Mobiles, mobility and motherhood

A mobile phone and its related  services are mean to make and receive calls which includes other mobiles and line phones across the world.A key feature of the cellular network is that it enables telephonic discussions even when the user is moving around wide areas  or busy in other activities. So practically this modern invention is meant to achieve more outputs of human minds and energy via timely and accurate communications.In addition to being a telephone, modern mobile phones also support many additional  services such as SMS or text messages, email,internet access, gaming, ,camera MP3,GPS etc.

So such kind of revolutionary invention has brought innovative change in working of professional people but people are ignoring its negative effects on the life and life patterns of nonprofessionals, idle people and illiterate class.As this cheap technology is now in use and range  of all classes so it is imperative to  make observation that how it is drastically changing the life patterns of those people who are taking it as part time free activity or as luxury.

There is no doubt that mobiles are making human more mobile and responsive but on other side it is bringing negativity and unsocial attitude among youth, idle people, students of all groups and up to some extent in older people too.

This invention has become a cheap availability, an extra expenses on low-income class which is becoming use to of excessive using of this technology due to its cheap accessibility as necessity or  piece of fun taking.This  fact can be actually seen that  mobiles are available to laborers, domestic servants, chauffeurs, sweepers etc who comfortably use this service in working hours by reducing their concentrations on their job quality.

Another worst aspect of usage of mobiles are seen among young boys and girls which are passing wasteful hours on useless chatting.The girls and ladies who in our culture have  less approach to social life are being found badly indulged in abnormal activity of using mobiles and internet facilities by neglecting their routine responsibilities.Hardly 1 to 2% among women folk are able to manage it with some kind of discipline for using telecoms services but  majority  are found wasting their useful time and ignoring utmost   nearest responsibilities which should be managed on priority basis before passing time with far away people.

Worst kind of usage and  after effects of telecoms industries are showing dangerous trends on mothers of infants and kids.It is strongly being observed that Girls use to of chatting up to level of addiction can’t avoid this approachable communication even after having the most delicate and tough assignment of upbringing a child.In urban culture such scenes are quite common where mothers while moving ,driving,shopping. visiting schools are looked more vigilant on the tones of mobiles and SMS than their kids who are fully dependent on mothers as  his/her first training camp that gives basic  foundation of his/ her personality. So one can imagine that how a child would grow under the security of mobile or net addicted mothers.

This excessive dependability of mobiles and internet services on routine matters can be a reason of unprofessional and unethical attitude among professionals too.

While discussing with one group and attending phones for solving problems of others are sign of ill mannerism and lack of focus to particular problems.In critical jobs such kinds of multiple contacts can produce negative or dangerous solution to people who are dependent on professionals for problem solving management.So in one way people are becoming more discourteous by using this facility in the name of technology.

Before spread of this way of communication ladies, students and other people love to gather on parks, restaurants, or in public places to share the joy of real human gestures,friendship and even sentiments of sorrows and pains.

Such way of sharing passions are natural and need of human life to make it balance and practical.This sharing world of passions places humans near to humanity and civility and we have to adopt it as first and last choice of living.

Human minds should balance the use of technology in  social and family lives with natural human skills.When human traits become more dependent on inventions and stop using their innate skills, it is start of degradation of human qualities  and lead it toward insensate and materialistic attitude .


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6 Responses to Mobiles, mobility and motherhood

  1. huda80 says:

    Nice post, even though I think the benefits largely outweigh the problems. But this is a nice assessment of the issues within our society.

    • nazia says:

      I think you are weighing it in context of materialistic benefits but I am highlighting its negative effects on morality and quality of work of less intelligent people.It is financial burden on meager income and decline of concentration of labor class toward their jobs .That is why crimes relating to mobiles and its balances are among the highest in our country where even people can take life of each others for getting this cheap way of entertainment.

  2. Farah says:

    This mania of mobility and mobile phones are touching its height in US too and doctors and school teachers are giving alarming reports to govt officials about this set back.
    This addiction of outer world of mothers are producing negative effects in child developing process and abnormality in behavior and health of young child is being recorded in large scale in US culture too.

  3. Nazia says:

    Using of useless mobile phone is actually threat for many things .it is surely not waste of time but loosing concentration on most of necessary routine jobs and responsibilities.
    Men at work might be more productive with this use but free woman, young kids are becoming more unproductive as their minds and hands have been busy in this fun time passing activity.

  4. She says:

    Life is so dull without this service :(( .It is most popular facility in range of all class people.This service has ended the use of alarm clock, watch, organizer, radio, line phone, fax machine, video game sets calculator
    so it is very economical to keep mobile in your is one of favourite toy of all kids and mum is relaxed when kids are playing game on it

  5. Nazia says:

    Life is very lively , social and informative without mobile phone and I practically do it without showing any interest in this modern service.

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