Ban on pillion riding,First and Last choice of Pakistani officals to counter terrorism.

Pakistan is forefront ally of ISAF,NATO, and US forces to fight against one of dangerous terrorist groups.In this prolong war, Pakistan and other armies are using high-tech devices to detect highly trained terrorist of region who can be the future threat for first world countries.

We see modern drones , low flying helicopters, modern communication and sensing devices etc effectively using in this war on terror.Modern equipments of security, jammers, explosive sensing devices ,bullet and explosion proof vehicles  for active political and military people those are being  arranged to secure our VIPs since the start of this war.

From the last many years the public is witnessing that government’s top priority effort to curb rising street crimes or prompt strategy  against terrorism in affected areas usually emerges in the form of a ban on pillion riding.It is sole foremost option to handle  desperate situation of worst law and order which our law-enforcement agencies find  in their skilled and experience books.The first order that is usually passed after any high-profile meeting is the ban on  two to take bike as ride.

This is same  state management which is issuing the license of all kind of arms and explosives to its residents .In last years even prohibited arms have been licensed on the self-defense purpose.

Compare the two amendments and judge that it is government ‘s intention to  arm the groups with official support.On the other side  lower and middle class  is hit by attacking their pocket  as they would either use other means of transport or would become best source of indirect income of  police .This way at least police would find some lawbreakers to fill their empty record against terrorism.

The hypocrisy of Government is also showing double standards for VIPS and CP( common people) who are real victims of all kind of insecurity due to poor  performance of law enforcing agencies in this period of terrorism.For VIPs, govt is using  imported security measures from the money of tax payer and for CP miserable choices like this ban has been forcefully imposed.Such impotent decision might give benefits to transport mafia in urban areas but CP have no doubts in minds that this section 144 neither affecting the performance of miscreants nor lowering  the execution plans of terrorists.In fact we have no courage to say about our military skills inside or on the border  but we can confess that terrorists are almost successful at least with in civilian setup.

After viewing the whole scenario we can see that terrorists and government have common interests and targets and this is to harass the public and working class.Hardly any VIPs belong to ruling class  were picked by these cold-blooded terrorists but give ample opportunities to govt officials to earn on the name of security measures.Police are just left free on roads to irritate the poor bike riders who use this transport as only economical option for earning their daily earning.

IPB Image

In this year number of the victims of terrorism were almost 1208  from all over Pakistan and with this ban in the city of Karachi the figure of target killings is almost 1233.The rate of crimes like mobile snatching, armed robbery on vehicles and bikes or any kind of street crimes are almost doubled than previous year so it is not a big scientific mystery to assume that what impact can be derived by implying such useless and ineffective ban on general public.This is very interesting the party MQM that always proudly claims  possession of 80% vote bank of Karachi but couldn’t foresee the misery of working class , their true identity too.They are forgetting that CD70 is also proud status symbol of their leader too.Perhaps they  want to use it as  single ride too because MQM leader is still single after a failed marriage so they want to enforce this legacy of single ride to their voters too.This tact can solve population explosion problems  but what they would do to Pukhtoon and Punjabi community living there .Heavy vehicles are in control of Puktoons so they can afford as much as possible children and in Punjabi rural areas common scenes of bike riding,one can easily see 4 to 6 riders on this two wheelers transport .So there is no harm in giving free advice to Karachi administration that they should ban pillion ride but give permission to tri-llion(three riders), quad illion (four riders)or penta illion(5 riders).It is assured that two riders can do indiscriminate firing or street crimes but 3 or 4 or 5 riders are  symbols of safe drives for general public as they would only think of their personal safety while sitting in capacity of two seat drive.


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11 Responses to Ban on pillion riding,First and Last choice of Pakistani officals to counter terrorism.

  1. Tucong says:

    There is need to change mind set of people.There is need to provide them means to earn so that thay can divert themselves from criminal activities.Ban or no ban on pillion riding is no solution.It is only an eyewash.

  2. Nazia says:

    Govt has been failed to provide self relying opportunities to her public which are only restricted for ruling class so they can only put ban on living styles of citizens and that is what they promptly do it without wasting their mental energy toward public welfare programs.

  3. sana says:

    nobody is seeing the out put even with this ban so one has to get response of this unjusitfed ban on middle claass.

  4. wasif says:

    One of useless and impractical rule of law , irritating million of bike riders.

  5. faiz says:

    Here it is ban for two but not on more than three, so one can put 3 to 8 people on this two wheel drive and it is officially allowed to people of Pakistan as most of families in Pakistan have 6 to 10 kids.

  6. farah says:

    You people extract humor and terrorism from minor issues.This is one of serious issues and such kind of sanctions are only seen in third world countries for irritating the public.

    • Nazia says:

      It is kind of pathtic humour for those who have cars but for bike riders and middle class it is some kind of revnege to them, the real affected people via this ban.

  7. Ayesha says:

    Ban on pillion riding and closing all school colleges without seeing the agony of students in board exams.
    More we have saints in any province more we enjoy holidays in provinces and major issue is security concern.
    where we are heading as nation where parent pay heavy duty fees for enjoying all kind of holidays in the name of keeping security in order.

  8. Nazia says:

    It is not sure that such kind of law enforcement actions implemented by our security agencies create any kind of hardship or hurdle for terrorists or criminals but all time sufferers are students daily wagers and working class of Pakistan.

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