Dengue and Drones,Wrath of Allah and America on Pakistanis

Pakistan and Pakistanis are passing  hard times  in the  form of natural and man-made disasters.Our sitaution for last many years is just like out of frying pan into fire.One disasters  eventually collapse and there it is start of another crisis  and each time victims are poor Pakistanis.It looks that Allah, America and Army have made alliance to punish Pakistanis for all  mistakes, errs and sins or it is some kind of punishment from all forces on our ignorant stance on all matters.

These days Pakistanis are under attack of Dengue and Drones.Dengue  is caused by an Aedes mosquito infected with any one of the four dengue viruses. This mosquito is found of clean stagnant water even then it is attacking Pakistani people whom majority is living out of range of clean water but this female mosquito gets its breeding ground in whole Pakistan to affect health of Pakistani people.Aedes mosquito is a carrier for the dengue virus so it  spread the virus from  a person to  another person . The mosquito will bite a person which has already been infected by the dengue virus and then it will transfer the virus through the biting of a healthy person.

Aedes aegypti adult

An adult female Aedes aegypti, commonly known as the ‘Dengue’ or ‘Yellow Fever’ mosquito.

There is no antidote available for its fever so people of this nuclear power country is all time vulnerable to this attack as our 1.5% health budget has no capacity to help victims who have identification of being citizen of Pakistan.The symptoms of this attack is high fever , occurrence of seizures,vomiting. muscle pains and extreme fatigues.So we Pakistani first feel such symptoms after hearing prices of fuel, sugar, electricity, food items and then who survived from such financial burdens come under  deadly attack  of these clean water mosquitoes.The result is already anemic people loss their last blood drops through the attack of this tiny insect.This insect likes to attack at dawn and dusk and love to live in crystal water which is usually found in traces in our urban setup only.

A healthy lifestyle surely  mitigate possibility of dengue virus but Pakistani nation is far behind in scale of health standard so dengue love to live and die here after killing many.

On the other side Pakistanis are  not in good books of America too  who has started series of attack via drones since the 2004.

The US has made a series of attacks on targets in northwest Pakistan  since 2004 using drones  .

These unmanned flying objects are excessively being used in Pakistani soil against Taliban and Alqaida which are only seen visible to CIA and ISI  .According to both agencies these FOs are only picking militants from  such aerial attacks who were thought to have found a safe haven in  in the FATA area  in Northwest Pakistan.

These strikes are mostly carried out by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) operated remotely from distant bases. Generally the UAVs used are MQ1 predators and more recently  MQ9 reaper are firing  hellfire missiles on people living in mud houses and caves.  Pakistan’s government publicly condemns these attacks but everybody say other than Paksitani officials that Pak army has secretly shared intelligence with Americans and also allowed the drones to operate from  Shamsi and Jacobabad airbase  in Pakistan.

A study called ‘The Year of the Drone” published in February 2010  found that in a total of 114 drone strikes in Pakistan between 2004 and early 2010 approximately between 834 and 1,216 individuals had been killed, about two-thirds of whom were thought to be militants and one-third were civilians.

Pakistan has repeatedly protested these attacks as they consider it as  an infringement of its sovereignty and because of  civilian deaths have also resulted, including women and children, which has further angered the Pakistani government and people.

General Patreaus  told in November 2008 that these strikes were unhelpful However on October 4, 2008  many US newspaper  reported that there was a secret deal between the US and Pakistan allowing these drone attacks.


Shamsi air base in 2006, reported to show three Predator drones.

So we are under attack from all side. Whether it was earth quake, or flood situation or dengue attack, we all are cursed  are under influence of Allah’s wrath.Same reaction from  Americans whose drones are attacking on backward and deprived people of Northwest region.These were the same people who were first supported   by same superpowers by promoting their  drugs and arms culture and then  same  powers used their skills to counter each other arms and technology by creating  aggressive human warriors in this region.

Interesting thing found common in such attacks that Allah and America are favoring rich, elite and ruling class or we can say somehow exempting rulers from aftereffects of  such attacks and   poor and common citizens are all time vulnerable to dengue and drones.

Actually influential politicians ,military and health officials of Pakistan are earning millions of rupees/dollars  through such attacks.Such dengue mosquitoes  and drones are acting like golden laying hen for them and they are missing no chance of collecting  golden eggs on the dead bodies of Pakistanis.

So Pakistan is under attack of dengue and drones for many years and   our health officials and modern army are unable to protect people of Pakistan from such deadly attacks.


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2 Responses to Dengue and Drones,Wrath of Allah and America on Pakistanis

  1. ahmed says:

    People needs to be educated about the precautions required to keep the environment clean which will help in reducing the problem.

  2. Nazia says:

    How would you educate the ignorant class which is even dominant in health departments too.

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