Pakistani housewives or house knives

The image of house wife in Pakistani society is throughout  kept in different level of modesty, devotion and sincerity of a life partner.Although the standard of women as wives varies by the demand of family and husband but on other side it is  strong reality that successful family life  regardless of materialistic demands mostly rely on the nature and training of our to be wives and future mothers.

Our old house wives were recognized as in charge of all household activities including feeding of all home mates, upbringing of next kins and taking care of husband and his domestic responsibilities in the form of his blood relations and his all  needs as single  bread earner of a family.

Those HW were almost expert in household activities including  cooking, sewing knitting, and other cost saving activities mostly dependent on  financial income of male members of family.Along with house hold chores those ladies were efficient  in home-made remedies and handling contingencies related to simple  family living.Nobody could have courage of denying their  dedication and hardworking skills as true leader of a simple family.

Now just compare these old traditional housewives with our modern  and  educated ladies  opting to remain stick to upgraded version of house wives .Their main characteristics are late risers, hardly any kind of expertise relating to  normal family lives,even lack of spirit of acquiring some skills  to improve the living standard of middle class families.For such ladies technology like mobiles and internet have created more havoc in their lazy nature as such breed of females spend hours and hours by involving them negative activities  like back biting and useless talking with a people living in distant areas.

Disinterest of such ladies on cooking matters is another set back over the quality of family health as such families are always on call status to junk food outlets.These junk foods are some kind of sweet poison like addictions which kids can’t leave  because kids develop junk taste of such foods since their childhood.It is almost impossible to switch them on nourishing and healthy diets after developing diseseas related to such quality of food.

Family having such idle lady always look chasing the maids, cooks and workers for domestic and important family jobs as these ladies are hardly willing to  even arrange proper breakfast for husbands and school going kids.

Such category of wives are extremely obsessive or up to some level of sick minded in their dress choices.They spent hours and hours on commercial areas in search of unique clothing ,by criminally ignoring the responsibility of  young kids  whom are spared on the custody of illiterate maid or old granny during their shopping hours.

So  those wives are some sort of  liabilities for  men who can jeopardize moral and professional standard of men by keeping them in high demand modes all the time and men whom are more vulnerable toward crimes and sins take no time to adopt such life patterns which can be reason of corruption in the system  .At this degraded status house wives can be symbolized as knives of house budget .This knife becomes very sharp if  husbands or fathers belong to working class or having less source of income.Business community sometime demands such easy-going wives for their cosmetic life styles  but no one can put them in category of devoted mothers or caring wives which are surety of happy married lives irrespective of financial status of male members.

Woman’s role no matter she is professional  or choice as  housewife should  always  act like a backbone of any family, society and culture.If one  disc of this  natural support of male members , slips from its stable position it takes no longer time to shatter the confidence and efficiency of other family members.Married life requires  hardworking and sense of responsibility of both partners especially in early stage of marriage by adopting all means of good disposition and workable plans as per range of source of income.

So modern ladies should be more productive,active  and  organized than our past legends as they posses more technology and knowledge as compare to our primitives.They should plan more time efficient and quality techniques in household matters.They must know that children always follow the footsteps of parents and between two relations, mothers strongly influence on personality making of a young mind. Lazy and idle mothers are basic reason of incompetent and unskilled generations under whom feet one can find the  branded heels but the concept of heaven is diminished under their training, a primary and imperative duty of mothers.

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One Response to Pakistani housewives or house knives

  1. sana says:

    All such kind of prodcutions of wives are coming from Inidan movie and drama culture.

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