The logical and spiritual concept of Ramen Soup in Japanese Cuisine

It is a Chinese style white noodles served in a meat or fish-based broth, often flavored with soya sauce and uses toppings such as sliced pork or any kind of meat,cashew,  green onions, and occasionally corn too.

The taste of Ramen mainly depends on the soup, and it requires skills to make delicious soup. Ramen chefs usually train for a long time to make good Ramen soup. Each Ramen shop has its own way to make  soup, and there are so many different ways.It is strong myth related to this soup that cooks’ intention and his/her mood during cooking strongly effects the quality and its after affects on consumers of soup .

It is strongly belief that if Ramen cook  will be depressed and sad , he would  transfer his gloomy mood to his/her customer who comes to drink it on regular basis.On the other hand if he makes this meal in content and gay attitude, people would feel happy and relaxed by drinking it after fatigue jobs.

It is also said that  trainee is not declared as quality cook who would use head while cooking it instead of his/her spiritual power.One should prepare it with pure sentiments of sincerity, devotion and positive sharing attitude.Neatness and punctuality during serving this dish  in cooking/serving area is also considered as mandatory part of its presentation

Drinking this soup is considered as an assurance  of longevity and healthy life in Japanese culture.

So such fine dish and its presentation in specific way is actually giving  strong message to people who nothing could be achieved to get standard of good or excellent as long  as person  will  fully focus his/her positive concentration to his assigned task or routine jobs.The spirtual concept behind making this dish is extracted by the most basic religious commandment.These principles are

1)Do not get angry

2)don’t worry

3)be thankful

4)be honest and hardworking

5)be kind to others.

So  all above mentioned passions if one of any becomes dominant on cook’s mind can highly effect  the quality of cooking food .That is one of reason that same  recipes, same cooking time, same quality of ingredients always give different tastes for different people.

So whoever has any sense and talent of cooking , knows well that cooking can be done by all but only few can have the true  expertise of fine cooking.This skill is somehow linked with real intention of a person and his/her passions for people whom he/she is planning to serve.

So under such observation it is advised if you have a cook  in your kitchen cabinet keep him/her happy and if your wife is cooking for you and your family don’t give her undue pressures on trivial matter otherwise be ready to get under or over cook food on your table.


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3 Responses to The logical and spiritual concept of Ramen Soup in Japanese Cuisine

  1. imzy says:

    I would like to drink this soup
    you can use tis faith and spirtual concept.

  2. auntbethany says:

    Wow…never thought about it that way. Guess I’ll never make anything in a hurry again!

  3. Nazia says:

    If you are expert in cooking then there is no harm in cooking in hurry mood but be careful in fury and anger you will have strong inclination to change the taste of your cooking food via your negative sentiments.
    In our eastern culture cooking or sharing good quality food is one of strong way of showing your true gestures to your known and friendly people.

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