Misuse of Antibiotics in Pakistani health culture

Pakistani  society has become badly dependent  or one can say addicted of utilization of antibiotics without getting its in depth information regarding its use and aftereffects on healthy body.

Majority people are unaware of their god gifted immune system which is a  natural guard against all kinds of  viral and bacterial attacks.

By design human body is slightly alkaline(pH=7.8) such chemical compositions helps body to maintain  strong resistance to diseases like cold ,cough,fever and wounds too.If due to some deficiency it tends towards acidic(pH falls toward cellular level ,it becomes  breeding ground for  germs and bacteria even living in hygienic conditions. So if human fluids  are found changing toward acidic, there are maximum possibilities of  attack of germs on comparatively weak organs of body .

So since the start of 20th century this drug naming antibiotic had been started inducting in human body  to kill the localized attack of  harmful bacterias . Antibiotics are considered such chemical compounds which can either kill or cease the growth of such bacterias.Hardly people know that these drugs are ineffective against viral fungal infections .

So ignorance of public encourages our incompetent doctors and practitioner to dose antibiotics to patient even  patient is diagnosed  by strong viral infections .

The standard procedure of advising antibiotic should be followed after laboratory investigation to exactly identify the infecting bacteria from samples of blood, urine, or tissue taken from the person The infecting bacteria are then tested for susceptibility to a variety of antibiotics.

But impatient nature of  people for handling sickness and incapability of doctors take the prompt decision of using antibiotic by bypassing all SOPs as mentioned above.

In this way doctor gets it undue reward and it helps him/her to be popular among community whom selected medicines miraculously and quickly subside the diseases in 24 hrs.

The effectiveness of such drugs  may vary from person to person, depending on quality and quantity of drugs taken  in past, other disorders present,immune system of person and the person’s age.

So in Pakistan people are not bothered to  naturally maintain their  body pH balance by taking healthy diet and habits like regular physical exercise, positive mental approach etc.

People should know that these junk chemicals act like pesticide and germicide for our all internal organs of body as this chemical unwanted reach to all parts of body as they are transmitted  to whole body after absorbing in blood streams.So unlimited use of antibiotic make them our regular part of our food chains and pharmaceutical companies are busy in finding stronger generation of such drug chains that would immediately cure the patient No matter how dangerously these drugs can generate side effects   to healthy organs and stable beneficiary bacteria of our body too .

These synthetic drugs are responsible of completely changing the natural  chemistry of any human body which has been exposed to antibiotics again and again.Now the research is being carried on to develop some kind of natural antibiotic.i.e in India,the discovery of mono atomic silver capsule which is a low-cost natural antibiotic is showing positive trends for treating hundreds of fungal bacteria.

In our herbal medicines the combination of ginger juice and honey is also considered as a natural antibiotic for diseases like cold and cough too.Garlic also hold strong antibiotic nature for curing blood  disease.

The less knowledge attitude of educated class toward health and health related activities is one of reason of decline of natural immune system and increased trend of usages of such chemicals that negative side effects can appear after many years or even in next generation who would be surely unaware that the reason of their diseases could be linked by the excessive use of antibiotics of their parents.


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I am in search of facts and truth.

5 Responses to Misuse of Antibiotics in Pakistani health culture

  1. Hi Nadia:
    Just fiinished reading your article re: Pakistani overuse of antibiotics & its possible, probable effect on our
    g-d-given immune system. You are absolutely right about the possible devastating impact on our generation & future generations. You have done some good research in your quest for facts & truth. Keep up the good work & between the 2 of us, we might make some impact on people’s impatience with letting our immune systems fight the disease germs without the “help” of the synthetic antibiotics that tend to destroy our good immune system functioning.
    Judi B.
    Blog: http://judib.wordpress.com
    Eml: judib@wellthquest.com

  2. Nazia says:

    Thanks for your valuable sharing.

    I am practicing this tradition of using natural immune system for all routine viral and even bacterial infections and I have full faith on it. I have tried to help others too but what I feel that people specially ladies of my society are quite impatient for their families to pick for antibiotic and ready made food option as early as possible.Such trends are considered as updated choices to be part of modern world.
    You can say women are opting less hardworking procedures for maintaining health of family on the basis of natural immune system.Due to excessive use of chemical dosing in early phases of life i the form of medicines , a healthy person usually shows such disorders of health in middle ages which are neither part of heredity nor it links with surrounding so chain of new kinds of diseases appear on their health graph with multiple complication in coming old years.

  3. javeria says:

    doctors should b wel awared abt da harmful effects…!

  4. Urooj Kouser says:

    awareness programs should be held to make people aware of the problems caused by misuse of antibiotics.

  5. Nazia says:

    Thanks urooj for your inputs but here situation is reversed people are motivated brain washed to take antibiotics as early as possible in primary stage of illness.These all are selected on the trial and error basis.Our doctors force public to take antibiotics as they are also paid by these companies for product marketing..Once your body becomes use to of any family of antibiotics you even cant recover from common cold as your immune system becomes use to of such medicenes.

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