Disease of zero size, a girlish attitude in ladies

Girls and women represent the modesty and moral force of any nation to whom the character building of next generation depends.

Morally and physically strong girls are a symbol of healthy and active future mothers on whom the mental and physical health of future generation depends.This generation is responsible of running state matters with accurate and positive minds.

A new trend set of achieving zero size in ladies community to look more attractive and sexy in private and public circles has been grown like mental disorder,spreading like a viral disease among our girls and women community.Media projection of ladies as strong sex symbol and glamorous world of showbiz is increasing the intensity of smart looking at all costs  in ladies circle of all ages and sometime ends in the serious disorders like anorexia, bulimia and orthoroxia nervosa like obsessive disorders to maintain ideal sizes.

To be fit and healthy through balance diet and physical exercise and to stick to zero size stature by avoiding healthy foods and activities are quite opposite process of maintaining health standards. Girls  in early teens an important growing age,if restrain themselves from health living styles ,they would be prone to health disorders in early stages of late 20s or soon after first pregnancies.This health disorders then can become strong reason of disturbed marriage life as husbands have less or almost zero patience level to manage the house hold matters and wives’ health related problems in orderly manners so  cleavage in poor marital relations starts appearing in one’s family life .Experience couples know well that such fissure married life can hardly survive for prolong periods or chances of extramarital relation can be enhanced following the reasons of weak health of spouse .Religious clauses also favor her husband to withdraw  moral, physical and social support to his partner without any delay.

Prudent mothers should be careful while upbringing a girl child to guide her to emphasize more on her moral and intellectual character rather than focussing her energies toward only seductive gestures through her body stature, dress themes or facial gestures.

This golden phrase of Napoleon Bonaparte “Give me a good Mother I will give you a good nation” is basically indicating  presence of healthy mothers for a good nation , the mother who should maintain her physical and mental prowess through positive attitude and healthy habits.

About Nazia
I am in search of facts and truth.

4 Responses to Disease of zero size, a girlish attitude in ladies

  1. Urooj Kouser says:

    indeed true that girls nowadays are in complex to look skinny and don’t even bother about their health.

  2. Urooj Kouser says:

    very unhealthy & unnatural.

  3. Nazia says:

    Yes urooj it is very unhealthy but ladies have natural tendency to follow unnatural way to adopt and enhance their beauty and fitness. So it is part of long history that woman have unnatural trends which ultimately affect the health of ladies.

  4. She says:

    This is latest trend and demand of people.
    Every body loves to follow the top celebrities and they all present them as slim, skinny and it is all want to look like them.

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