Weak heart and contaminated blood of new generation of Pakistan

Poor management in public health services and ignorance even in literate class of Pakistan are the basic reasons of  decline of quality life of Pakistanis.To provide  some standard on maintaining quality of health, education and food chains are  jobs of  any civilian government and if some how the government is financially weak to set up public sector development projects then  she can facilitate other private sectors and international sources  to establish these facilities for all citizens under effective cost management .

New  generation of Pakistan has been exposed to more technology and awareness with latest trends  still lacks in many skills and valuable knowledge as compared to their forefathers.Actually  adoption to sedentary   life styles on the name of technology is indirect reason of declining health standard between two generation.As per latest data from Health department the death rate due to cardiac failures is almost 50 % where 60%victims are in the range of 40 to 50 years of age.So the clear reason of  ignoring  or failing to understand advice  about the risks of smoking or benefits of good diet and exercise for heart health is  poor approach of modern generation.This generation always claims to be more informative and aware of latest trends.

After viewing situation in different cardiac centers it can be concluded that health  professional are failed in tackling health inequalities  and  health promotion campaigns and   to reach everyone in the community is not successful in so-called modern world.

Few reasons found in life styles of new generation can be reason of having weak hearts as compared to their ancestors.
  1. an inactive life style.
  2. inclination toward tobacco in the form of cigarettes and popularity of shisha culture in our urban areas.
  3. Avoiding natural foods and having more taste for deep-fried and ready-made food.
  4. Out of range  food prices and non availability of adequate food  due to over estimated export of food commodities under govt policy by completely ignoring the demand and quality for locals of Pakistan.
  5. Food shortages and restrains in economical and social setups are making new generation more vulnerable to mental disorders like anxiety, depression and  young minds indulge themselves in continuous mode of depression.

Heart’s strength and purity of blood are mutually interlinked in health science.Thick and infectious blood can lead to degenerate the heart’s life  earlier than its natural decay.

Like many developing countries Pakistan too has inadequate  setup that couldn’t  prevent the spread of blood borne infections and number of people with contaminated blood is increasing in each coming years..

Basic reasons of increase of victims of  blood transmitted diseases  in our systems  are:

– medical Instruments may not be sterilized handling multiple kind of patients and re-use of medical supplies, including needles and syringes.

– Supply of screened blood to recipients specially in case of urgency.

– Intravenous drug abuse and use of unsterilized tools for cosmetic  purpose like figuring tattoos,  pricking ears, nose and other body parts.

– Casual and unprotected sexual intercourse and having multiple sex partners.

– Poverty and less economical sources take people toward cheap options of treatment through quacks.

– Common use of a razor in  street barber shops.

So all above mentioned factors have multiplied  the side effects of illiteracy  and ignorance which are dominant characteristics in our living style.Govt poor concern and least allocation of budget for health services have further exposed  neglected citizens to  uncured blood diseases  and data from transfusion centers clearly indicate that now we have unlimited number of healthy looking patients who are living as carrier of blood diseases.

There is dire need of  organizing health campaigns on all  levels to educate people on basic health issues.People and industries related to health services should come forward to boost such awareness program on basis of continuation.University student should be trained and can be used as motivators to educate the illiterate class of our society.

  • Strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system by adopting physically active life styles.
  • Park culture should be promoted where all ages can cleanse their blood and make heart to pump fresh blood to other organs .
  • Increase energy levels  with  taking fresh and natural foods in raw form  along with daily exercise as per ages.
  • Strengthen bones by taking regular calcium intake through natural products..
  • Adopt simple and genuine way of living to  reduce stress, tension, anxiety and depression
  • Secure self-image and self-esteem through hard work.
  • Improve sleep timings by organizing daily jobs.
  • Get rid of negativity and tension creating people as soon as possible.Be explicit in expressing wrong notions and deeds of others so that no one become permanent tension.
  • Preserve good relations and people in good caring ways and spent quality time with them  to relax tense nerves.

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I am in search of facts and truth.

10 Responses to Weak heart and contaminated blood of new generation of Pakistan

  1. javeria says:

    media iz spoiling youth

  2. talal@yahoo.com says:

    Pak needs not to reinvent the wheel but just copy system of countries like Malaysia or Singapore and most of the issues would be over in few years.

    • Nazia says:

      For copying other good acts one should have purity in intentions and working and our people leading the nation is highly deficient in this acquired habit.

  3. imzy says:

    unhealth donors are alos spreading different diseases.
    so one has to be careful before taking blood from blood banks.

    • Nazia says:

      last month I have witnessed lot of abnormalities among donor and blood banks.In view of this I highly discourage people to go in search of donors out of their family and friends.Pakistani people are becoming victims of blood transfer diseases in ignorance.Even suhc diseases are spread due to casual attitude of medical staff of our clinics and hospitals.

  4. javeria says:

    donated blood must b chechkd fr aids n hepatitis specially!!

  5. faiz says:

    healthy people are those who eat and live well , can be a real donor but in Pakistan healthy families are not interested to disturb their delicate bodies and other classes due to shortages and high prices have not enough blood to donate it.Cousin marriages are also one of reason of weak blood transfer form one generation to another.

  6. sajida says:

    i appriciate this kind of information available on network .many of the people are now relying on these information .kindly provide correct information as right as possible and make sure that the source of information is athentic

  7. Nazia says:

    I try my best to provide authentic information but content of information varies from source to source.I usually pick those topics or events which I commonly hear or face in my surroundings.But if one found any wrong information, he/she should mention in this comment box and we have an option to edit or update our information.

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