Craze of Pakistani Muslims of sacrificing animals without judging the circumstances.

Apart of Eid ul Fitr the festival most grandly celebrated in Muslim world is Eid Azah or Adah. In Pakistan is more commonly known as Eid Qurban or Barri Eid  usually a three-day a public holidays are observed.The follower of  Sunah Ibrhahim actually was granted by  a favorite reward to His followers in acceptance of real sacrifice  of Hazrat Ibrhaim. Actually Allah had  turned that act of prophet to one of best choice of Muslims so that they  enjoy this festival by eating meat of their choices. This Sunnah instructs the Muslims to feed people from the sacrifice, but not necessarily by holding lavish feast to show our superiority on other weak classes of society. However, to many people, the Eid day is an occasion to meet friends and relatives, and to celebrate together and enjoy the taste of animal meat.This old tradition was always  considered luxury in  an Arab world.

Now One should look how we Pakistani  celebrate this festival after surrounded by all time crisis like situation  for last many years

We are state of war.We are passing hard financial times due to lengthy war operations and management of corrupt governments.We are facing after effects of worst kind of flood The miseries of shortcoming of food and food chains are being strongly apprehended by our economists and social scientists.In one side rehabilitation of flood effectees is going on snail-like speed and other side government is showing high scandals of corruption and poor management of countering this situation.But as a Muslim we are focusing our efforts to please Allah for following his non obligatory Sunnah.In this year of crisis when whole world is trying to help our victims of flood disasters, record number of pilgrimages for ummrah and haj are being gone for this period of turmoil.   goat, awaiting (eenar_6) Tags: india festival muslim islam eid goat kerala slaughter slaughterhouse

Duty (taqi_cronoz) Tags: eve red feast canon eos cow buffalo islam eid egypt goat slaughter sacrifice islamic adha eiduladha taqi 450d mansoura taqiyuddin taqicronoz crononz
Along with this in this year of disaster of live stock we have butchered  major part of live stock on the name of this festival.Not a single religious party or group have ever said to stop this  process of sacrificing animals for sake of 2crore people who are still in need of help of government and people.All are chasing for hides, bones and fats to earn money in these three days of depleting animal folk in faster rate.
Eid al-Adha Mubarak (M.Omair) Tags: pakistan eid creative goat karachi omair mubarak eidcard eidulazha

All bigger to smaller cities have been turned to slaughter houses just for enjoying this eating festival as necessary part of Islam.

TUM KITNAY BAKRAY KAATO GE.... (fullmoonshadow) Tags: pakistan light nikon kill islam eid knife goat ground sharp equipment gathering coolpix khan mandi karachi effect ahmed sindh murdered prayers allah hammad namaz bakra sacrifies eidgah bakreid eiduzadha badieid

Nobody is bothered to keep the standard of cleanliness and hygiene on performing this act.I am sure that Pakistanis were among the most filthy nation of the Muslim world who make all kind of  mess that day while slaughtering animal on roads or open areas, throwing waste of tripe and fats on the side ways and  by killing each other on the issue of collecting hides. Majority completely ignore the side effects of  eating and storing rapid cut meat without draining its excessive meat .

peaceful touch..  (~pearl~) Tags: kid peace eid goat soe blueribbonwinnerFeeling of senseless attitude is so obvious that I have no words to explain  the horrible moments of  this year festival of sacrifices .At this time of food crisis even illiterates know that we have lost our major live stocks in this  flow of water and people have lost their livelihoods for their minimum survival but we the Muslims can’t foresee  our real shortages coming ahead due to our mismanagement and ignorant attitude.

At this critical situation we should think above than as an ordinary Muslim but need to behave like part of affected nation.At his moments, butchering a large amount of animals could decrease our animal  breeds which are source of different life support in our rural areas.Instead of sacrificing large animal like bull and camel which can provide useful support of living to remote area people,these should have been  gifted to flood hit victims so that they can be used effectively in fields for their farming.

As per Mullah’s saying blood should be shed so that Allah would accept our act of loyalty.We are daily shedding our blood in suicidal attacks, target killing and now due to hunger owing to bad governance of our rulers.Almost on daily basis our soldiers and law enforcing men are martyred on the line of duty.So how much more blood this country needed to understand the cruelty of Present which can be strongly felt in our future if we wouldn’t  design our contingency plans to safe our food chains

As a nation we don’t deserve to follow such act of Sunnah Ibrahimi which is insignia of purity, love and true sacrifice .

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3 Responses to Craze of Pakistani Muslims of sacrificing animals without judging the circumstances.

  1. ahmed says:

    This year there is sharp decrease in sale of animals for eid .people are feeling the heat of high prices. Even in religious obligationsm

  2. Nazia says:

    It is not matter of high prices of animals that forced me to write such article but it was so disturbing that large number of big animals had been cut in the name of holy demand ,these animals can help 30 million flood victims among few can retain their ruined field with the help of thousands of bulls and camels which we slaughtered to please Alllah and by filling our refrigerators for coming months.

  3. ahmed says:

    Being a muslim one haslesser interests toward national problems.religious obligations are our top priority.

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