Pakistani cricket” From gentlemen game to bookie men play

Cricket  a gifted game from British masters has  always been the  strongest passion for the people of the sub continent .This game was also  a symbol of patriotism and unity for whole nation consisting of laborers, students, businessmen, farmers and even people of different sects who can’t  follow prayer behind the  clerics but they loved to watch any cricket match altogether as extreme piece of fun for them.Even our ladies along with girls couldn’t have refrained themselves from the charisma of cricketers  in white kit so lot of women spectators of our conservative societies  were always found watching matches in front of screens or in stadiums.

So now all  passion for cricket and interests for sport lovers has been diminished  under the shadow of greed and weak personalities of young and immature minds who have natural talent of cricket.

The point is who corrupted and misled the approach of these young men who at the start of their career have started looking for shortcut to happiness through money gains by all available opportunity other than their sports activity.

These boys are following the path of their leadership, managers, military bosses who run the cricket matters as viable business ventures.

Corrupt managers infect the institute with wrong doings from top to bottom and this is what we are seeing in our all working and sports areas.Hiring of incompetent people on the basis of friendship, personal  and political interests  and  nepotism, all such factors have affected performance of real professionals who are following the trends of shortcuts to avoid the conflict with influential people.Result is simply a sharp decline of efficiency and quality of output of work force and we are witnessing this in field of cricket too where bribe taken officials/selectors actually encourage young players to chase bookie men instead of following the techniques of professional cricketers.

Saleem ,Ijaz, waseem, beard group in team, mohd, Asif, Butt have all  adopted parallel way of earning through bookies by ignoring the standard of national integrity and professional credibility.They might become billionaires like zardari and General Musharraf(Chief patterns of cricket) who have huge foreign bank accounts but they are not seeing that where such greedy managers stand in national status, as absconded, plunderers or runaway Pakistanis .Their mother land has naturally disowned them as dishonest, culprit and coward who can’t fulfil their jobs with national spirit and their greed of power and money has taken  them away from their birth place and roots which are considered as a source of pride and honour for dignified personalities.

So choice of opting the path of character or greed is in hands of human minds,their intellectual approach, literate background and moral and ethical capacity.

All players found in gambling business or match fixing have been found lacking of such fine human qualities and their managers never bothered to groom them up to mark of gentlemen and now they all  are our professional gamblers and match fixers, developing their skills under professional bookies .There is no harm in accepting that what we sow we are now reaping in the form of national embarrassment so there’s nothing to cry as we deserve all this.

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I am in search of facts and truth.

2 Responses to Pakistani cricket” From gentlemen game to bookie men play

  1. asma says:

    The pak cricket team is here at the moment enlightening our name ( naam roshan kar rahi hai) it kills me to see them loose over and over again.
    Remember the days of imran khan the cricket captain not the politician

    • Nazia says:

      It is not fault of Imran that his turning over as politician can be reason of our down fall and all time match fixer.Now u can do one good thing as per our new trend.Go to nearest casino and make bet on Pakistan matches or find a dealer of spot fixing.There is no more fun left in cricket and cricketers any more in Pakistan.

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