The political hunchback of GHQ

Pakistan and India Armed Forces were derived from British army and after division of army both were throughout known as a  departed experienced military force of a super power and always placed in the high rank of military professionalism, war experience and extremely competent leadership. After independence, the military was  divided between India and Pakistan with a ratio of 64% going to India and 36% for Pakistan; however, it is estimated that Pakistan inherited only about 15% of the equipment due to weakness in political dialog

After 62 years Indian army is recognized as  only guard of nation but Pakistan army four times in the years 1958,1969,1977 and 1999, the whole country was powered by military chief on the basis of political instability, corruption in civilian setup and ethnic polarization.In 1977 Pakistan was further divided  into two Muslim majority state, by fragmenting the concept of 1947 where a piece of land was demanded on the basis of religion only.So in 1977 first time political hunch back of military  had become visibly prominent to outer world.Pakistan army was considered as defeated army which lost trust and support of majority of Muslims living in East Pakistan.

Pakistan army didn’t learn from that backfired cartridges and even didn’t allow  Hammod ur Rehman commission report to be printed and acknowledged in our official pages .

The nations which don’t learn from blunders of past, go to repetitive cycles of mistakes up to level of state crimes.

The factors which facilitated the way of   marital laws  strongly influenced the performance and quality work of another important pillar of state the Supreme court of Pakistan.All military regimes received first legitimacy from such suppressed court either under force of gun or by placing corrupt and weak judges.So all institutes and its nominated officials joined hands to decline the state  quality as true democratic state . On the name of political instability , the top management of army influenced by US officials throughout wanted to take control of state matters,this way directly or indirectly jeopardizing   the real defense of nation on the cost of taking control of internal matters of a politically disturb state.

Zia’s regime had  given new touch of religious extremism to secular army of Pakistan.This miltiary regime had  given further deformity to true  competency  of a professional army where large numbers of officers were booked to make soldiers of Allah who were sent to nearby disturbed areas to conquer on the name of Islam.

Neither   area conquered, nor the ideology of extremism was subsided and now this bacterial infection of terrorism is shaping the form of  fake  religious fanaticism in our inner cores.

When the blister of fanaticism was burst in New york in the form of 911 the designers of extremism in our soil took 180 degree turn and process of anti Taliban was started with more severe execution as  was seen in case of process of talibanisation.

In this proxy war of terrorism, Gen Musharraf and his team got full support from US administration to initiate process of eradication of talibans in our tribal areas.

Kargil adventure for showing supremacy to Indians and swat operation against handful of home-grown insurgency were the clear examples of  decline of true compatibility of an army which is beholder of all major financial resources of state for last 6o years.So such  forceful combats with embarrassing results  instead of improving the status of Pak army , actually further  degenerated the existing posture of effectiveness of  army on internal and external matters.

All  above mentioned abnormal trends are basic reasons of  increasing the size of hunchback of GHQ.Another scene of catastrophe was observed on the day when GHQ was attacked by  a group of people  included some ex employees of Pak army. 22hrs siege  was it self-explanatory of  inefficiency of  Pak army that  couldnt defend her own house. Neither thousand of agency men foreseen such attack on our monument  which is known as insignia of  power for typical military state like ours nor vigilant and appropriate reaction was observed at the spot .

This was an another example of our political instability that no body in military setup was made accountable on serious security breach which is surely placed on accounts of incompetency of  security people.

So to give a cover up this rising hunch back in the shape of  inefficacy of  top cream of army,they prefer to be more dependent on US aid and technology as a smoke screen  of  ineffectual performance in critical matters of security and national interests.

Non military factors, such as political instability or ethnic divisions  were always leading factors of implanting martial laws are  now pertaining to all levels in military infrastructure too deteriorating its performance as real guard of nation.

In all martial laws,military control was  tactfully maneuvered  by  policy decisions made, such as the co-optation and socialization of military officers in civilian setup and the moving closer  to ally with US of Americans ‘interests and dominance of few in Pakistan .

Such choices as state controllers were prominent in all military regimes which   strongly generated military interests in creating a “parallel” state within state that has always a latent  capacity of  transition to a pseudo democratic alternative , designed by intelligence agencies work under senior military officers and US state officials.

This mini state working under GHQ  boundary in now taking different turns in the name of national security.

Gen Kiyani the only powerful official of Pakistan  is all time praised on all official levels but to the surprise of many under his authority, the Black water and Dyn corps like agencies have been allowed to have their hidden network in sensitive areas of Pakistan.It is said that this agency is said to have hired large number of Pakistani officials including military and civilians at the rate of astonishing $60,000 per month salary package.Backwater has already  hired former CIA intelligence officer Steven Cash to operate as Commander In Charge of its operations in Peshawar.

Allowing drones from our bases  on our areas and locals are also under observation of Kiyani led army and in this situation  crying and protest on intrusions of NATO helicopters and killing our soldiers is just show piece of hypocrisy nothing more than it.

So there is no sign of improvement in deformity of infrastructure of Pak army even after facing critical criticism within country .Decorating the  army with high-tech arms and imported technology shouldn’t considered as its strength but giantArmy is always considered unbeatable on the basis of its  strong dedication, professional strategy,moral and ethical values, and  following the real standard of merits on the basis of performance only.

It is very disturbing for true Pakistanis that all such qualities are absent  in  all stratum of army  controlling almost   major and minor departments of state without following the criteria of eligibility for particular jobs.

So being a nation, groups from civilian and literary should be activated where think tanks  would  provide guidance to  high level authority  that how they can  reduce the load of  political hunch back  on military ‘s back.No doubt  arrogant behaviour of military establishment has  made complex  situation of anarchy and some urgent surgery is required to end this gangrene  of mismanagement.

This situation can only be handled with the help of  an efficient civil force, competent and honest  political leaders and vigilant media.They all have to come forward to help these self-made gods to get their right place in welfare and democratic  state.


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4 Responses to The political hunchback of GHQ

  1. sheikh saadi says:

    Musharaf gave a bad name to military in pak otherwise there are many loyal soldiers there who would definitely save the country from people like Zardari.

  2. Nazia says:

    Musharf was just one distorted disc of this hunch back but no doubt his huge blunders has espsoed the hunch back of army more prominent than ever.That is why they are not coming forward and moving the strings from behind the scene.

  3. imzy says:

    we have heard hunchback of Notredam .There is no hunch back on ghq but it is pakistani nation which is taking the hunch back of huge defecne budget.

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