Malik Riaz ,The most eligible future President of 51st state of US

Malik Riaz Hussain can be simply recognized as one of richest business  icon of Pakistan and his area of specialty is housing project in Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi/Islamabad of international standard.Now he is in all major deals of many construction projects  like  7 star hotel,Golf cities, joint massive ventures with DHA.,Islamabad airport,Karachi port trust expansion projects and many more  in which he is proving  his excel undoubtedly.

This less educated developer of MES  has reportedly developed tremendous connections  in Pakistan .He is heading one of organized and modern setup of Pakistan and it sometime looks highly impossible that a single soul like him is all in all behind all  mega projects .what ever the reasons  behind his success but his  projects get completion on time without hindrance

Whether he gifted bungalows free of cost of country’s bigwigs or offered them at highly concessional rates,among them the most   beneficiaries are from army set up of level of generals and brigadiers  who worked with Intelligence units or under CIA.Popular names of his rich residents  are General Ithisham Zameer, Gen shoaib Amjad, ex IB chief Bgdr Ijaz shah, General alvi(late).
He is the man behind the Bahria Town which had originally been known of Bahria Foundation. This land was reserved for  providing housing, education and health facility to affected soldiers of Pak army who are hurt or killed on-line of duty. But either God or army establishment of that  time knows that how this land of Foundation was transferred to one of biggest and expensive housing scheme of Asia.

His recent love affair with our notorious business minded president is now an open book and he displayed his photos along with president zardari in all his offices to impress the poor guys.His political  gait clearly reveals that now he is entering in field of politics for getting top seat.

Irrespective  of any kind of financial crunch in Internationale markets or who is taking the steering wheel of power in state matters; he is  progressively  raising  his financial status  and professional repute in his field of construction.

He is one of mysterious business tycoon of Pakistan.He raised his status from ordinary job in Military engineering service(MES) and now known as Don of land mafia.

In one  aspect of his life  he is doing extraordinary jobs in the field of construction, charity, educational field but there is no doubt he is playing active role in dubious activities.Few of them are :

1- Providing full backup support to Lal masjid clerics and its affectees  as the unofficial benefactor of the Lal Masjid progeny.It looks through his interference that he was brought forward  as proxy of army establishment to overcome the negative fallout in the aftermath of the 2007 military operation.

2- Bahria Town has also financed the entire renovation program for the Lal Masjid.

3-  He provided residence to Umme Hassan and quarters for setting up permanent abodes for their female students. The girls’ madrassah is now located in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi & is providing complete lodging, food, medical & education assistance to over 750 female students. Even Maulana Abdul Aziz lived in a house in Bahria Town  for two months under security of  state and bahria town at least for two months and then he was sent to Saudia on the name of ummrah. and after he was released from prison.

4- He spent almost 20 million on  Lal mosque reconstruction and his management confirmed that all was done in hurry without proper planning.

5- ‘Bahria Foundation and Riaz Malik, are said to be one of the main donors of the ‘Jamat-e-Dawa’ in Punjab a banned organization by the UN because of its involvement in sectarian activities of violence. Internal sources have established a strong link between funding of ‘Bahria Foundation’ to ‘Jamat-e-Dawa’. Internal sources have also stated that Jamat-e-Dawa which is running many school and Health Centers in Punjab Gilgit and Kashmir .

One should note that India  has many times pleaded in front of outer world that this religious group gets funding and training Via ISI.

6- He is now owner of aviation fleet consisting of jet and small planes.recently he ordered few helicopters.Interesting thing  to note is that for his flying purpose he is using chaklala base facility which is completely in control of army and his private crew hired under the tag of Bharia town are managing his fleet in one of sensitive area of Pakistan.

7- The influence of Americans   is very prominent in his residential projects which is clear example of a tiny state working independently with its own utility bills and security matters.No development authority or security services can interfere in matters of Bahria town .He is providing extraordinary living,educational and health facilities to American families living in isolated areas of his vast project.

8- Once  he appointed Sebha Musharraf wife of ex COAS and President as chairperson of bahria town in UK and US circles for its marketing.Musharraf’s son was his business partner in huge construction project lie Mangla luxury resort but in latest interview with Reporter of DAWN he denied his links with Musharraf and family.It was  also confirmed in an interview with Dawn, the retired general Aziz as NAB ex chairman  clearly  mentioned a number of big names, Benazir Bhutto, Chaudhrys of Gujrat, Sharif, Faisal Saleh Hayat, Malik Riaz Hussain of Bahria Town, oil companies, sugar millers and many others, whose cases could not be taken to the logical end because of pressure coming directly from General Musharraf and his office.

No doubt his housing schemes are one of international standards in Pakistan and his private organization Bharia town made example of good management among our typical housing schemes but the way he is working as proxy of US and army Establishment who are helping him to popularly  groom in civilian set up as a popular social worker.

His recent thunder like emerge as biggest donor of flood affectees  need  attention.He is right about his claim that he is running one of biggest aid and rehabilitation programs in this time of national crisis under his firm.

In an exclusive interview with CNN, Malik Riaz  announced  US$ 2 Billion to the cause of helping the flood victims and elaborated the severity of the calamity damaging the agriculture and economy of the country to the extent of 60 percent. When the anchor person of CNN reconfirmed whether Malik Riaz Hussain would donate US$ 2 billion he no only confirmed but went a step further saying “ ever more”.

He further added “If 140 rich Pakistanis come together and commit to alleviating poverty, then this grave national problem could be solved within days he said.” He also showed  deep disappointment that his letter has failed to evince a single response to date, and is unhappy that his offer to place the Bahria Town fleet of earth-moving machinery at the government’s disposal has been ignored. “I have stepped in to help my people, but I cannot do this alone,” he said.

His words like that are clearly matching with his huge tasks  he is doing in his country.

“At this time, what I need is support from fellow Pakistanis who, like me, have earned a fortune from the motherland and are indebted to it,” he said.“Trust me, it’s time to pay back to our country.”

So regarding  his concerned performance for his country and his people and considering his close ties with army establishment and American groups, he should be placed  as hot favorite candidate of presidency.At least  we can hope that he would show better performance than coward Musharraf and corrupt Zardari.

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I am in search of facts and truth.

7 Responses to Malik Riaz ,The most eligible future President of 51st state of US

  1. sunia says:

    Malik riaz given new style in building proper colony life. There is no match of his construction. One should praise his huge projects too.

  2. Greenlahore says:

    He is providing one of fine housing schemes of barren Pakistan.
    There he is providing best horticulture found with abundant trees, green belts, beautiful parks and all in his all residences projects.Plantation in his all construction complexes is compensation of his land grabbing scandals.

  3. farukh says:

    Malik riaz grabs land of 1 crore from poor farmers and give 5% to poor and making fool of whole nation.To make Pakistani nation fool is very easy.They have no feeling of guilty in grabbing land of widows and orphan.SHAME ON MALIK RIAZ

  4. Nazia says:

    Malik Riaz modus operand is not like typical land grabber.In between or in side way of his modern housing schemes some houses of villagers who refused to sell their land are cordoned off as such and they are living and moving without any fear.One can simple see this by visiting this area lying in one of modern housing schemes.He actually made real deal with few chaudry or influential people of village offered them what they demand and then he got land of his choice.He couldn’t get the precious forest in pothwar areas as local influential people are not ready to sell their green forest belt.So he is fully backed by military intelligence groups and that is why he successful launched his housing schemes in fauji foundation huge lands under the protection of big wigs of army at that time and they all go their share such land which was once fixed for victims of war and army operation.
    Any how he is typical businessman who has some progressive mind might be some foreign hand is hiding behind him and having full under cover operation in his projects

    By the way your IP address is just same as once it was using by person labeled as “Hassan Amin”
    it might be big chance but I have some civilian sense too to notice it.Just for your information nothing serious!:D

  5. Nazia says:

    Fake ID cards are made e through ruling political groups and with the help of intelligence groups.
    From latest example one can see that how this corruption helps unpopular candidates who have back of agencies come into law making houses.
    Corruption: Nadra staff caught making fake IDs
    RAWALPINDI, March 8: Three female and one male officers of the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) were reported kidnapped on Tuesday but were found in police custody for fraud.
    This latest scam is being done under the nose of owner of Bahria town whose majority board of directors are retired general of intelligence linked with Musharraf unlawful regime.
    So either they are preparing ghost voters for Musharraf in coming days as they did for MMA in KPK in 2002 elections and for MQM in Karachi.
    or they are making vote bank for Malik raiz

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