The somersaults of a runaway general sitting on a gold mine.

General Musharraf is trying to take off his political maiden flight while living in London.His rote like statement” Pakistan first” is still dominant in his over-confident voice.He is saying this statement while sitting in UK, wearing branded suit, surrounded by rich and elite audience mostly have foreign passports, friendly European environment and  under security provided by Scotland yard.

This is an ideal place to remember Pakistan as first priority of one’s life, its presidency protocol  army house and million rupees security plans for securing the head of poor state.

He did two surprise somersaults during his maiden speech as political leader of UK base party .First officially accepting deals  of power sharing with Bhutto and then declaring NRO as big mistake.Good shot mr Musharraf you are again proving what we civilians say about you and general of your type.I mean you people remain short-sighted, unaware of state laws, love to ridicule civilian  laws when you are on pay and perks package of Pakistan.

In another free style juggling he demanded the role of military in Pakistan ‘s Politics.That was actually a  serious  message to his successor Gen Kiyani who was his all time partner or one can say accomplice of Bhutto deal by creating NRO.All was designed, planned and executed under Kiyani’s hidden managerial skills.

He intentionally  proved that he belongs to typical General ‘s class of Pakistan army who  realize all blunders and criminal acts when all showering  perks   are taken away from  him In power mode those sons of gun  never miss the chance of threatening others who at that moment try best to warn  against  trespassing the state laws.

Most of time journalist becomes victims of wrath of such over charged  generals .For giving lessons to dare voices of society  the services of Pakistani agencies like ISI are commonly used to harass the opponents of generals and their high-profile ideas.

Musharraf did such confessed crimes frequently when  he was on executives seats of army and Presidency for 9 years So he couldn’t be considered as naive executives who were doing mistakes under his inexperience level.His all  actions were put in his personal accounts as criminal acts against state laws.He  is actaully endorsing the orders of same supreme court under Chaudry Iftikhar who at that moments was only force  tried to halt these illegitimate acts of a COAS and President of Pakistan.

Now one can easily  judge the difference of mental caliber of a powerful general and fear free decision of a strong judiciary.

His serious statement about poor mental  level about Shairf is  one of the  truth of his false life.We acknowledge his mature thinking but alas it appeared when he has shed off his uniform and a stick of power wand.

Surely it was lowest IQ of Sharif who made  Musharraf a full general by bypassing many capable generals.He is again forgetting that he was personal choice of same dumb headed prime minister and whole nation suffered the myopic   decision of a duffer PM which followed his  illegitimate  military rule.

His invasion on political scene of Pakistan with huge influx of money  is again a question mark on sources of his income when he is passing his retired life in one of expensive city of world.Like Gen Abdul Rehamn, Gen Zia,he  has now been  put on same scale of ambiguity who is keeping billions in his account when under his rule country was thrown to war activities under US planning.

So Mr ex COAS Come back to Pakistan which is creating hell like situation firstly due to your cooperative stance to US forces for war on terror and secondly for fitting NRO team in state governance to give you safe and cowardly  exit to UK. People would love to see your logic-less somersaults but be careful as  your all teeth have been removed and this time no safety mattress(made in GHQ) is available for your safe landing.So it is your head and your land.Welcome to  Land of Pure for Pakistani ‘Generals”.

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I am in search of facts and truth.

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