The open secret of economic mismanagement in Pakistan

Pakistan has a federal structure based on centralized control on provincial and FATA matters. Under a federal financial structure, the central government transfers resources to the provinces, with a view to supporting economic provincial based programs. When these transfers are frozen as  on orders of the IMF, military intervention or state bank the federal fiscal structure is strongly observed in countries where military, IMF and foreign intervention control the federal budget, that country and its country men are all time vulnerable to more inflation,unmanageable natural and man-made disasters, economic crunch in form of high inflation and volatile ethnic differences.

Those who think or pose that military government and its planted prime ministers coming from IMF, world bank  bring economic revolution in the state fiscal matters are either part of US paid lobby or live in fool’s world.It is  accidental or by chance that after every military regime  balloon like economy in which air is supplied by US channels for some kind of war and insurgency  games within or on our boundaries, takes no time to collapse under planned pseudo democratic set up.In our history this setup  always come into being as deal between Army and corrupt politicians.Army always gets its share in the form of rise in defense budget and downfall of political concepts within the declining civil structure in Pakistan.

So Pakistan economic mismanagement always works under two kinds of military chiefs.One kind usually works as an  inactive and under cover ruler prefers to work under false system of democracy i.e General Aslam Beig and Kiyani .Gen Ayub, Zia and Musharraf  were kind of presentable generals whom  were politically picked and  bypassed under the US influence to expedite war games in the region.

So what ever the period of docile or reactive generals, our ISI major block, finance, foreign and defense ministries maneuver the direction of funds and these all are always under restrain of US polices .It should not be  surprise if it  takes  only few days or a  month in any newly created govt( after any dictatorial regimes )  curtail down unsustainable and short-term economic measures which can give benefit to public of Pakistan.When military men are on facebook of political scenario, international forces support them financially and morally to continue   illegitimate way of ruling as long as western interests get some shape in our soil.

Economic mismanagement in Pakistan is strongly related on aid related packages in which corrupt rulers were supported and funded by strong international financial groups like wold bank and IMF  and chaos comes in public circles  in the shape of hyperinflation and high interest rate debits , tending a country into extreme poverty.One of dark aspect of economic mismanagement  is always hidden from general public   that when ever some kind of crisis is  generated , first cut is made on crucial public services like education and health services.These are the top responsibilities of any state on which the development index of any country depends.On the other hand military related expenses and perks of serving governments are always put on high side.This process of camouflaged economic disaster is going on since the  creation of Pakistan ,limiting  our financial gains  to strengthen one group and one institute only.

That is why litterbugs of our system  eagerly tried hard to join this group of incompetent folks  and  becoming part of this  institute just for secure personal gains .

In this race of greed all standards of quality,qualification and merit are openly bypassed and  unqualified personals on the basis of favoritism, nepotism and friends in greed are being preferred.

Pakistan has been influenced again and again by deadly IMF economic cures by providing different silvery or gold-plated cover to pitted system  .Latest example of projection of   balloon like  economic  growth of  Musharraf’s  military government.It was gifted with an IMF economic package, which ensued currency devaluation and drastic austerity measures in government for typical  particular class of Pakistan.  The debit reduction package of IMF was strictly conditional upon the sell-off to foreign capital of the most profitable State owned enterprises like oil and gas, steel mill like valuable national companies were tried to sell off   at the lowest prices.

These major industries are considered as backbone of any national economical policy.Here in our system all junks of professionals on political basis were and are being inducted to further destabilize the snail like fiscal growth of Pakistan.

That is why in the end of each dictatorial period, contributors or administrators are the first to runaway from the positions by taking away huge lumps of national wealth on the name of commission and kickbacks  either by selling national assets or introducing western companies in local market without considered its long term services and products viability on the economical and political scenario of politically weak country.

So the day when we would  first realize and then acknowledge our serious criminal negligence  and managerial inadequacy on the line of  national duty, then something can be  thought to bring  changes in prevailing corroded system.

Competent and talented people of country have been overpowered and controlled by strong groups and mafias(byproduct of militarism and poor governance) forcing them either to give up real professionalism or leave the mother land  so that sour cream is left to further bitter the situation by activating corrupt bacterial culture in our system.


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