Pakistanis A disposable folk

Pakistan is land of strange incidents where all mishaps, tragedies and disasters are written on the fate of common and working people  without causing significant effects to influential groups of Pakistan who are controlling state matters long time again the form of inherited rulers of state.

“Use and trash “this theme is dominant in our system  for handling folks since the time of creation of Pakistan.Among the folks few hard survivors  get any opportunity through  accidental or as an opportunist  to join the club of beneficiaries and this way such group expand its network of trashing the Pakistanis after using them as and where basis.

So Common Pakistani are throughout  since the time of creation of Pakistan are being treated as most convenient disposable folk  by strongest group including military establishment, bureaucracy and feudal to create state of harassment, horror and terror.

Intensity of incidents show that there is rise of following this  camouflage trend under the name of enmity or natural calamity with each coming year .This trend not only  force weak class to become more weaker but it also pushes working and active class to deviate their  professional attentions and energies  toward aide and rehabilitation services.

So Pakistan is now only recognized as best place to live for tyrants and oppressor .They are all time beneficiary of any kind of disasters whether it is in form of IDPs  along with forceful war in the region or excessive flow of flood water which was also in search of already suppressed class.

It looks that some group has been addicted of escalating such crisis by projecting miseries and dead bodies of effectees which are mostly affected by  bad governance of same group.

These elites actually cashed troubles of these people and then waste it in this environment like disposable entity.

Stronger ones among them only survive in highly disorder system controlled by influential and again ready to serve them as slave or voters.So the day these salves and to be voters would realize  importance of their lives and rights as living beings They can turn table when they would be  able to judge to cruelty and hypocrisy of their masters, situation can be  comfortable for them.Without self awareness no  other miracle can change their status as disposable folk of this so-called Pakistani nation.


About Nazia
I am in search of facts and truth.

2 Responses to Pakistanis A disposable folk

  1. faisal says:

    this is what u call rule of elite and mafias treating people as insects through the system of fear and control.
    people for them are bugs only good for giving votes and serving the masters living in serfdom and manorialism.

  2. Nazia says:

    It is one of reason no ruling group is interested to increase education budget nor they are interested of producing independent sources of income for individuals which is now even adopted by poor countries like Bangladesh Both sources give awareness and develop reaction instincts in people and that is not tolerable to our all time rulers.
    The most available jobs in Pakistan for majority is either to be hired as security guards or recruiting them as a soldiers to army for setting up new cantonments.This way we preserve our majority for more slavery attitude under few minds.You can say a official militarism a parallel force is emerging against feudal culture of Pakistan.

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