Sinutis can be managed by activating natural immune system

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses(hollow air-filled sacks) and nasal passages. A sinus infection can cause  pressure in the eyes, nose, cheek area, or on one side of the head. The location of pain and tenderness may depend on which sinus is affected.The sinuses consist of four pairs of distinct spaces in the bones of the face.

  • Maxillary sinusitis – can cause pain or pressure in the cheek area toward teeth.
  • Frontal sinusitis – can cause pain or pressure in the cavity located behind/above eyes.
  • Ethmoid sinusitis – can cause pain or pressure pain between/behind the eyes .
  • Sphenoid  sinusitis – can cause pain or pressure behind the eyes but often refers to the forehead side.

Inflammation of all kind  of  sinus lead to continuous and intermittent headaches as long as discharge of fluid is continued.

The most common reason for sinusitis is caused by some blockage of the ostia(small openings) which impedes the flow of mucus.The reasons different reasons of blockage  can be an infection in the upper respiratory region  as  cold or any kind of allergy.

Severe form of sinusitis may appear due to some kind of tumor growing on respiratory track but is rare.Hereditary is another reason of passing this abnormality to next generations.

Through personal observation it is seen that people  who are affected by this irritating sickness are usually

– Hyper people who are used to of handling multiple jobs at a time without managing rest and nap times in their busy schedules.

– Talkative people who use loud tones during routine conversations.

– People fond of chilly foods.The white seeds of green chilly are strong irritant for affected person.

-Ladies  and Gentlemen too who are fond of face treatments quite often in routine lives .It includes, face waxing, threading, bleaching, laser treatment.Some hair dyes can trigger sinusitis but people don’t care of it and subsides is affected by using anti allergies instead of avoiding such chemical treatment near to sinus areas.

– Extremly sensitive person who can’t express their  sentiments to his/her near people.

– Smokers are also likely to suffer some sort of sinus infection..

– People highly exposed to dust particles  or living open areas of strong allergens.

On overall basis other than hereditary this sickness is strongly related to   certain types of  deficiencies in natural immune system of human body.

This deficiency can be reason of unbalance diet plans as per requirement of individuals or living under  social insecurities creating invisible pressure on human nerves.

So one can say that our body reacts against abnormality of surroundings which is not matching with natural resistance of few  individuals.

It can be transformed into acute sinusitis where  discharge is displaced with green mucus with severe pain around sinus areas or headaches. Such patient needs an antibiotic other wise as it can transfer infections to near organs like ear, nose and eyes.

Precautions that can minimize effects of Sinus attacks:

The best precaution against sinusitis is  prevention and opting medicine free attitude as long as possible.

Like smokers can quit smoking or women should avoid excessive facial treatment with some adequate  gap between each visit.

Small rest and nap times in case of frequent attacks can give a very soothing feelings to patients.

It is very important to ensure one should not become dehydrated during an attack of sinusitis  and drinking lot of mild hot fluids like green and black tea  brings a lot of comfort during working hours.No doubt if attack is sever one should take  non seductive anti allergy during critical jobs as this attack in  the form of heavy discharge and frequent sneezes can affect the quality of job and memory of patient also shows disorderly trend during this attack.

Massaging  on certain pressure points  near sinus areas can  reduce intensity of   facial pain.This can be magnified with deep breathing in fresh air or using salty water to rinse nasal areas sure provide clear passage for any kind of accumulated blockages.

Sleep and good nutrition  contributes a  lot to strengthen immune system. A healthy immune system allows you to fight off or avoid acute sinus infections.

One should always spare time on weekly basis for good and relaxed company of fair and  friendly people where least formalities are required.This meeting was part of our old cultural tradition that we have lost due to our busy schedule or our love for TV and internet has become stronger on natural human passions as amiable community.

When any individual is confirmed that he/she is now regular attacker of this disease than he/she  should organize his/her life setup to counter this deficiency with balance in work and sleep timings..One should also avoid exercising, eating heavy meals, and doing stressful activities less than three hours before bedtime.

Foods which enhance Natural Immunization for sinusitis.

Mango  and guava are best fruits that can be  been used by sinusitis sufferers to increase their resistance. The mango is linked with helping the body form epithelium, which helps the body fight off infection. This fruit also contains plenty of the infection fighting vitamin A. The mango is one of the greatest ways to prevent sinus infection and could be consider one of the cures for sinusitis.Guava rich in vitamins reduce the attacks of throat infections that ensue sinusitis.

One of  a super natural way to cure sinus problems,  is adding some onion or garlic to each meal. Both onions and garlic have been linked to boosting the immune system and aiding in healing.

Sweet fresh juices like carrot, apple and sweet oranges(moosammmi) are best tonics to boost resistance against sinusitis attacks without effecting  infected throat.

Drinking herbal teas specially with  fenugreek  seeds or reglisse(dar cheeni) wood to make the tea. Fenugreek(meethi seeds in local language) is known to help get rid of toxins from the body. It also is a fever reducer. It is recommended to drink the tea four times and day and as your infection goes away to reduce the times of day you have the tea.

Inhalants are often used in treating sinus infections and are common cures for sinusitis. A natural inhalant can be made using black cumin seed wrapped in a thin cloth.

A vegetable juice cocktail can be quite useful in fighting a sinus infection. Make a juice using carrots, beets, cucumber and spinach or any combination of those. These vegetables contain natural antioxidants which work hard to fight infections in the body.

Just changing to a healthier diet is another way to fight sinus infections in a better way.This kind of eating habits overall provide strong energy barrier for other kind of bacterial and viral attacks too.


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4 Responses to Sinutis can be managed by activating natural immune system

  1. javeria says:

    xctly n az it can spread into other areas lyk brain so diet enhancing immunity should b taken!

    • Nazia says:

      Yes its chronic form can affect brain and its activities if people wont switch over to handle it with their strong immune system.
      Subsiding it with pain killers or anti allergy for longer periods take human body toward more complexity of multiple disorders in late ages. that is why I am emphasize it to improve natural immune system to handle this disorder.

  2. imzy says:

    I recovered this with regular steaming and having salty gorgoles.
    Those were very soothing during sinuitis attack.

    • Nazia says:

      you recovered because of improvement of you natural immune system but no doubt gargles and steaming have lot of comfort during the severe attack.

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