Musical chair of deadbodies in Pakistan’s politics

Pakistan and India were demarcated by British rulers in Aug 1947 and almost half of million local people were killed in sectarian and ethnic riots on the name of this partition.Just  years ago of this narrow-minded division there were complete harmony of all religions in majority areas of India .Those who were killed in the line of division had hardly any influence in partition politics nor they had any forth sight vision of this division on the basis of religions but large numbers only followed their leaders on the basis of Orthodox culture of sub continent.

India some how or any how maintained her standard of secularism which is utmost requirement of any state to manage multi religious groups in same boundary. Their snail-like democracy has nailed much stronger civic infrastructure as compared to Pakistan where under military rule was  seeing more desperate to go ahead toward state like jihadistan.Since the creation we fought four wars with India to get piece of land.Neither we get a single inch from Indian territory nor any kind of support from international politics on our geographical issues.So output effects of all costly wars are considered zero on victory scales and if we dare to accept that such war culture is one of reason of our backwardness as civilized nation or a country where all productive resources have been thrown to defense deals and securing interest of army.

Last dictatorial era which was highly projected in west and western minds as enlightened and modern dictatorial regime in fact generated the worst kind of wave of terrorism and extremism in whole country .One can say that Musharraf regime has helped Americans to spread the infections of fanatic  soldiers of Islam all over the region which was once confined to particular areas in regime of General Zia against Russian army.

Our journey as a  nation between two wars from 1980 to 2001 has turned our state of Politics as routine kind of musical chairs of dead bodies of ex rulers of state.

Benazir throughly cashed public sentiments over the dead body of her late father but never ever called an inquiry on the judicial murder of his father who had an international repute of capable leader of East.

Zia’s plane was crashed under military protection giving a new dead body to religious or so called right-wing politics.So it balanced the weight of corpses on both side of power wings controlling the state politics in all regimes.

Bhutto ‘s reluctance attitude or some kind of helplessness being the strongest feudal and political family of Pakistan on the issues of illegitimate killings of her father and brothers had given foxy ideas to her friends and family and she was also removed from the scene in a security ploy which was designed/implemented by her friends and family.So her trick of dancing with dead body is now being cashed by her heirs and friends.

Clues give hint that her maiden blast in Oct 2007 was preplanned and she had an idea of such an attack on her convoys.Even then she didn’t stop her paid admirers who were collected on the basis of money and feudalistic approach from all over rural areas of sindh.So more than 200 hundreds sacrificed on her arrival and queen of dirty politics was escorted safely to Bilwal house.

Here she again took an advantage of those dead bodies as international media highly projected this event and she got desired support and coverage on international forums which is always her utmost support for taking power seat in Pakistan.

Nobody knows where deal between and military rulers went wrong but PPP got another dead body of Bhutto  who placed them on chair of victory and merry-go-round of corruption and mismanagement  is going on under protection of Kiyani and Co who got his extensions of three years for providing them fool-proof security in their state houses.

These days quite interesting situation is creating that now MQM is being prepared to join this musical chairs of dead bodies to get the top seat .A party once treated by army as threat to national interest and still cant get rid of label of mafia and hooligans in their controlled area is now moving ahead of projecting the killing of their inactive members . In view of updated performance and strong attachment of MQM leadership  with intelligence agencies in Musharraf era,it is quite obvious that calling of loyal generals and artificial wailing situation on killings of docile MQM  representatives are high signs of some hidden desires of MQM leadership.Their dream like that is their utmost right as for last 15 years they are part of all kind of governments and missing no chance of enjoying the ruler’s drive along with all kind of scandals of corruption and wrong doing  which comes from both houses.

They are known  as stubborn blackmailers of politics for many years and known for fulfillment of all demands,once desire is initiated from UK office.That is why unlawful situation and continuous target killings in Karachi is intentionally being ignored by civilian govt and army circles.This way of harassing and terrorizing the masses, MQM gets its share of controlling state politics in one of major economical hub of Pakistan.

Recent killing of MQM people is good omen for Altaf bhai as he is also considered as probable candidate for presidency.Why not he could be our next President.If Zardari with a qualification of  criminal records and having few dead bodies of Bhuttos can get eligibility for our power house then Altaf Hussain is best alternative of him for military establishment.It is not clear that how much target of dead bodies have been given to him but he is on his way to be most wanted President of Military Republic of Pakistan.

It is still ambiguity that on what grounds he would accept this offer  as he is always ready  on 24 hrs basis for telephonic speech to his workers but never bothered to visit his house for last 18 years that is in the area where his party in popular for target killing .

So he could be our unique expatriate President who would control the state matters from UK via telephone or he could be directly brought from London to President house and then a control room will be built in this state house so that Altaf hussain would enjoy his faithfulness with establishment in his secured way.I am sure less than it he wouldn’t accept it as he love to see him alive and articulate in front of mirror and telephone respectively.

Lets see how our inventors of power deals  prepare Altaf to come and take this responsibility on the same patterns as they transformed  a feudal and absconder Zardari into sober and powerful politician of Pakistan.

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2 Responses to Musical chair of deadbodies in Pakistan’s politics

  1. saim says:

    In this game of musical chair , dead body of Osama is uninvited but now accepted by Pakistani officials..Next elections would be won on the basis who would own this dead body which was found in our military area of Abbottabad.

  2. Nazia says:

    Muslim countries where administration are in hands of tyrannical or weak rulers always look for such kind of popular dead bodies.That is why Americans are declaring that they have dumped it in sea That is why people are suspicious that such a drama is created for high profile programs may be to tease his team of or him if he is alive and backing Arab revolutionary movement that is against of all US puppets in Muslim countries so they might be playing some bluff game to bring his character out if he still live any where in the world.

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