A paranoiac scene of Juma prayers in DHA mosque

Pakistan and Pakistanis are facing the worst  conditions as far as security of citizens are concerned.Since the creation of Pakistan we have restricted our all  financial resources toward buying modern arms and setting strong army to stand against giant army of India. We neither conquered Kashmir nor improve internal security problems relating to common people .For last many years we are seeing successful acts of local terrorists in our all public ,religious and official areas.In this uncontrollable volatile period President,Prime ministers ,corps commander, Police officials, religious leaders were attacked too but high casualty rate restricted towards helpless public and lower rank soldiers and police men.VIPs of state in the start of this phase protected them under high-tech security measures and left common citizens on the mercy of these highly trained terrorist any time any where in their homeland.


The scenes of strict security measures in the metropolis during Juma or Eid prayers in the form of deployment of  heavy contingents of police, and Anti terrorists squad near  mosques and Imam Bargahs .All this situation sometime gives irritating and sometime embarrassing situation specially in front of foreign media. The interesting scene is seen in DHA or cantonment  mosques where whole brigade of MP, local security guards, para medical staff, fire truck are called on all  Juma and Eid prayers to give 100%security to real  guards of nation.Walk through gates have been installed and after checking thorough it people are allowed entry into the VIPs mosque where large numbers of serving and retired army officers come to say such kind terrified prayer  . Roads leading to such places are also closed during juma prayers and open when these officers reach to home safely.

Such scenes are arising lot of questions in minds of civilian that what is purpose of such   prayers where life of hundreds of security men are put on stake for  arranging  pray of few senior officers.

Extreme security measures for VIPs  special prayer only give paranoid impression for outsiders and first thing comes in  mind is that if these people are so scared in front of Allah  then how could we expect them to perform in line of duty in which they are strictly  bound to defend People of Pakistan . Such disgusting pictures of highly cordoned  prayers only give   solid impression  that it is poor Pakistanis who are actually securing our highly paid guards, an extra financial burden on real working class and tax payers of this  country.

Long time ago our army men  had been  known for their unlimited courage and fearless characters which were real proud   of our nation and that is why in all wars against India army had received  full support of general public  just like dynamic moral boosters for front line soldiers.Now all such  ventures of patriotism have  gone under the sentiments of anger, deprivation and insecurity as common citizens are judging extreme unprofessional attitude of  officers cadres due to mingling of military culture with civilian setup.

Such scenes of VIP security might give  superiority complex to few tin gods but it is igniting hatred sentiments in heart of public who are 24/24 hrs have been exposed to fear of terrorism .

After viewing such funny situation on weekly basis one can only give humble advice to these insignia of bravery  that if they prefer to offer  prayers at home or in posh lawns of their allotted bungalows then it could be better option .Such moves on the name of security would not only reduce financial liability  and  can be safest idea without disturbing hundreds of other civilians and guards who are unable to perform their prayers so that these VIPs can show  safe attendance in front of Allah. By saying these prays at home along with wearing bangles,it would reveal their real intentions of cowardice professional attitude at least  in front of God .

One can simply read the introduction of Pakistan’s guide to international community that what should outsiders do before entering in a country that possess 5th largest army of the world.

Pakistan Travel guide


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7 Responses to A paranoiac scene of Juma prayers in DHA mosque

  1. imzy says:

    This scene is for all big mosques but you cant say only for army men.
    ViIPs all have sme kind of security using govt resources to secure their life and property.

  2. Ahmed says:

    Pray at home is the best option under the ongoing circumstances.Hope God will forgive.

  3. Ahmed says:

    Prayign at home is the safe option for all.God may forgive us.

  4. Nazia says:

    That is what I am trying to covey that life is most precious gift of God we must secure it on our efforts not by putting others’ life on risk fro saying our prayers under their security.I have already told you that in around each VIP mosque almost 150 to 200 security men are deployed of their safe prays.

  5. wasif says:

    This country is made for VIPs..Here all security, facilities and comforts are for special class.All others are jsut passing their lives as no other option.

  6. Ayesha says:

    mosques are more looked like station of police or army where people are allowed through security scanners and armed guards are watching people who are there to say prayer.

  7. Nazia says:

    Mosques, schools, parks, recreation areas , shopping markets all are showing terrible scene giving us feel that we are passing life in insecure environment.these after effects of terrorism is badly effecting the menial development of young minds who are witnessing blood bath on daily basis. so situation is more worst than our thoughts.

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