Contribution of quality time to needy people

The concept of donations is always taken in the form of cash, food or used items, or any material that can benefit other humans for fulfilling physical and daily need.No doubt this is one of major way of philanthropy in all over the world but people ignore one of major contribution of their lives and it is distribution of quality time to all assigned tasks ,important relations and some needy people too in our social circle.These people are left as useless or old generation for their love ones as they can not give any kind of favor to their kin so they are left alone due to their financial status or by considering them any kind of liabilities  to some kind of deficiency or prolong sickness.

Materialistic approach and selfish attitude in routine life has given monstrous touch  to some qualities of humanity like taking care of needy living in our surroundings,  duties towards old and sick parents, securing rights of orphans and widows in community,giving respectable cover to financially weak relatives and giving few minutes to lonely souls around us owing different reasons.

Mean and crook human minds only look towards gains in all matters, if something,some matter or somebody can  give us profit, advantages and benefits respectively, then we proceed ahead , otherwise wasting time on our  useless social and blood relations  is becoming one of undesired task of our self-centered daily lives.

Our society on over all basis  is very poor in managing its quality time to handle versatile jobs   and relations with proper  planning.It can also be said like that we behave like birds of feather who love to flock together for getting monetary and personal desires to  keep oneself  happy.People love to waste times on useless and repetitive discussion on telephones, or shopping for hours and hours just to get new and unique personal things etc but never ever think of spending time with their responsibilities and  neglected beings of society.

Some extremely busy parents  at the peak of their professional careers forget to give  quality times  to their children.The concept of giving more worldly facilities and passing less time with siblings is one of weak perception of  complex parents.They must know that these kids are their actual investments for securing old age loneliness.If today these kids would  learn the devaluation of quality time for their next kin then  same philosophy would be be acquired in their growing minds as initial lessons  from  all time busy parents .

Suck kind of  apparently successful class feel no hesitation of ignoring their old pals without considering that it is their blessings and efforts that  has some virtual and real contribution in their professional achievements.

So before starting any day or after passing a valuable day, just make a list of all important jobs /duties related to  professional, family and social setups.

There should be some time too for personal relaxation and rest but all should be passed in an organized way so that our life gets its maximum targets as capable human beings who can successfully handle and manage different parallel assignments and events.

In busy life it is difficult to cover all joyful and sad events around us but   priority of time-sharing should be given  people who are in difficult times or facing the wrath of nature .Such kind of sharing moments can give us moral and virtual guidance how to coup with personal vicissitudes of  life.People running away from others problems are always unable to handle the crisis in their lives too.Such morally weak characters are always vulnerable to  adopting crimes and sinful attitude for making their life more relaxed and troubled free.

So proper  contribution of time  for  variety of jobs shows the height of human capacity differing him/her from other creation of world.It can be reason of a lovable, sharing and self less society where positivity of human nature is more magnified than its curses.These are the human curses which appear in a society  and it is gauged by high rate of crime trends in any society.To counter this situation  people blessed with worldly perks and facilities should come forward to groom this trend of sharing time and money to weak genders of this frustrated society.

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I am in search of facts and truth.

3 Responses to Contribution of quality time to needy people

  1. Ahmed says:

    You are writing very valuable article for the readers, keep it up.

    • Nazia says:

      Thanks Ahmed I am just trying to spread the message of basic human need which is trying to hide under materialistic desires through strong human efforts.

  2. Tucong says:

    In order to give time to others, we need to know time management which currently not many people know.

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