Helplessness of Law Enforcing Officials and Agencies

Again Pakistan is  under attack to demoralize the working class of Pakistan.The attack on CID building in Karachi is clear signal to those officers who were trying to chase the footsteps of target killings and terrorism  in Karachi.Nobody knows how long it would take to  end this situation which is  harassing  our worthless and insecure lives  for last many years and its trailer  just shown in Karachi.

For the last 9 years Pakistan and its people are under attack of terrorists ,target killing , planted bombs and other prevailing civilian insecurities like rise in street crimes, robberies, kidnapping and rape cases.In this  volatile situation  even secured buildings were attacked , high security was easily  breached and mostly victims of terrorism are front security men or guards.In viewing such crisis like situation the country should have made its security plan  updated and modern to counter one of deadliest  wave of terrorism for unarmed and untrained civilians.

The non seriousness of all governments including Musharraf and Zardari led  were/ are complete reluctant of providing updated facilities  to police so that they can adequately and efficiently secure the  life and property of citizens who are actually real victims of war.

Instead of this due to clear negligence and distributing  police strength to guard the VIPs of this country,this force has shown declined performance and this department is still known for its backward procedures of  investigation or  for poor security plans for themselves and  to people of Pakistan.

Police even  fighting and dying first  still retained the title of the most corrupt amongst all the departments of the Pakistani government for the fourth time according to the recently released National Corruption Perception Survey 2010 conducted by Transparency International Pakistan.

Pakistan’s ill-equipped, poorly trained force including more than corrupt 300,000-officers had suddenly been thrust into the front lines of the American-led war against terrorism for which neither they were ready nor trained to handle such kind of deadly insurgency.Due to their in capabilities and ignorance that was first human shield provided to local people.

This police killing was started at the time of first attack on Musharraf where almost 20 police men were died and 50 were seriously injured.After this chain of killing of police force was started on regular basis , forcing policemen to escape from critical areas at the time of duty.This is the main reason behind introduction of this lucrative shauda package to give moral uplift to policemen who were running and escaping from duties in the line of street terrorism.

Some provided Photos  below showing the helplessnesss performance of Pakistani police that is just telling us that  how our security men are trained  and deputed  on streets to handle the frustrated people of Pakistan. These Photos are telling us real performance of poor souls who are completely  untrained and capable of such kind of terrorism.

Such an innocent force only handle local crimes and criminals who are unarmed and untrained like them and have some fear about traditional torture procedures which are still in 21st century is considered as an ultimate investigating  procedures of our police force handling the terrorists of war on terror.

In last years the Punjab police budget has been more than doubled in the past five years to roughly $500 million, largely from salary increases. But officers are still short of many basic resources, including communications equipment and armored personnel carriers. There are only 5,000 bulletproof vests for a force numbering 170,000.
Training skills are far behind than the standard, which should have been provided to them as soon as this war was initiated on our soil.
Here in same country where  Pak army is all time busy in high deals of defense regarding purchase or maintenance of F16s, missile system, modern air defense and radar system, submarine and tank deals which are hardly required in this kind of unconventional war but nobody bothers to strengthen the local intelligence network and serious working on modernization of police force which is mandatory required to unarmed civilians who are almost 90% being victimized in such terrorists activity.So negligence of state in this regard has further demoralized the working policemen who are all time vulnerable to all kind of attacks.

How to Improve the moral values and performance of Police Force:

We are too late but it is urgent need of time to restructure and prefabrication of our intelligence agencies .

Capable, honest officers and police men should be sent abroad for crash courses to counter such kind of local insurgency.
It is high time to produce harmony and coordination among working agencies and civil groups against this war of terrorism.

They should be equipped with updated arms and security items.

Police force along with ISI competent officers should make coordination committees with civil society ,NGOs students’ wings and private sector to enhance their actions regarding investigation, training and contingency planning  into public circle that are still unaware how to judge or handle this  situation emerging from this wave of terrorism

Such kind of coordination would help the tense environment to counter the  trends of extremism .This wave of extremism can only be countered by introducing the moderation tactics though strong civil groups under protected by police force.

Modernization  and moderation in police force should be nurtured carefully. It can’t be retrieved from the backward and corrupt minds so overhauling of top officers should be done on the basis of merit instead of nepotism and political bases.

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4 Responses to Helplessness of Law Enforcing Officials and Agencies

  1. united4justice says:

    “Here in same country where Pak army is all time busy in high deals of defense regarding purchase or maintenance of F16s”

    just to tell u about f-16 stuff, this is a pretty old technology and the deal only helped lockheed martin to keep running the project in profitable way. US airforce no longer uses the technology and is only there for exports to foreign customers. instead of going for this expensive technology we can go for internal R & D which can enhance our indigenous capacity. i know jf-17 is claimed by pakistan as our own product but the reality is main air frame is designed by chinese, avionics is from italy and engine is also from third party. we provided technical support and some feature enhancements, dats it.

    as far as policing is concern, this can only happen if local security system with support and coordination of local citizen is developed. the current structure is best suited for running da force to suppress masses not to ensure better security.

  2. Nazia says:

    Yes I know very that among all big deals on govt and military level one can hardly see any national or real security reason for it.Mostly are made for pleasing US and getting desired shares.F16s are even not applicable for war with India as they have already installed its counter system.That is why it was and being used against poor swatis and now on waziristan people.One can see through the clumsy looks of our all chiefs of army, airforce and navy that in which category of management they can be put.

  3. ahmed says:

    Police needs to have different techniques and equipment and follow the training of the uae police force

  4. wasif says:

    Police force is doing more than worst and befaving lke pets of rulers and senior officals.

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