Karachi,A city of Ghost voters and Real deadbodies

Karachi the economical hub  of Pakistan has lost state of  peace and tranquility long time ago .Politics on the basis of ethnicity and wrong policy of  government for providing adequate living setup to residents and migrated people from other part of country are the basic reasons of its down fall as  provider city.

It is said that military govt with the help of agencies raised ethnic and sectarian  issues in educational institutes of Karachi to weaken the power politics of PPP under Bhutto and few religious political parties . Karachi known as golden sparrow from trade and business point of view first time observed the growth and strengthening of political groups on” live or leave” basis.All political groups came in front of each other not the basis of political ideology but by harassing each other even showing the piles  of dead bodies of each group.

The kids of Karachi born during  the era of 198os hardly sensed any kind of  normal peace and harmony situation which are still underlying in the sweet memories of their elders.

Those who opted to move there in 1960s for economic gains from other provinces never thought of going back to their backward areas after getting  financial gains as per capability and capacity of their skills hey were very content  living in secular, educated and liberal culture of Karachi.

But all went wrong when MQM has taken its control on power politics of Karachi through arms and harassment strategy.At that moment army establishment realized that their design missile has hit the wrong target so process of  eradication of over growth political shoots  were started under the tag of interior ministry.

Military actions under a Pukhtun general at that period   might be considered as short span victory in official pages of army but it can be reason of start of target killing process  of same community and others in the same manner in  which once MQM or Urdu speaking  were  targeted. It was by chance or by default that after this operation cleanup it was MQM runaway leadership that had taken control of same city in which they were declared absconded and criminals.

After taking control of city and state  matters they couldn’t have done anything regarding the probe against extrajudicial killing of  their hundreds of follower nor showed any kind of practical  interested to put charge sheet on them who actually ordered and executed this illegal operation.

On the other hand  no doubt they got the repute of handling their opponent through target killing, harassment, and bullying as routine pattern of city politics.

So Karachi after that military operation has been recognized as area of living beings of billions where rule of thumb for driving state matter  is either political violence ,creating sectarianism or  target killings of opponents.Such culture of harassment strongly developed along with extreme lawlessness situation where snatching, robbery, car theft and kidnapping are in highest  side as compare to other affected areas of Pakistan.

With the passage of time other groups like puktoon, balochis, Punjabis also organized their armed terror gangs for showing their resistance for minimum survival against ruling groups.

So all such dangerous trends have contributed  enough to  destroy the peace and harmony of the country’s commercial-cum-industrial hub, making the life of its common citizens highly vulnerable to all kind of risks regarding life,property, business and other normal activities of life .

Karachi has been ruled by the PPP and the MQM jointly for many years .Even during the martial law regimes, the two parties dominated the city. Apparently it look s that victims of violence are not linked with any political or religious factions, it gives the political leaders an excuse to claim that the Taliban are carrying out these target killings.

But who so ever is behind such massive kind of lawlessness, this city is  being  controlled by PPP and MQM alliance,.In this scenario of understanding  it is their job to maintain law and order situation at least minimum level.But both failed to do so and trying to put blame on each other and other mafias persisting in Karachi culture under the rule of same groups.

Interesting situation appears in election period in which millions of voters appear in Karachi polling station where hardly any public is seen coming to cast its vote.

If  somehow the heavy mandate of MQM is accepted heavy heartily then why  MQM with millions of voters couldn’t restore the peace  of same city just like in 1970s.This city hadn’t recorded a single riot at the time partition but now hardly any one can predict a single day when target killing is not reported in this city.

Many times suggestion like to  deweaponisation a society was tried to implement but this demand  become unrealistic as no  consensus of all political parties and major urban stakeholders, including land mafias and traffickers showed a little interest toward such option for maintaining peace in the city which is nerve center of  millions living under the protection of this city.

The another reason of failure of such concept is attributed by the bullying unlawful attitude of ruling groups including MQM , PPP and Pakistan army too which is another stake holder of Karachi  having 17 working cantonments in all major areas.They are also responsible of inviting  all international arms dealer and supplier to project their modern weapons in an event under the name of  International Defense Exhibition and Seminar (IDEAS) almost organized each year in this city of violence. Under the guise of ‘arms for peace’ this arms fair provides a platform for domestic and international manufacturers in an attempt to make Pakistan a major regional trading zone for small arms and military hardware.

The aftereffects  of this trade policy will no doubt tending toward more weaponisation of Pakistan.So one can judge  the violent situation here that either it is killing of  Razahaider or election campaign people of Karachi are ready to receive the dead bodies and gunfire as part of normal culture of Karachi politics.

After seeing such a terrible situation one can only pray that Leaders like Altaf Hussain and Shahi  Sayed would  leave the world through natural death otherwise,in case of unusual happening of their fate, could have generate the  replica scenes of 12May or 27Dec or might be more worst.It can be revived by the cannibals living in this city in disguise form any time any where in Karachi.

God protect our one of fine city from such devils and evil acts of power control.

About Nazia
I am in search of facts and truth.

11 Responses to Karachi,A city of Ghost voters and Real deadbodies

  1. Sheikh Saadi says:

    Stern action against political party well known for disturbance in kARACHI for over 2 decades is required alongwith other measures to bring the city close to a normal city. For many months now, dozens of innocent are killed and after some hue and cry, the party leaders meet and settle the issue between themselves. There is no value of human life in the eye of these leaders.

  2. Nazia says:

    The problem is who would bell the cat.All are providing meat and milk to the is violent cat and as the time is passing this cat is in search of more human blood.
    So if this city cant show any kind of peace and development in political control of two strong political groups then third option of army is all time ready to take control to one of lucrative ventures .

  3. Butt says:

    Situation is going in favor of army control due to non stop killings of innocent people.There is no harm in army control if killings could be stopped.Politicians can’t say that they were not given opportunity as they are there for around 3 years but situation has gone from bad to worst.

    • Nazia says:

      This city is now known as man eater city .the conditions is so worst that even army couldnt control it as all ethnic and religious groups are highly charred and armed against each other.it is side effect of ignoring worst days of 12 may and 27 dec when people witnessed that whole day Karachi was remain in hands of gangsters without any effective actions of LEAs.So all groups are tending to behave like gangsters to survive in this city where only one or two groups want their political dominance at all costs..

  4. Tu Cong says:

    Why people responsible for Karachi issues are not arrested and brought to justice in Pakistan?

    • Nazia says:

      This is our way of giving timely justice on the spot without wasting time on lengthy procedures and complicated investigations.People of Karachi responsible for such issues have set their standard of delivering justice and it is either use of bullet or show of corpse.

  5. javeria says:

    political leaders r spoiling da atmosphere

  6. faiz says:

    You caN also say like that
    Karachi a city o joker like leadership who works on the law of
    tu manoo note wakha tahy har qisam da kam kara
    Same rule of drive is used by chacha fazulu .
    Both parties dont ant to live with weak and corrupt govt so they will extract as much as possible from gillani at his last moment and then would stick to new ruling party ASAP

  7. farah says:

    u cant imagine how much lively this city was before start of dirty politics naming it on the name of mujhaar quami movement..Here few are remaining who were founder of such bloody games and they are main culprit behind theses dead bodies and ghost voting.

    • Nazia says:

      Yes I can imagine that how lively that city was before that creation of monster quami movement but now it is not tale of one city but our all major cities has come to such traumatic and insecure survivals.We are losing our social, cultural and traditional setup more than our thoughts just because of political over growth without proper trimming.

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