areas of Karachi.

Mushroom growth of armed gangs in all areas of Karachi has destroyed the secular history of Karachi.All major parties are backing these gangs who just need a minor reason to pull trigger on each other any time any day.

Few medressahs have widened there networks by grabbing or purchasing nearby homes and land area.Residents living close to them are seeing suspicious containers unloading their  and nobody ever bothered or dared to check what is inside these containers.

Power and water shortages are creating extreme kind of frustration among residence of this city.

Expenses of generator and water tankers are extra burden on Karachities along with depressing utility bills.This is so disgusting to see that govt that  has been failed to check the illegal connections of Electricity theft and  now people are using domestic gas connections to  run their generators .It  provides them less cost of power in lengthy period  during absence of electricity but has rapidly increased the gas demand on domestic rate.

Few parks have been developed in last tenure of Mustafa kamal but still lots of  residential areas have  no such facility for residents of Karachi to enjoy their evening and free times in green areas.Extreme insecure  civic condition is one of reason people confined them in their homes as no body knows when and where riots would get its start and in an hour whole Karachi is seized by horrific scenes of firing, and target killing.

There is still rise in kidnapping, street crimes and armed robbery and people are making self barricades, hiring personal guards  and using fire arms for their personal security.

In this situation of insecurity, confusion and mistrust on Govt functionaries ,one funny thing is seeing on rise and that is Altaf bahi new pictures with variety of latest  dress get up are hanging all alone on all major roundabouts, big buildings and major govt buildings.From far away side  it looks advertisement of some dress show or some sort of marketing of fair and lovely cream but when one comes closer to picture  ,he/she can see the false slogans of mqm  representing the bravery of  his runaway leader .Such pictures  are the height of mockery on insecure and  affected citizens of Karachi who has completely lost sense of his civic rights under the mafia games of political parties  in which MQM is the leading the race of terror and horror.

Can any one think that by showing the picture gallery of their coward leader they can win the heart of People of Karachi or this kind of show is being arranged for foreign forces that are backing and financing MQM leadership to keep  control of Karachi for their future plans .

I still searched for real  mahajir, Urdu speaking or  a real Karachi person who actually praised this leader absent party .This is also a record which should be placed in Guinness book of world record that Altaf bhai never led his party for a tenure within its local premises as  much period  of 19 years  he is controlling it through his UK telephone line.

Some people claim to MQM workers are  openly taking political gains,government jobs and illegitimate business deals via this party.They are bestowed by such  offers without passing any kind of merits or eligibility criteria and only merit before their selection is to raise the slogans like JIYA mqm or Altaf bhai when and where require as per demand of MQM in charges.

Just due to such kind of leaderless  leadership where even its only  leader is absent from the scene,MQM can not get rid of its label of  heading this horror and terror Party.The impression of Altaf hussain is still dominant as a cult of Karachi politics and his fake type  exhibitions through funny pictures are supporting such past repute as such.

The wave of target killing of Karachi people that has gripped this city for last many years has become a real fear factor for its working class..On the other hand both lawlessness and this target killing have become controlling factor for all political parties, mafia gangs and mini criminal groups to control the area of their choices.In local terms it is known as operation clean up of opponents by seizing all kind of actions of LEA and even force of Ranger become ineffective in maintaining law and order situation of Karachi.

So Karachi people are living on igniting dynamite.Nobody knows when it would be blown  and killed many innocent or political rivals for satisfying  egoistic nature of political people who are known as leaders of Karachi.

Altaf bhai started his journey on old bike and now owner of UK branded vehicles and luxurious villas of London are controlling billion of Karachi people like sting puppets. Shahi Sayeed a rickshaw driver  now purchasing high-rise buildings in UAE, Babar ghauri our all time  shipping minister started his career as waiter is now big buyer of property of Karachi. Raza abidi who was known for his old cars in Gulshan Iqbal residence is now moving in different kind of latest 4 to 6  4 wheel drives with all govt facilities.So all are dipping fingers on personal greed without judging the severity of situation.Every street and state crimes and  sectarian riots are being successfully executed under the smiley photos of Altaf Dada, one and all in all controller of Karachi with the help of local agencies, bhutta,kidnapping and land mafias and few MQM  claimed leaders.


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I am in search of facts and truth.

14 Responses to Altaf Bhai hanging on roundabouts and Walls of Karachi

  1. ahmed says:

    Mustafa kamal all performed under leadership of altaf hussain. Even he is not alloed to lead mqm from karachim

    • Nazia says:

      Mustafa kamal is just a pawn of MQM who was projected in this five years for some purpose.If he is truly popular then why they delayed LG elections .The yearly wave of target killing of rivals is indicator of fake popularity of MQM.Highly insecure living and working conditions have ruined the construction jobs of Mustafa Kamal and now Mafias should know people first need peace around them,if they cant give green signal to their runaway leadership for safe landing in Karachi then how can they convince people to stand behind them.They are still holding the power of fake votes which was clearly seen in a last month election of Karachi where hardly few thousand votes were cast but when results appeared it is almost 80 thousand.So such ghost voters are one of specialty of mqm.

  2. ahmed says:

    Whatever support MQM shows in Karachi is because of threats to common man. Everytning they have is because of terrorism.Someone is feeding them, interms of funds and political support.That support needs to be finished and they will not find a place to hide.

    • Nazia says:

      Mqm doesnt show support but following principles of harassment to control masses under power of threat.
      We dont know who ae feeding them but where the money of bhutta and ransom of kidnapping is going from the pocket of hardworking class of Karachi.Musharraf tenure has given them more lifeline and now they are behaving like monster even eating their slef grown politicians.Karachi people are blaming living leadership of MQM for killing of haji jala and his sons, razahaider and poor dr imran.

      • says:

        I think you don’t know about attacks on Muhajirs (we are not) Basti before MQM. You forget the firing Gohar Ayub ( son of Ayub Khan) on Laloo Khait and attacks of Pashton on Gojar nala and different Places. You don’t know Alighar colony and Qasba killing. Who attack on these people only Pathans ( Kalshankouf jinka zewar hay). Now Mqm says HUM ADMI HAI TUMHARAY JAISAY JO TUM KARO GAY WO HUM KARAINGAY.. aqal main aya or yeh Pakistan kisi kay Baap ka nahi hay Pakistan AZAD NAHI hua tha Bana tha or Banany walo ko hi tm log bura bhalla kehtay ho.. Bangali agar nahi chahtay to tum sab Indian national hotay jo kay sab thay before 1947

  3. united4justice says:

    MQM’s politics in Karachi is the politics of fear and control. They play with the fears of people against other communities, hijack the issues of common man to present it in the plate of establishment, exploit prejudices and control the lives of people with guns.

    a good part of our youth is wasted in bhatta, cowhide/goatskin snatching, fighting for no reason and human worship type politics of MQM.

    others are not angel too but the way they ve destroyed the youth culture of one of the most educated cities of the country is something which has damaged our society a lot.

    • Nazia says:

      We are losing beautiful culture of Karachi as now all joys of life is covering by horror of living in form of political threats,kidnapping, or target killing.That is heart breaking point that if educated group has this style of politics then what else left for us to follow in the way of political growth.
      Yesterday jang news paper has published as full color paper of covering the engagement ceremony of daughter of Babar ghauri.It was scene of fairy tale like engagement function which was surely cost million of rupees to our shipping minister.he surely paid huge money to jang group for printing it like that.
      just a days back that team was arranging funeral ceremony of runaway mqm leader on state account and now this type of coverage.Is it suit to this party which claim to represent middle class.
      Babar ghauri started his career as waiter but now living like land tycoon of Karachi.

  4. ahmed says:

    Mqm force is kept alive in political sructure of pakistan to harass the ruling govt. They are just playing role of jack of army.

    • Nazia says:

      They had lot of opportunities to get rid of this status but as they are living on the basis of life line from army so cant think beyond of it.But this is no way of living as people are surviving in Karachi.Life is like on chance deals.Nobody know what will happen in next hour.

  5. Khurram says:

    You peoples are sick.
    Its the only MQM who made the karachi,
    Evry political party in Pakistan just support their race.
    Like ANP is for pathans, PML (N) for Punjabis, PML (Q) for Punjabis, PPP for Sindhi, Its only MQM who cares for all.
    How can say MQM is a terrorist ?

    I have the video clips of ANP while terriring, harrassing the common men even they dnt spare womens from their bruteness they raped, the cuts their ears, they tear of ther clothes.
    Mr. Shahi Syed (the rickshaw driver in his past )dnt even know This was the sacrifies of mohjirs by which you get this country we have shed our blood … not you Pathans, Punjabis, sindhis, balochis..we were the defenders and we r..we left behind our properties our lands to get this country .. to give you PAKISTAN you own country, other wise you peoples were just servents of english men & hindus!! learn the history first then speak this bull shit.

    about PPP all know the past (The Robbers its their race), its in their blood!!

    about PML (n) The very hounorable Mr. Nawaz shareef ex-president of Pakistan wht he done with MOhajirs in 1992 .. the search operation .. killed innocent young brothers, sons, husbands,
    About Mr. Shahbaz Shareef .. sex toys were found from his house whn he got arrested.. how Mr. Nawaz Shareff comes back to Pakistan .. by giving hos daughter to High command shiekh of KSA.

    About Mr. Imran Khan .. you pplz forgt the Seeta White case .. his heart is fillled with hate for all mohajirs not only from MQM!!

    wht MQM wants is Equality of all races .. MQM is the only political party who is struggling to finish the Wadera Jagirdari System.

    You cannot say that MQM is killing the peoplz .. u must have to share your thinkng about all political parties.. wht u say abt ANP .. wht abt Sunni Tehrik..Wht abt Jasqum..wht abt Haqiqi..wht abt PML (N)..wht abt PPP are they not killers .. if you think this .. you are absolutely wrong!!

    you must say we all are ONE!!

    we the Youth has to make a change yar..!!
    we must not spoil our life in these decisins .. we must do somthing!!

    if you peoplz hv gt some gd ideas .. i am with you!!

    its time for a change .. we must literate our country men !!

  6. Nazia says:

    You peoples are sick.

    Yes we are really sick people who are seeing falling of human bodies around us specially in Karachi which is under control of MQM for last 20 years.

    ts the only MQM who made the karachi,

    Kindly complete it like that ts the only MQM who made the Karachi on of horrible living city of world Just las year this city has recorded target killing of 1800 people and this process is still going on.

    How can say MQM is a terrorist ?

    Dont worry about my personal opinion
    -This is comment of interior minister of Sindh.

    Zulfiqar Mirza Speaks Truth About MQM (Altaf) Who Killed 100 Pathans on 3 August 2010

    -That were actions of Ex interior minister of pakistan against MQM.

    General Babar was also involved in a crackdown on some die-hard activists of the MQM. This operation was successful due to its specific goals, and brought relative peace in Karachi. He faced considerable criticism for the paramilitary forces involvement in human rights abuse. Many believe he conducted the crackdown on the MQM under pressure from the Taliban and other such groups , because the secular MQM had been a major hindrance for the Taliban in Karachi , especially when 35 Jamaat-e-Islami activists were massacred by MQM activists in Orangi Town in 1992.

    -Canada is top country who accepted all kinds of Pakistani for last 25 years but it is views of a CANADIAN COURT not mine.
    The head of the Quebec branch of a Pakistani political party is facing deportation after the Federal Court of Canada ruled he belonged to an organization that committed terrorism.

    The judge upheld the deportation of Mohammed Kashif Omer, a resident of Montreal, on the grounds he is a member of the Mothaidda Quami Movement, or MQM.

    It is the second time this year Canadian courts have ruled the MQM party meets the legal definition of a terrorist organization.

    Mr. Omer is one of dozens of Pakistanis whom Canadian immigration authorities are trying to deport because of their involvement in the MQM.

    • says:

      If you trust peole like Mirza then GOD save Pakistan.. he is a crupt drunk and land mafia member. He and his father has been running the XXX films in Hyderabad..

  7. Nazia says:

    I have the video clips of ANP while terriring, harrassing the common men even they dnt spare womens from their bruteness they raped, the cuts their ears, they tear of ther clothes.

    Its good you have vidoe proof of all
    Dont show me but give it to MQM people whom should present it to either zulfiqar mirza so that he would arrest them all on the basis of video proof.
    Mr. Shahi Syed (the rickshaw driver in his past )dnt even know
    Yes know it well and found that he is best cross-match of Altaf hussain, an eqaul caliber political cartoon surviving as lone leadership who respond MQM people in the same tone.Altaf hussain mental approach has same limits as Shahi Saeed keeps the only difference is that Rokahw driver is standing in front of so called literate class of Pakistan.

    about PML (n) The very hounorable Mr. Nawaz shareef ex-president of Pakistan wht he done with MOhajirs in 1992 .. the search operation .. killed innocent young brothers, sons, husbands,

    You are suffering serious amnesia probelms.
    Naseer ullah babar and shoib suddle are PPP suported officers who were deputed in Karachi to conduct operation against mqm and it was done under PPP govt that is now their coalition partner for last 3 years.

    About Mr. Shahbaz Shareef .. sex toys were found from his house whn he got arrested.. how Mr. Nawaz Shareff comes back to Pakistan .. by giving hos daughter to High command shiekh of KSA.
    About Mr. Imran Khan .. you pplz forgt the Seeta White case .. his heart is fillled with hate for all mohajirs not only from MQM!!

    T typical presentation of Mqm die hard worker who feel proud to declare such revealtion got via Pakistani agencies.
    -Kindly review the divorce reasons of Altaf Hussein written by his divorcee wife.

    wht MQM wants is Equality of all races .. MQM is the only political party who is struggling to finish the Wadera Jagirdari System.
    It is called fighting verbal war against Wadeera shahi.
    Please note that mqm was part of provincial govt since 1980s but show me a single example where they stood against any wadera of Sindh.
    You cannot say that MQM is killing the peoplz

    I am not saying but I have witnessed all on 12 MAY, 27 Dec, 12 April and for last many years target killing higher rate in city of Karachi is self explanatory about live status of karachi under MQM control

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