Pakistan’s unique speciality”Runaway leaders”

Pakistan politics is now filling with the names of runaway or absconded people whom are once handpicked to lead the people with out following the standards of merit and experience. There is long list of such characters but few are discussed for getting some facts and conclusions behind such strategy of runaways

Mustafa khar like opportunist politicians were among the first who took  flight after Zia’s coup, giving little resistance to military men with all necessary funding and sources revealed he stayed in UK with all funds were borne by suspicious personalities like seth abid .

Then came the turn of Altaf hussain who opted this runaway status after military operation leaving behind his hundreds of workers on the mercy or cruelty of forces  which were particularly targeting his party when he fled to UK under a political government.

He preferred to stay there and his proud  happy photo with British passport is self-explanatory of his internal intentions by  picking comfortable option of doing politics in Pakistan while living out.Nobody knows who is funding him and his complete office layout established there for last 18 years.He is considered as one of scared politician in the history of Pakistan who even didn’t take risk to come to his city where his party is taking control of mainstream politics  for last 15 years.

Then  came the name of Benazir who always claimed as champion of democracy in Pakistan but it is a fact that she left country along with her movable assets to safe heavens along with her happy family.

She spent all years in exile, expanding her business and  utilizing her hidden money which she earned through kick backs as prime minster twice in Pakistan.

She made high bargain deals with Musharraf for power sharing by pressuring him through a typical lobby of US.she adopted same policy of deals with Zia  for her resistance free come back and in return she never went in her trow tenures for  legal procedures to  prove that her father was a victim of judicial murder in his country where  he was very popular political leader .This is the way she had given full opportunity to military establishment to spread their foxy networks along with typical political characters to remain stick to country mainstream matters.`

Another expatriate a kidney specialist was appointed as chairman cricket board  by to get favor of elites Pakistanis settled in US.After contributing the disaster mismanagement in board issues he took direct flight to USA.

A banker and ex employee of world bank was hired under military government for premiership ignoring his status of dual citizenship which is prohibited in most of national offices.He lured the majority working class to raise standard of living through credit or high interest rate loans.

When he couldn’t give further benefits to military regime and a dictator he took no time to runaway in his lavish UK residence where he is enjoying conscienceless life under British citizenship.

The latest departure is  in account of General  Musharraf.He spend billion of rupees from national treasures on his personal security as president and COAS but the day two protocols taken away from him he rejected to live in his land which raised him to such status that hardly comes in lives of few in the world.

His lavish expenditures while living in UK and now spend thrift attitude while starting his campaign for presidency is obvious to all but  neither army establishment think of hiding his real character nor PPP govt is daring to  pass any resolution in parliament regarding article 6 against him.

So satanic characters of Pakistan’s politics  favor each other for sharing cheese cake of governance .Those migratory birds never hesitate to adopt some bully tactics to harass others who have some kind of national approach in their assigned duties.This way  illegitimate setup of misuse of powers and resources gets its strength in the corrupt system.

Lets first get the right definition of runaways and it is like  that

The runaway, , absconder,disloyal are almost synonymous words and used for those people who depart secretly and hide himself and abandon followers, love ones and  utmost responsibilities.

Now something about qualities of  leadership or leader which must be found  personalities of those people who claimed them as leaders.

Leadership Conditions are defined in the Ideal leadership model as the elements that give a leader the opportunity to lead. Basically, a person must be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things, with the right people. The conditions are what determine who gets to be a leader in the first place.

Individuals may have tremendous skills and abilities but they will be unsuccessful as leaders if they do not fulfill such conditions:
(1)  a place where they can hold sway,
(2)  at crucial moments that calls for their physical and verbal leadership qualities
(3)  a position that conveys leadership authority,
(4)  people who are ready for their volunteer leadership.

Leadership-metrics this is a term used in the Ideal leadership model to describe the theory and technique of measurement of leadership
.It is defined as the six competencies that constitute the leader’s ability to direct an organization forward in a positive direction. These competencies are: , courage, trust, voice, vision and values,wisdom.Such indicators of competency have lost its credibility when so called leaders adopt status of runaway in foreign lands along with unknown sources of financial supply.The only visible quality which is common is all is their coward attitude owing to their huge corruption and crime  scandals.

So the followers who consider them ideals or idol of leadership must realize VIPs  of state can never be leaders of any nation .VIPs can’t give resistance to dictatorial or anarchical regimes but actually part of this system.Actual leaders always take  the same level of  risks  which are written on the fate of common people under poor leadership.

Contrary to this Pakistani displaced politicians and Generals so called leaders always in search of safe  destinations as confinements.They are in mood of return to motherland if guarantee of allotting top positions are given to them by our real controllers like army and America.After that they use the name of Allah to fool poor Pakistanis by selling dreams of good fortune under their fictitious programs of crook politics.

So it is actually people ,public, followers and admirers who  senselessly accept their runaway stance as some kind of heroic effort  but they are actually no more than fake comical character of our mainstream politics secured by hidden internal  forces  for further utilizing them as per requirement of foreign interests in our region.

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