Frightened chiefs of Pak Army

Recent attack on unarmed journalist Omer cheema who is known for his bold stance to criticize working governments and military maneuvering in state politics is an eye-opening fact that how afraid are our protected political representatives and army chiefs in their secure bunker like residences and bullet proof convoys.

Lets first refresh our memory that Musharraf era’s was unique  in the manner that first time in long history of Pakistan ,army chiefs were attacked on streets and luckily or intentionally majority escaped unhurt leaving many dead around them were either passerby civilian or security personnals .Gen Beig and Gen Alvi were unlucky who  targeted on spot and no chance was left for both of them to stay alive. Both were in  ordinary vehicle on the way to home and offices.

Interesting thing is found in all attacks that Pak army which claims to hold fine networks of intelligence agencies like ISI, MI, FIUs, are responsible of tracking the traces of such attacks on Generals, they all found same outputs of investigations after their thorough procedures(always claimed but never proved) that so called TTP a home grown beast party is responsible of such high tech attacks on all army chiefs in the same city of Rawalpindi .Interesting thing to note is that huge set ups of ISI  are  available in twin cities with work force more than 25,000 men are involved under the DG of the ISI,  appointed by the chief of army staff, who reports to the president. The eight departments of the ISI are headed by eight two-star generals who are chosen by the DG  of the ISI.The huge budget comes out of  intelligence , which is not subject to civilian review in Pakistan.

So the first scare or foxy move of army chief is  that by officially placing fake presentation of  constitutional role of ISI on civilian papers and it is shown under elected Prime minister but reality is that it is under control of GHQ only.This fake placement may be done to get more budget other than huge defense allotments(almost 58%of GDP) on the name of securing civilian setup and this way army channelizes more national treasure under control of military establishment.

So how much justification is provided to civilian set up but no sensible Pakistan can deny this fact that Military vested interests in state politics has ruined the actual job goals of intelligence agencies.They are now more vigilant and dominant in domestic politics other than their real objectives for which they were designed and heavily funded from national exchequers.

Now first judge the security status of twin cities and its inhabitants where vast networks of different FIUs and ISI  have been expanded covering the huge cordoned areas in urban setup.Hundreds of officers and men are deputed on intelligence jobs to counter this disastrous situation of terrorism  in this important city.

-Two elected Prime ministers have been killed in this city of GHQ   and no one knows who did this.

-Two generals and one serving brigadiers have been killed on  streets of city of home of intelligence Agencies in last years but neither such killing were apprehended nor bothered to trace real killers of top military officials.

-In last five years more than 300 suicidal blasts and terrorist attacks were successfully executed in public and military areas of twin cities but not a single blame/charge was put on the failed performance of such highly paid agencies.

GHQ a symbol of military power was attacked and remained under siege for more than 20 hr and nobody blamed intelligence chiefs for not producing timely pre counter intelligence to avoid this scene of embarrassment for whole nation.

Musharraf and Karachi corps commander Gen Ehsan were attacked on streets but God saved the kings and killed many who were either on roads or providing security to these uniform servicemen.

After such scenes of attack hundreds of bullet proof luxurious cars were imported for those army men who were hired and promoted to secure Pakistan and Pakistanis.

Military areas and convoys including dozens of luxurious cars on 24/24 hr basis are being used to protect by thousands of security and Law enforcing  men causing miseries and troubles for thousands of Pakistanis on daily road traveling activities.Interested feature is  that in one side commoners are the prominent sufferers either being first victim of terrorism or standing hours and hours on road barriers for giving secure path to Mercedes/BMW/lexus convoys of our scared chiefs who get pays and perks for securing life and land of Pakistanis.Those who dare to criticizes them for this irrational and abnormal professional attitude, usually  labeled as an agent of TTP or taken as a symbol of security threat.

So we are still awaiting that some dare chief of any agency to accept this honor of treating Omer cheema like that as serious national threat. This double fear factor of intelligence chiefs ,first to to conduct  such unlawful acts of harassment on unarmed citizens  and secondly no response on hue and cry of public or victim,  doesn’t suit to the status of chiefs of Agencies.

Omer cheema like daring journalists are not beaten and killed by RAW and Mossad like groups but picked, beaten and even killed on state secret houses by Pakistani agencies and guns.Same kind of blames are being put on working of same agencies by relatives of missing people who are being continually removed from their houses since the time of Musharraf unlawful support to war and terror actions.

So this war and terror actions actually give strength to illegitimate role of these agencies which took no time to secure the interests of  gutless chiefs by terrifying local dare devils  like that as we found in case of Omer Cheema who speak against wrong doing of  army management and political decisions made by active chiefs on dummy political government .We can accept such cowardice and corrupt attitude from political representatives as  no impartial accountability procedures were never adopted or followed by any dictator or parliament and  all shared this responsibility of spreading corrupt friendship in all level of state matters. All stake holders of power sharing only focused on their personal security and pocket filling techniques, other than national interests.

This is the absence of national and professional spirit in our senior officers which has forced them to used such tactics of harassing ordinary citizens who try to make their opinions either on-line of duty or in the light of personal experience.These agencies work on hierarchical basis and no one think of activating  its men and inventory without the order of DG and DDG level.So the army officers who even can’t think of coming to street without million Rupees personal security, should be accountable or answerable when such incidents are reported on regular basis on our national scenario again and again.


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4 Responses to Frightened chiefs of Pak Army

  1. faisal says:

    we seriously need restructuring of the most corrupt institution of Pakistan which is not financially corrupt but has a real bad record when it comes to constitutional violations, selling the country to foreign powers and human rights. if we want a better Pakistan then we need to be bold enough to face the not so good reality like ving a corrupt army and then we can think of fixing it.

    but the problem is how many can think like that? for me if people who can, keep their efforts then there is some little chance of hope otherwise no light on the other side of the tunnel without blowing the other end up.

    we need people like omer cheema , ansar abbasi and others who can speak some truth on main stream media.

    • Nazia says:

      We need complete overhauling of system as officials and citizens have lost their sense of honesty, dedication and real commitments to their job.Moving with trends of upper class is the only mode left in the mind of people.If chiefs of security forces keep them in high VIPS protocol, people working under them follow same path and all state facilities become isolated in the hands of few creating frustration for public.That is what people of Pindi/Islamabad facing on daily basis after seeing high and luxurious state protocols for those who are actually designated to serve nation and people.

  2. Farah says:

    You have become very dangerous after posting in Rawalpindi.God protect you from anger of army and its chief.

  3. Nazia says:

    It is not that I am becoming dangerous but I am truly expressing what ever lawlessness I am witnessing from those who should be first to abide laws.
    Yesterday I saw the 9 Kanal under construction bungalow of Gn kiayni In dha1 that is almost three storey where in all level lawns are provided in center of looks me living style of any shiekh of Dubai or Arab kings.Now its construction has stopped when he had become COAS and it looks that it was started in he was ISI chief.
    He has only one son so for whom he is planning such kind of lavish living as an officer of 22 grade.
    One can easily compare the living styles of Pakistanis, Indian or American army chief and then conclude what is our actual reason of down fall as military state.

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