Pakistani NRO ,A revenge to Democracy

Nobody is owning this Pakistani made NRO(National reconciliation ordnance).Nobody is coming forward to acknowledge that who floated  this idea of reconciliation between the most corrupt icons of Pakistan.

It is unofficially said that our icon of democracy  Benazir Bhutto  has brought former military Head Musharraf to some kind of deal table under US lobby and during such meetings, great mind produced this gem of intellectuality for convincing the illiterate nation.Here forgiveness was  not granted  on personal account but on national matters and wealth.So army men beholders of GHQ given the green signal to runaway politicians  by giving them NRO card.

What kind of  new concept of forgiveness equivalent to an idea of Nelson Mandela ‘s Truth and Reconciliation  commission was developed under mentality of Pakistani ruling elites.If Mandela has some spare time then he would be very disheartening to see the complete distortion of his political  ideas through the hands of our military heads and runaway politicians.

Musharraf and his team first spent billion of money from national treasures in the name of accountability and when he thought he was in need of Bhutto indeed , he  and his GHQ team brought out this master piece of revenge to people of Pakistan from military Pandora box.

It is very interesting in all  process of scratching each other backs  all stake holders  of this ordinance only tried to create a protection shield for themselves and no one can found traces of national interest or spirit in whole process of reconciliation.It was not matter of hundred or thousands but billion rupees corruption under the  nose of past and working Governments.

This way  of designing  new future government by using power of  NRO military establishment  took  good revenge from Pakistanis  who just demanded removal of a military rule over to democratic setup.

Musharraf and his team used all their innate mental approach and military training to fully bounce this democratic punch on the faces of who were thinking of some kind democratic change in the country under movement of free judiciary.They developed more worst options for creating democratic setup so that people of Pakistan would take this democracy and politics in terms of  abuses and corruption respectively and take no time to call army to take over this country again with new concept of serving the nation.

In confuse state of mind  military king didn’t realize he was ordering such ordinance or dress cover that would have taken away last piece of protection from his false image as fearless commando in coming days.Here advisers of this NRO taken exactly same position which is given  to impostors of a story of “The  King and his magic clothes”.

Here our courts did the role of little child by telling a dictator that he was wrong about his novice idea that neither can be placed in any standard of morality nor can be placed in state laws due to its biased inclination toward few individuals.

It is this NRO or illegitimate cover that had become reason of safe exit Musharraf and replacing it with another king of jungle.Musharraf took his nation like soldiers  under his command and new naked king is considering people of Pakistan like tenants of his land whom he left dipping in Indus flood water he flown away to freshen her heart and soul in Chateau de France.

He is not fool politician like Chili president who spent 22 million dollar on rescue operation of common miners and delayed his Europe tour and remained in a country until all miners had come out and reached to their homes

One can judge the blessings of this NRO that brought Musharraf out, taken Benazir under ground and given Zardari a new life as an ideal king with magical power of NRO. A special kind of immunity has already been granted to our president which is even not in the fate book of US and UK head of states. It is only our specialty in the field of forgiveness that a robber, killer, rapist, convicted can be our President and all state force and law would be there to protect him from hands of justice.

Recent acknowledgment of US ambassador on their active role in implementing this NRO is making it heavenly idea and aid from US  for resuming  our democratic process. We  should wish and pray for same in their homeland where they would pardon all  hunted terrorist in the charge of participating in 911.Lets see how their citizens would react on such sumptuous way of reconciliation which cost them death of 4 to 5000 soldiers with huge war budget extracting from pure tax payers of US.

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10 Responses to Pakistani NRO ,A revenge to Democracy

  1. faisal says:

    “One can judge the blessings of this NRO that brought Musharraf out, taken Benazir under ground and given Zardari a new life as an ideal king with magical power of NRO.”

    well said!

    • Nazia says:

      In this National Rewarding ordinance, Kiaynis share was known to public belatedly and it is his three year extension which was not happened in last 62 years of Pakistan history.

  2. sheikh saadi says:

    Pak higher court has given ample time to government to act but this seems not happening.Now is the time for the court to move forward and get the decisions implemented at any cost.This is the only way current corrupt leadership can be removed in near future otherwise people have to face the music for years to come in Pak.

  3. Nazia says:

    Pakistan court is just creating few hurdles in the line of this NRO generation but all stake holders of this NRO is enjoying state positions, state authority and perks too from all ways.When this little hurdle from courts become barrier it is required.Less than it we as a nation should not comprimise to stand against the corruption.

  4. madiha says:

    This NRO suggests yet another tale of power-hungry people with a Machiavellian plan to oppress and supress the downtrodden people of a Third World Country, Pakistan! This unethical and unscrupulus principle could never be approved or accredited at any basis by any civilization!

  5. Nazia says:

    Yes madiha you are absolutely right in your judgment that is why third class leaders are again and again tried in same houses where once they are ousted on the basis of corruption. and failed policy.

  6. madiha says:

    Very true!

  7. imzy says:

    You would hardly found a single person on Pakistan except zardari toola who are favouring this
    otherwise all are against this and only benficaries are making propoganda in favour of NRO

  8. faiz says:

    Musharraf took revenge of whole Pakistan who were not afraid of him any more by creating this Nro
    Bhtto took revenge from Pakistan by making deal with general.
    Zardari took revenge from bhutto by applyin gthis NRO.
    All ministers coming back to Pakistan are taking revenge to Pakistanis who highly dislike them .

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