Drunk President,Drugged opposition and Foxy Army Chief

We are citizens of a country which is called a land of pure but all her majority sons and daughters miss no chance of making  it as much impure as possible under their innate capacity.

Goof presidents and prime ministers  are always prime  requisition of   military men who are actually playing games with interests of  majority of Pakistan.This time again Zardari and his team has been secured by Kiyani and Co as they are doing since the time of creation of NRO.It is obvious  through  current status that this guilt less and corrupt team of politicians are being projected,preserved and placed on forward block of apparent governance to absorb all kind of charges from public on the name of extreme mismanagement in state affairs .

Not a single step has been taken in this tenure of so called democracy toward productive growth of economic channels  from huge ministerial network of government and on the other hand the opposition which always p lay a  vital role on maintaining  check an d balance on true performance of any government  looks more under tranquilizers  most of  the time specially in the time of calling sessions of all assemblies.

They neither playing any kind of constitutional role as genuine oppositions in houses, nor looking active in street politics other than hollow rhetoric slogans just to get people sentiments on anti government propaganda.More than it nothing is visible on political burden that is called as true opposition of our sitting governments.

Now come to  role of  country’s most powerful institution regarding its political and financial claims  on ruling and monetary matters .Gen.Kayani in a  latest meeting with two state’s heads, reportedly took the president and Prime Minister Gilani to task for  melting down corruption scandals ,and even suggested  to fire some of the most corrupt ministers in the 60-member cabinet.

So COAS who is a top man of an institute in which total numbers of service men are almost 5 lakh , 5% among them are on officer cadre.Among this 5%  officers force the army has 2 full generals, 28 lieutenant generals and around 170 major generals.

There are thousands of retired general whose sumptuous retired living expenses  are being extracted from federal govt expenditures.

Our latest budget of Pakistan army is almost reaching 65% of GDP and it is almost 600 billion rupees and it has been  increased many folds in this tenure of political government claiming  come into powers from vote of people.

The pensions of retired officers of army and thousands of army men come under pay roll of interior ministry and other civilian departments are  another kind of financial seepage labeled under  civilian expenditures.

Pakistan’s military  concern about the perilous state of the government’s finances is  giving us impression as a big thief of state is trying to bully the smaller thief on the basis of some  conditional deals issued to these weak and corrupt politicians which were done before their successful entry on top positions.  The United States under the cover of IMF and world bank has been pushing Pakistan, where only an estimated 2 million out of a population of 170 million pay more and more  income tax,.US interestingly ignoring all the lavish expenditures of  of its wealthiest citizens who are in direct contact with them regarding their deals related to Aid related matters.

Would our COAS has any moral and professional courage to tell the  suppressed nation that how much amount from 600 billion rupees(provided defense budget this year)have been spent on generals’ accounts.?

These generals are not living only on payroll status but privileges provided to them are double than their official salaries including luxurious cars, servants allowances, foreign trips along with foreign currency TA/DA, recreation allowances, plots including commercial, residential and agriculture along with at least 2 villas on different cantonments are given to them  on account of their unseen services.

Should COAS of Pakistan  go for high defense deals  for purchasing and over hauling of  F16s, nuclear submarines, missiles programs and even nuclear arms too in this  time of extreme chaos and anarchy other than cantonment and defense areas?

Last days such images are being created on local media and affected areas in the time of extreme flood rescue and rehabilitation  that only savior of Pakistan and Pakistanis are its army.

Have our army chief, corps commanders, jCOAS have given up their luxurious way of living like uniform shaikhs of Pakistan in this devastated time of flood?

The 80%  work force of soldiers are on the ground services of people, even their foxy bosses have  donated the fixed  food rations of these orderly species of Pak army and labeling as big sacrifice of army.

Who would dare to tell them that such acts  are called as forced act of submission under rules of army.If you want to show least   sacrificial strength just give up over privileged perks which are going into accounts of superior ranks of army and it is almost equal level which is mentioning in 80 inactive member of parliament.

This above mentioned   sluggish running system of Govt  is the strongest reason of selection of  a drunk President, coward Prime minister and drugged opposition in our land of pure .Then ways  are   planned and executed  before any elections through ISI cells where all kind of rigging procedures are developed to get the desired results,.Here only desires of army management are placed on priority in our pseudo political setup and latest corrupt system of governance is another big example of such foxy planning.

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I am in search of facts and truth.

2 Responses to Drunk President,Drugged opposition and Foxy Army Chief

  1. sana says:

    are u not crssoing the limits for aall exectuives.
    What kind of image would be developed to foreigers after reading this stuff.

    • Nazia says:

      you can see through developing situation that all are cursing Zardari for high pricing of fuel power and food items but all are ignoring that what kind of expenses are used in the name of war and what kind of irrelevant defense deals are being made under kiyani and defense ministry running by retired general who has also got an extension from one of his junior and present COAS.
      So if zardari and gillani wants 100 shoes and 10 onions sided by side then it is their ability as political stupidity which becomes crystal clear when they are on power seat.

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