Chile Rescue,A Moral lesson of dedication.

The republic of Chile is known as one of economical stable country of Latin America.Its political leadership after getting rid of 17 year military regimes,took  adequate economical and social reforms with in system and now it is recognized as strong democratic and welfare state and  each coming year under elected government is showing trend of improved governance toward public welfare.

Internationally Chili got intentions of world viewers when its group of 33 miners were trapped  in the copper and gold mine of San Jose,  on August 5 when a cave in trapped them 2,300 feet (700 meters) unreachable point of tunnel.

Mine’s accidents are taken as  part of  routine jobs and considered as one of dangerous profession on underground level.

On August 8 rescue workers began drilling bore-holes into the mine to try to locate the miners.After 18 days of continuous digging with power of hope they had  detected sign of life, when rescue workers heard tapping on the drill.

They were living on  minimum food available in a shaft casing where  all 33 got shelter so after finding signs of life ,rescuers plan to send plastic tubes called “doves” to the miners containing food, hydration gels and liquid nutrients and medicine.

A microphone has been lowered down a bore hole and vocal contact was resumed between rescuers and  miners  who burst into song, delivering a national anthem.

After seeing the critical nature of rescue job and inaccessible approach  under available resources, Chilean officials immediately  asked NASA for help on how the miners can remain sane and healthy while trapped underground awaiting rescue.

So rigorous efforts were made under mining ministry ,NASA officials ,physicians  and presidency of Chile to expedite the whole process of rescue in effective manner.,During this period  the miners were  under supervision of trained physicians who were guiding the miners to do regular exercises to prevent muscle atrophy and mental disorders while living in abnormal confined place for more than recommended time.

So it is proved true that when there  is will there is way and the rescue managers of Chili proved this theme of dedication for their buried survivals.

Ultimately having survived 69 days underground, the 33 miners  began emerging from the bowels of the earth by sending steel capsule beneath  2000 ft below ground.

The whole world including President of Chili was witnessing the scene of reuniting with loved ones after  a grueling, dramatic rescue made possible by a generous supply of U.S. equipment, manpower and ingenuity.
President Pinera who himself monitored the situation  has delayed a trip to Europe to stay at the San Jose gold and copper mine  be on hand to greet every rescued miner.
The whole scene of disaster was reverted to one of best rescue of the world through quick actions, prompt decisions and timely actions of authority. The President’s  keen interest on such a public affair has added energy to other state officials to prioritize this job which is in interest of public affair and  him  now he has become the most popular politician in Chile. This rescue is a tribute not only to the determination of the  focused rescue workers and the Chilean government It is now symbolically termed as  the unity and resolve of the Chilean people who have inspired the world for last two months .This  combination of hope, dedication, technology and continuous efforts produce a  fine example of  humanity work which can be remembered and practiced as a victory of human minds against disasters.

Congratulation to Chili miners for getting new life and Chili government for their  successful efforts for their people.

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6 Responses to Chile Rescue,A Moral lesson of dedication.

  1. Ahmed says:

    This re-confirms that”if there is a will, there is way.”In Pakistan we lack WILL so not finding ways to overcome the issues.

    • Nazia says:

      Perception of minds and passions of hearts become devalue if human’s effort and hardworking wouldn’t enforce it with dedication.Proper planning provides organized way of accomplishing goals of human minds.

  2. madiha says:

    Chilean marathon operation to rescue 33 miners trapped underground for more than two months undoubtedly shows the indomitable human spirit in the face of crisis and trouble! This example, however, for sure holds a potent lesson for all who lack strong will and dedication to conquer difficulties!

    • Nazia says:

      You are absolutely right but in this case leadership played great role to to give proper shape to strong will and their prompt actions including contact to NASA technical staff and arranging export equipments to provide lifeline to trapped miners,.It clearly showed their concern toward common 33 people.Chili President delayed his Europe tour and he was the first who greeted these miners.
      On the other hand compare the whole scenario with Paksitan flood situation where our President was on his excursion trips same as he did in time of Swat operation.It was not matter of few but billions but all showed irresponsible response to flood evacuation and rescue operation.
      So here difference is created on the basis of quality of top leadership.

  3. Butt says:

    I heard president of Chile saying that this operation has not only changed the lives of the miners but it has changed the whole country. People are feeling more united now. Let us also learn something from such incidents.

  4. Nazia says:

    That is national spirit that is originated from intentions and actions of leadership and then people take no time to follow it.

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