Confessions are not concessions.

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Confession is one of strong human instinct that develops in  human conscious/minds after performing variety of  sins and crimes under intentional or unintentional  perceptions or  in response of reactions  coming from societies.

Strong will, stubborn attitude and different kind of unbalance circumstances of survival are  active elements toward producing attitude of  suppression and oppression   sometime for their normal survivals or occasionally to hold the power positions in any society.

So  stage of confession comes at the extreme state of guilt or  through power of perceptions.  It is the latent  power of human conscience which ultimately mark limits the out of control intentions and desires .It takes a decision of  achieving the right conclusion and ideological lucidity,  provided by knowledge and personal experiences. It is an  edge of  axis on which one takes action in the process of a psychological and ideological revolution completely contrary to past behavior or against the surrounding that helps  a child to groom  to a stubborn adult.

In our system usually two kinds of confessions are observed.

One kind of confession  appears in human nature when surroundings of a person is exposed to new trends . Such force of confession takes it roots on the minds of those people who have will and determination power in their  innate behaviors. Weak and selfish minds have hardly any kind of inclination toward repentance and keep their path away from route of confessions.

Another type of confession in tyrannical minds is  appeared when injustice starts reverse process of retribution in the same vicinity where  it is taken is first flight and hit all those comes in its way.This  process of avengment  is usually natural,irreversible and incur in nearest and dearest relations and possessions .It can even trigger the dead conscious of humans in few moments of self attack of natural  forces as an extract of extreme wrong doing or by reaching break even point of double standard of living for one’s self only.So  such revival of conscious is outburst of feeling of remorse and guilt toward acceptance and then correction of his direction for rest of life.

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Islam Point of View toward route of Confession:

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Islam  and other religions fully understand the variety of ill  temptations like theft, greed, illicit sexual desires etc   so almost all religions open the gate of confessions for all kinds of sins .But some sins strongly and mandatory validate process of  repentance, that one can wipe out those sins and  misdeeds and gradually get freed from the clutches of the ego by  demolition of  sinful attitude completely.

Repentance is the most noble and beloved form of obedience in the eyes of Allah .. Repentance has a strong place in worship. The act of seeking forgiveness from God is called  Istikfghar. So such kind of confession is showing humility to God, and surrendering  a strong  will to Him As Master or Controller of Universe.

It is interesting in social terminology this confession and  repentance is considered as weakness  of human habits and extreme resistance is faced by  individuals and groups to rectify or correction to sins of past and errors but in divine’s books this act is always placed as a strong force that can bring positive changes in any society as per orders of creator-It can be considered as an adamant reason that can bring  equality and justice for  all living soul of this society. Confession is the first step towards salvation in Islamic society.

The word Tawbah (Repentance) in Arabic literally means ‘to return’. In an Islamic context, it refers to the act of leaving what Allah has prohibited and returning to what He has commanded.

In Surah al-Baqarah, Allah tells:

“Surely Allah  Loves Those Who  Turn Unto Him In Repentance and Loves  Those Who Purify Themselves “[2:222].

The Prophet (pbuh) also endorsed this order of divine  by giving us  an example of just how pleasing to Allah our repenting is an authentic hadith in which He said: “Allah is more delighted with the repentance of His servant than one of you would be, who suddenly finds his camel laden with supplies after losing it in a barren land.”

So Allah takes this process of confession and repentance in the wake of forgiveness of His creation and rehabilitation of lost conscious .

The subject of repentance is one which concerns all people who believe in God, and is vital one for the Muslims to understand because objective of Islamic society  is dependent on repentance of human acts to Allah as He  assured success in this way of passing life:

” And Turn You All and Together in Repentance to Allah O Believers , That  You may be Successful” [An-Noor (24):31].

Social Aspects of Understanding  Effects of Confession & Repentance.

The people or society who never follow or take  half way of confessions and repentance for show off or trying to dodge their next generation are among the first to adopt  the hypocrite standards of moral and ethical values.This attitude of avoidance the confession or taking it as concessions for particular groups is  actually indication of degraded and demoralized society that has no capacity to improve its level of mistake, crimes and sins.This mode of living if dominates in individuals it can produce disastrous effects on the family lives that can even eradicate  family structure and separation of family bond is obvious.On the other hand if it  prominent in strong groups it takes  systems toward anarchy and chaos.

In civilized societies this habit of timely confessions and correction leads civilization toward proactive attitude of  human minds.This process should be completed in  six different stages:
1- Feeling guilty
2- Confess to God or superior law and religious body
3- Request of forgiveness.
4- Rectify errors by repaying.
5- Reconstruction
6- Receiving forgiveness.
So by making restitution through spiritual and materialistic ways for fixing problems of damages  caused by intentional acts of  sins  one can amend the lost status of human trust and  values. Restricting  confession up to limit of repetitive demand of  forgiveness from Almighty might fulfill the requirement of Allah but it can’t heal the inflicted wounds of victims  that is in need proper care and treatment.
The concept of hand for hand or an eye for an eye in Islamic justice might hints the same kind of repentance which should be implemented through state laws.


It is very unfortunate that followers of Islam  are very reluctant to accept this concept of confession and repay  side by side as important  psychological concept of society justice.This way  of ideological revolution is hardly seen among the dominant groups in ruling Islamic groups but many western societies under the influence of Christianity and Judaism followed it successfully and that is why socialists consider that these societies have more touch of ISLAMIC TEACHINGS as compare to many popular Islamic countries which are grooming under the principle of” Might is right”.

For actuating  process of confession and indemnity  we  just  need sincere determination and firm will that can act as  starting points   to take a decision and specify positive behavior as compensation for victims and consequently, this” firm will ” would surely be power capable of changing one’s route. toward path of righteous.

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  1. ahmed says:

    For repaying one should pass the hard test of confession. It isnot an easy act

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