French revolution is coming via Altaf bahi

Pakistani people are quite familiar with french terms like french cut, french toast, french fries but our leader of Karachi is now forcing for some kind of french revolution on poor Pakistanis.

Lets first get a summary of this French Revolution for understanding of common people who might be taking  part in  the difficult theorem delivered  by one of the  run away leaders of Pakistan who is heading a party which is  a part of ruling stream for last 15 years.Whether it is general Musharraf or PPP wadera shahi , altaf bahi and his party never missed the chance to pick at the  lucrative and fine ministries in state and provincial system.

Any how lets first take the  little ride of french revolution.

The French Revolution in  1789 with the meeting of the States General in May. On July 14 , the Bastille was stormed: in October, Louis XVI and the Royal Family were removed from Versailles to Paris. The King attempted, unsuccessfully, to flee Paris for Varennes in June 1791.  The King was brought to trial in December of 1792, and executed on January 21, 1793. . France, newly nationalistic, declared war on Austria and Prussia in 1792, beginning the French Revolutionary Wars. Revolutionaries imprisoned the royal family and massacred nobles and clergy at the Tuileries in 1792.

Major causes behind this long term revolution included the rebel of vast majority against the atrocities of cathedral church which was wrongly or one can say brutally supporting monarchs to run the state matters and people under the knife of strict religious norms for poor class.

It also received  backup pressure from loss of peasant support for the feudal system, broad acceptance of the reformist writings of the philosophies, an expanding bourgeoisie that was excluded from political power, and crop failures in 1788.

So if we try to get some similarities from F- revolution that inspired Altaf to instigate victims of flood to follow the same patterns then one can hardly find traces of  local rebellious attitude produced  in Pakistan even after facing catastrophic flood .It is also worth that it is not sure that whether he would be available in country or  to lead  the oppressed community via  video conference for such future revolutionary drives as he is now foreign national and has lost his identity of green passport during his political asylum in UK.

French people  rebelled against catholic church so against which Islamic sect mqm would take stand?

If MQM wants to stand against Jageeerdara( popular slogan of Altaf) then I think they are forgetting that they are sitting with these jageerderas for last 15 years in both houses of power.

Altaf  zardari bhai bhai was  the popular foundation slogan before getting ministries via PPP govt and then they provided unconditional support to Zardari and his NRO team a known feudal character of Sindh.

Mqm is controller of Karachi for last 25 years and all knows that they are handling their opponents, Karachi politics and city matters through horror and terror techniques and nobody can declare them any kind of reformist of city.

So they have no capability of behaving like reformist of any revolution to lead the suppressed feudal class of Sindh the only remains of feudal culture in Pakistan which got its strength in last years under mqm partnership.

The interesting thing is they are calling some muhab e watin generals from army circle to come and secure these  drowning people.

How innocent mqm leadership is that they are unaware that for securing Shabaz base and US interests for  drone attacks, the power of mohab e watan general was  already activated and this unidirectional flood was diverted towards Baluchistan area where almost 1 lakh people were affected and became homeless due to action of these generals.

Ok no problem we all know Altaf bhai and his team are suffering from amnesia after each change of government and they followed new kind of slogans in each term forgetting what they were supporting in last regime.

So my needle actually stuck to his term of Mohab e watin generals whom we all know cant move a step without orders of COAS so why not he directly called Kiyani to come and impose martial law.

Has he any kind of doubts about Kiyani and his team who created real force behind the zardari and NRO team to hold the top offices of Pakistan.

Political workers of PPP had known well that zardari was not capable of holding the position of chairman and President as Bhutto  discarded her husband in  last years of  her married life so only local force that strengthen zardari and his corrupt team was these generals who have escalation of war and terror agenda behind restoration of such weak and corrupt leadership.

If we somehow discarded all above statements as MQM would consider such observation its biased attitude of people toward them but this call of SOS to mohab e watan generals is actually endorsing the mqm stance that operation  cleanup under General Naseer ullah babar was accurate and need of time which had given clean sweep to top leadership of MQM leaders including Altaf bhai to western destination.Achievements like having British passport and residing in London for last 18 years  should be attributed to acts of one of Mohab e watan general that had given safe passage to all wanted leaders of mqm and mass killing of pawns ,emotional youth of Karachi who were following orders of runaway leaders.Rest lived in Karachi  were pardoned and awarded  with desired ministries in all levels for strengthening pseudo democratic govt supported by army generals.

So I think no other party can be claimed as rich beneficiary than mqm in our political scenario after MMA from miltiary establishment and this time they are again proving that their all power supply is hidden in ISI and GHQ offices.He is  trying to cast pears before swine so that swines might judge the value of pearls of wisdom which are discovered from  cold environment of London.

In the end I don’t want to miss the chance to give little advice to Don of Karachi that instead of old french revolution which has very strong and old history of bringing  changes in system they can follow the path of Mao Zedong a Chinese leader whose long march turned the tables of a tyrant rule in China.

He has caliber like that along with blind and devoted followers like waseem, haider and Fiasal .These attackers of mqm are throughout crying on the misiries of flood victims and target killings in Karachi while forgetting that they are part of Sindh govt which is solely responsible of breaching levees for securing  mills and agriculture land of Sindhi’s influential land lords.

This 1600 km flood affected path is best route of proposed on foot  long march from Badeen to Baltistanis an ideal opportunity to prove that they can move freely other than Karachi for any naitonal cause.(Although altaf the Louis blanc of Pakistan revolution is not willing to come to  his home town for last 18 years under mqm ruling areas).

There is no harm in adopting this long march theme to gain some street support but I think mqm believe the support of ghosts and spirits who come to favor them in election times and fill their ballot boxes and give them way to power houses so I don’t think so they would opt this difficult and impossible tasks.What is difficulty in such telephonic  rhetoric speeches?So carry on Munnah bhai as long as the Establishment is in your favor these days.


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3 Responses to French revolution is coming via Altaf bahi

  1. Asma says:

    After raising such rallying cry of being follower of french revolt he might be illegible to get French citizen ship too.Perhaps he gets be bored of UK living and now looking for another destination .

  2. She says:

    what a stupidity !People always consider middle class leader can not bring change .
    This kind of mockery is only placed in category of stupidity and only stupidity.
    POOR political vision of third class citizens.

  3. Nazia says:

    This is all reality .people need real; efforts not emotional dialogs through telephonic speech.The stupidity comes from UK calls not here in our write ups.

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