Dr shah, Ijaz butt, Political choices, suicidal attacks on professional sports

Pakistanis as a nation are losing interest on ground sports which were  once   driving forces  of  our energetic and hyper youth  just like other  developing nation.

We have lost our talent of foot ball and boxing by pushing Lyari  culture toward more chaos and anarchy under corrupt and ill will political forces.This area should have been considered as producers of natural footballers and boxers whom were in need of little protection and guidance from govt but instead of this we gave them lawlessness and unemployment.Now this area is considered as  hub of crimes of all sort.

We can even get the future disposable dons of different mafia regarding drugs, human trafficking and arms who get initial upbringing there ,where natural talent of field sports has been swapped by crimes.

Our northern side which is known for extraordinary physical strength can be utilized to produce,hockey and squash players cyclist, athletes, gliders, shooters, snow skiing like world-class games.Instead of  preserving and channelizing  their energies  we gave them training of insurgency and terrorism and now we are being considered as top class terrorist exporters in nearby areas.

Central Punjab is known for typical games of wrestling and traditional events like kabadi  matches and basant where youth had never thought of other games except thesef few free time activities but we demolished infrastructure of  traditional games by clearing sports grounds into commercial plazas and by introducing deadly trends in enjoyable games of subcontinent.

If something is left, unnoticed by government  and  Govt try to set any department through heavy funding from govt and private groups, Bookies and gamblers come forward to destroy the moral and ethical spirit of players, official and game too.

So first dr Naseem Ashraf under Gen Musharraf and now Ijaz butt under Zardari  are completely  un professional choices  which leave no space for our young players to reinstate their lost status as true professionals and as player of country who deserve the green color.

We have lost our pride and performance on our proud legacies owing to same reasons which we are seeing in our system of governance which are

– Ignorance of merits before selection and promotion process.

– Lack of  sense of professionalism  and backing the process of keeping wrong man on right positions.

– By favoring friends and awarding foes to get lame support in and out of country just for personal gains.

What our young one can learn if chief pattern is like Musharraf or Zardari who are known as international corrupt Pakistanis.

General Hasan Arif who has  also physique of lazy bull is handling the portfolio of Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) and Chairman, for last 4 years  has a least knowledge of this seat which he is forcibly occupying due to his contacts.So what can one expect sportsman spirit under such kind of experience of a military general for grooming the young players of country.

What sense of professionalism can be developed  in young and immature minds after seeing the clumsy and stupid acts of Ijaz butt and Dr Mohamed  shah like political inductions.

Both at this  grey age , instead of showing soberness or maturity behaving like  hungry and greedy managers who always want to be front man of true professionals, whether they fit among them or not.

Under corrupt management we have transformed our professional cricketers into gamblers who have no conscious left to play for country and sport lovers who were once  addicted to this game.

The people who are sitting above them  are so lenient  and kind with them that what ever acts of humiliation such characters would create on international level, it can be dissolved by submitting a pardon statement.

So if 60 years mature Babas  of Pakistani sports at the peak of their experience  are ignored and forgiven for such obvious degraded acts then what  kind of performance  can be foreseen under their leader ship.

So political hiring on professional portfolios  is still a dominating factor in our uneven and disarray system.Avoiding standard of merit, capability of individual and expertise of true and experienced professionals are taking us out of track and out of focus  .

There should be limit to materialistic and monetary  approach of true professionals and it  should no way overlap  with national goals and objectives.By passing professional capability and experience on political grounds should be considered as national crime and penalty should be imposed for both influential authority, one who grant such unqualified selections and other is who whole heartily accept such awards on the basis o f political friendship.

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I am in search of facts and truth.

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