Pak Fauj Awam kay sath sath

These printed slogans have been seen on all military trucks which are supplying aid to flood victims.

I don’t know who introduced this political slogan on military trucks without knowing that Pak army is doing its routine jobs in time of urgency and that is why they are hired and heavily paid to serve the poor nation. Such kind of politicized slogan actually revealed the mental approach of top brass that they are trying to get political gains which have been badly lost during Musharraf regime up to level where they can easily approach to civilian setup up again in coming years .This trend has become normal practice in our homeland that army men and services are projected unequally and wrongly among illiterate class to decelerate the process of democracy and political development.Actually army management under US influenced can’t think of allowing any space to political strategies from civilian setup.Advent of such flood is considered  as good omen in army circles in which utilization of work force and army inventory to handle the contingency situation t is highly projected as army is doing some kind of extraordinary social work for her people.

One thing should be clear that  Army as only one institution that we have  been built over the years  and we are just witnessing  show of  its strength which we are investing for last 50 years. If we would have invested in those institutions  like public health and emergency relief departments perhaps we would have saved lots of people from  current misery.

This truth can be verified that in last years with negligible amount of fund as compared to huge  budget of defense,  we have been  able to  develop our motor way police and 1122 rescue services  which are given quality service to civilian on the spot.In return very good response of people’s trust is being seen on such departments which should have been created many years ago in account of public favour.

So Pak army should  consider her working status under the civilian law and serving officers instead of imagining their superiority on the basis of fund allocations from public side,must consider it normal duty .It is their job is to provide  us timely services for which they are hired and paid.

Did we see that in this crisis period senior army officers have given up their luxurious perks including lands,soft business loans and luxurious villas which are even not given to US And UK army officers.

Did we notice that our army officers  cancel  any their foreign tours in the name of national interests and we all know that such trips doesn’t worth more than  excursion adventures on Government expenses.Luckily they were maltreated in US airport in same manner as we ordinary civilians are handled in our streets and entrance points of building in our homelands on daily basis,which made them to retrieve back as gestures of insult.

If they would have canceled their plans before departure after viewing flood situation than it made worth as it could have saved million rupees from our defense budget but in case of senior army officers this slogan of “sath sath” is ignored.

Is their any change in the royal convoys of COAS , comprising almost 30 to 35 cars for so called security reason is reduced to few cars after seeing worst economical disasters.

We the resident of Rawalpindi daily face the torture of blockage of katchreey and Ammar chowks when such big convoys take its run in office opening and closing hours.

In this critical period of national disaster Muree road has been filled with banners praising army services in flood area.It looks that as some election campaign is going on to get vote for Kiyani and his team.

Giving services in case of normal situation or in urgency is in job list of army and that is what they are doing So political think tank of army circles should avoid such hilarious  politicized campaign of point scoring which is placing them in same mental approach as we are seeing in our corrupt political representatives.

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