To resurrect concept of fear of God

In Pakistan   where religion is a strong driving and living force to pass the life of majority of population,but there is complete absence of perception of fear of God in the mind of people.

This fear of God and considering Him a single controller of universe is basic unit of not only Islam but majority religions of world started its preaching on the basis of fear and confidence on God’s  immortal and unaccountable powers that is always ultimate source of inspiration of humans to follow the path  of diety at all stage of  lives.

But seeing the developing intolerant and violent situation in social, economical and political structure ,it is now obvious that we might be good fundamental Muslims who love to follow all basics of Islam but this concept of fear of God is now decaying around us and our religious faith.We have more number of mosques, religious schools and more scholars than 100 years before but where is fear of God in our heart that is the basic theme of our religious belief which can refrain us for doing sins.

Actually the philosophy behind considering the God as the only source of support, driver of our fate and a guardian of our deeds   can be explained by following points:

This concept of having blind faith on supreme power gives us mature thought of absorbing failures with strong heart that somebody is taking care of our  intentions and acts and He must have some backup concealed plans to secure our fate no matter we do something wrong as per our perception.

This trust on almighty gives us vision of seeing the difference between right and wrong or sin and reward in our daily acts.

This belief of control of  uni source of power on one’s fate  is  resilient driving force to adopt the righteous path in the presence of trouble and cruel people who try to control others’ lives  as per their mode of living.

God’s fear in any heart and mind  take off its interests in extreme materialistic desires that are basic reasons of atrocities,corruption and oppression in   any system.

So all such human traits link with tyrannical and brutal nature  would go on rise if fear factor of All mighty would have been vanishing from hearts and minds and this is now rapidly growing in our surrounding making us a senseless and intolerant society.

The another interesting instinct which is sharply developing around  is that more sinful trend we adopt in our acts regarding daily and professional lives ,more we would tend to follow the fundamental of Islams like saying prayers regularly, giving charity on large-scale or going to Hajj again and again.

We  can see names of Allah written to every street, walls of our home and offices, recite it on rosary beads while doing our routine jobs which are based on fraudulent, corruption, lies and cheating others.

This attitude is found in all classes of society including a common labor to top business tycoon of our system.

So perception of fear of God before doing sins  has been  diminished from part of our faith that could only refrain our negative energy which we liberate in the form of brutality to weaker groups has become prominent in our civic structure.

So lets take all other acts of faith presentation behind the curtain and try to strengthen  concept of fear of God as dominating  fear factor of to control folks of different faith.This way we can get the focal energy of masses  and they  can demolish the idols of human gods in our existing system whom terror and horror is root cause of indifference and injustice prevailing around as strong  civic force.This concept  of Allah’s ultimate power is like soul which give special powers to  minds to act like real super human being a true messenger of Allah.

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I am in search of facts and truth.

2 Responses to To resurrect concept of fear of God

  1. ILHAAD says:


    One should atleast be Religious in Spritual sense rather than Religious in worldly sense.

    If unable then,

    He/she should discard Religion with Clear Conscience rather than discarding in defiance sense.

    • Nazia says:

      One should at least be Religious in Spiritual sense rather than Religious in worldly sense.

      here I mark the clear line between two groups only few have capacity to be at least or maximum be religious in spiritual sense but mediocre majority has to be tamed or groomed as religious for wordily sense.Whatever is my observation in this regard that a center point or guideline under some restricted means is essential to control the uncontrolled human nature regarding negative thoughts.Religious themes are very important for controlling the character of individuals at all stages of life, it goes wrong when these themes come into hands of ruling groups who then taken shield of clerics and religious beliefs in their favor.this attitude is very common in all religion.Try to read the advents of prophets in different religions and you will see that all come to rescue the weak and suppressed community of that time.
      Discarding the religion is not solution of any problem but can generate many multiple serious unsocial and physiological issues that is why you will find same kind of troubles and mishap in religion free societies.religious themes if applied on human basis and focus to uni power
      has itself latent strength to calm down the volatile and unsymmetrical energies of human mind.

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