Violence and silence of Mob

Pakistani nation has witnessed  many events of mobs senseless attitude since the time of Gang rape of Muktharan mai  and  if in such matters  judiciary didn’t move the strings of justice, nobody bothered to ponder what is going around us in the name of street justice.

Mai was awarded gang rape as  punishment given to  her by influential people of her area in front of mob and all witnessed this punishment as routine matter of their lives.

After this, many events linked to  gang rapes of rural women, burying of women alive, honour killing or stoning till death on the basis of blasphemy were many times seen in our society without any check and control.

Now after many  years two young brothers suspected to be robbers have been awarded  beating by mob till death and exemplary mutilation was done to  their dead bodies in public area.Hundreds witnessed this scene with members of law enforcing agencies without any thought of creating hindrance in the way to such kind of horrendous street justice.

Between these two incidents Pakistani nation has passed many years  and in this period we have come into state of war against insurgents who are said to be the  carriers of brutality, barbarism and known as symbols of state terrorism for many years under the umbrella of Islam.

Lets  start thinking from zero scale after extracting facts from different incidents happened within the period since the gang rape of Mai is reported to print media.

Is the mob of  of street killings  part of taliban ideology or taliban ideology was developed on the basis of   volatile irregular temperament?

Do majority cases of ruthless street  beating/violent by so called ordinary citizens reflect the  mentality  of feudal characters of  our system?

Attackers  are known as normal civilian of state before any such recorded scene and we all see that they finished their task up to level of their self-satisfaction?

Most  incidents have many common features including senseless attitude of mob, Public ignorance of state and Islamic laws, dominance of might is right condition in our street culture, absence of state interest and authority to its public safety and security matters.

The important common  feature in majority cases that all were highlighted by media and then influenced by judiciary after that  people got some hope of rule of law in few matters between this no state force  seemed to active to restrain such trends which is tending Pakistani society close to savagely nature  with the passage of time.

between victim and justice the absence of state role is badly felt in all major incidents .

So situation of our street justice is quite judgmental  after going into depth of such incidents that it is state actions which are creating huge vacuum in society regarding giving sense of security and peace of mind to its inhabtiants and resultant is people are creating states with in state to handle the situation as per their choice.

Taliban, home grown terrorists and suicidal bombers are just by products of this orphan system and we are surrounded by many forms of talibans due to state negligence who no body knows when start showing their aggressiveness to weak genders  in the form of mob violence

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I am in search of facts and truth.

One Response to Violence and silence of Mob

  1. sana says:

    we are making our new generation like monsters who would sooner eat theri parents too.

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