Bravo Rahat Fateh Ali You defeated philosophy of Shiv Sena and ISI fanatics

Rahat fateh Ali khan a  musical icon of Pakistan who  received his deserving place of honour in India, has done an excellent job of creating bridge of love and passions between two nuclear armed rivals.One can simply judge by watching the program of “Chotay ustad” that how easy and cheap  is to create love bonds between two hatred communities who once lived together as one nation on the same soil.Pakistan army and Indian govt have spent and still budgeting billions of rupees of hard money  for collecting modern arms to terrorize each other ignoring the basic human rights of their citizens.All such arms race is keeping us on the lower level  of developing nation but on arms deals we are in top ten countries.

One can perceive through such programs  it needs only simple intention of professional people who can produce scenes of  enormous friendship from the ground of traditional rivalry.It is one of civilized and musical way to conquer the heart and minds of people through amiable gestures instead of instigating them through show of arms and threat.

Col purhat and ajma kasab and his team were  the  real symbols  of  hatred and dead bodies for Indians and Pakistanis.Majority living on both sides of borders showed hate for both characters and their ideology  because normal  and majority people are always against violence and killings .

Contrary to this all felt joy and proud after watching the contribution of Rahet and Sonu’s efforts who brought piece of excellence for depressing people of both countries.The music lovers know that for Sonu and his team it is part of  routine job to arrange such show but for single and only Rahet khan it is job like finding needle  from sand and then bringing to the quality of Indian music which no doubt has world-class place in international standard.But he did it successfully after facing all kinds of threats and diplomatic hurdles.He is one of winners of lightening the candle of peace in Indian soil from all peace-loving citizens of Pakistan.

I hope the creators of Col Prahut and Ajma kasab would try to learn some lesson from the success and outcome of such event that people of both side of borders want harmony and tranquility near their surroundings.Terrorism and wars are not the solutions of our grave financial and rising social problems.Nobody is ready to own Ajmal and Prahut but all are ready to attach their identity with these little masters who have won the hearts of millions which couldn’t be done by million dollar of army of both side.

Thank you Raht fateh ali khan  for providing us a lifetime opportunity to lessen the hate culture under your historical supervision.We should be grateful to  you  that how effectively you have diverted your natural talent and professional approach towards earning peace award for highly charred nations under wrong management of extremism.

God save you from the anger of Shiv sena and protect you revenge of fanatics of ISI.

Best of luck for more innovative work on same theme of peace and harmony between Pakistan and India.

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I am in search of facts and truth.

4 Responses to Bravo Rahat Fateh Ali You defeated philosophy of Shiv Sena and ISI fanatics

  1. Ifti says:

    We need to defeat people like Shiv Senha who are creating divide among people on two side of the borders.

    • Nazia says:

      Shiv sena and ISI cell are producers of negative ideology of extremism which only gets its peak by killing and destroying each other community.The followers of such faith cant think other than it so we don’t have to defeat a people of such thoughts but subside a lethal concept among neighboring community that is now entering in our roots and destroying out peace of mind.

  2. asma says:

    Requirement of peace is just need of foresighted vision and political approach of leadership.Rahat ali khan efforts can be burn down with one missile only.Both Pakistan and India have thousands of weapons like that,

  3. Nazia says:

    You are right asma but leaders can be driven by sentiments of majority.In past we are brainwashed as hatred enemies of India even sharing same cultural boundaries so public enforced miltiary stance of miltiary rulers but now scenario has changed a lot but our leadership has no mood to change their past goals.

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